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Jane Austen Crossword Puzzle

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This was my first funtrivia crossword puzzle (updated to fit current standards). I dedicate it to my Friends group, the Jane Austen Lovers--it's #116 if you'd care to join!
Author: robynraymer - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. This gentleman adores gruel. (2 words)
      7. Elinor and Marianne's half-brother's initials
      10. "...the house itself was under the guardianship of the fir, the mountain-_______, and the acacia..."
      11. Charles and Henrietta's sister's initials
      12. Henry and Frederick's sister's initials
      13. To visit = to _______ on someone
      16. When the novel begins, Emma's mother is _______.
      17. "Oh, _______! One can't repeat such kind of things you know."
      18. What Jane Bennet calls her favorite sister
      19. "[Emma] was always quick and assured: Isabella _______ and diffident."
      20. "How much more must an imaginist, like [Emma], be _______ fire with speculation and foresight!"
      21. "[Mrs. Bennet] was a woman of _______ understanding, little information, and uncertain temper."
      22. Mrs. Allen's favorite things: new _______
      23. _______ Lee directed the film "Sense and Sensibility."
      24. Fanny's love's first name
      27. What Louisa injures in a fall: her _______
      29. As part of a matchmaking scheme, Emma breaks her _______lace.
      30. Lucy's sister's initials
      32. From Mr. Elton's charade: "Thy _______ wit the word will soon supply..."
      34. "...a shortly succeeding _______ of common sense added some bitter emotions of shame...."
      35. "...ten children...where there are heads and arms and legs _______ for the number"
      37. Whose heart seems broken near the beginning of "Persuasion"?
      39. "Persuasion" heroine's initials
      40. Miss Tilney's first name
      43. What Mrs. Bates, Mr. Woodhouse, and Admiral Croft have in common. They're _______.
      44. To eat an evening meal
      46. Mrs. Collins's first name
      51. Anne Elliot's married sister's initials
      52. Lydia Wickham's maiden name
      54. At Mrs. Phillips's home, the party enjoyed "a nice comfortable noisy _______ of lottery tickets."
      55. Lady Catherine _______ Bourgh


      2. The rake who courts the second Miss Dashwood
      3. Margaret's half-brother, Mr. John _______
      4. Emma's protegee (her initials)
      5. "_______! very delightful indeed...."
      6. The second Miss Bennet's first name
      8. Even though it may be improper, Miss Morland has a _______ about Mr. Tilney.
      9. "Northanger Abbey" hero's initials
      12. Elinor's love's first name
      13. JA's only sister (two words)
      14. John Knightley's profession: the _______
      15. In "MP" Julia Bertram says she's "not obliged to punish" herself for her sister's _______.
      18. Mr. Collins will inherit this house.
      25. Colonel Brandon's love
      26. "...sitting, nicely dressed, on a sofa, doing some...needlework of little _______ and no beauty...."
      28. "I thought we should soon come to _______, my dear, in spite of what they told us...." (2 words)
      31. Initially, Mr. Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth due to her fine _______.
      33. The other Miss Steele (besides Lucy)
      36. "I hope you saw _______ petticoat, six inches deep in mud, I am absolutely certain...."
      38. Mary Musgrove's maiden name
      40. Anne and Mary's sister's initials
      41. "[Fanny's] happiness on this occasion was very much _______-mortal, finely chequered." (2 words)
      42. "Northanger Abbey" anti-heroine's initials
      45. Elizabeth feels one when Charlotte consents to marry Mr. Collins: a _______.
      47. Pemberley is Georgiana's _______.
      48. The place where Anne meets Mr. Elliot
      49. "To be _______ down to the regular payment of such a by no means desireable...."
      50. Emma has this many siblings.
      51. Elinor and Marianne's sister's initials
      53. Edward Ferrars's true love's initials