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All American Crossword Puzzle

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This crossword puzzle has a number of clues related to the US. All answers are spelled in US English.
Author: bernie73 - Diff: Average



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    • Complete Clue List

      1. New England state
      4. John Kennedy's brother
      7. Washington used this to chop a cherry tree
      8. Regret
      9. Greek letter after Sigma
      10. Lion in the Zodiac
      11. US clothing company: ___ Bauer
      14. Great Depression story: "The Grapes of ___"
      17. In mythology, mother of Athena
      19. American as ___ Pie
      21. Not young
      22. America's uncle
      24. Automobile
      25. Played Forrest Gump in the movie: ___ Hanks
      26. Not South Carolina, but ___ Carolina
      27. Common last name in US


      1. Invented telegraph: Samuel ___
      2. Dwight Eisenhower's nickname
      3. American bird: Bald ___
      4. 2002 submarine film. Not above
      5. Use to hit the ball in baseball
      6. Not old age
      12. A female deer
      13. Number of oceans the US borders (in Roman Numerals)
      15. Tear
      16. City in Israel: ___ Aviv
      17. Made a line with Dixon
      18. Not North Dakota, but ___ Dakota
      19. 2nd US president: John ___
      20. Our planet
      23. Damage
      24. 22nd letter of Greek alphabet