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Plodd's Crossword No. 1

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This is my first attempt at making a crossword, so I hope you enjoy! British English used.
Author: Plodd - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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    • Complete Clue List

      7. This giant was killed by David
      8. A large, extinct mammal
      10. An old calculator
      11. A formal agreement
      12. Uncultivated land
      13. Informal words or expressions
      15. One thousand millimetres
      16. Towards the stern of a ship
      18. A fast growing, edible herb
      19. The main artery of the body
      21. A pigs home
      24. Towards the rear
      26. Country in east Africa
      28. A musical instrument with strings
      30. Original; fundamental
      31. A bird of prey
      32. Unsophisticated person with little or no money
      33. Drinking to someone's health; toast


      1. A gambling game
      2. Nicotinic acid
      3. To hide away treasure
      4. A belief or a girls name
      5. To prevent or thwart
      6. The height of a person or object
      9. A pier or landing place
      14. Pertaining to Greece
      15. The Czech or Polish equivalent of Mark in English
      16. A type of donkey
      17. A Scottish river
      20. Stopped at an early or premature stage
      22. A South American dance
      23. Lack of oxygen reaching body tissues
      25. A loose fitting smock or shirt
      27. To enroll
      28. A reflexive action of the eyelids
      29. Edible organs of a butchered animal