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Senior Maven [12d]

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Albany,California USA USA Look up player:
Team: Jane Austen Lovers
Hobbies: Gardening, playing with my cats, watching DVDs, listening to books on tape, playing quizzes on
Bio: Please try my crossword puzzles. Are you a Jane Austen fan? Please join our group--it's #116 in the "Friends" section. I love making literature quizzes, children's quizzes, word quizzes, and quizzes in the Brain Teasers section. In "real life" I'm an educational writer. We have two tabby cats from Slidell, Louisiana (Katrina and Beausoleil), a beautiful but bratty gray cat named Matty, and an adorable tuxedo cat named Jack. On December 21, 2006 our lovely dog Lisa died. She was part dobie, part dalmatian, part mutt. She was the light of our lives. One of my happiest last memories of her is when, a few weeks before her death, she licked my little 18-month-old great-niece on the mouth, and Ana opened her own mouth to eagerly receive Lisa's French kiss. Unsanitary, of course, but that was Lisa in a nutshell. She loved everyone and everyone who wasn't absolutely terrified of dogs loved her. She loved to eat crap off the sidewalk, too, much to our dismay. Now we have a young dog from Thailand. Her name is Hollie and she looks like a jackal or Anubis (Egyptian god of the underworld). She is the fastest dog I've ever known. She's very sweet but is still learning to get along with her cat siblings and with human children. My favorite authors are Jane Austen and Anne Tyler.
Registered: May 13 01 ( Class 0 ) - Last Seen: Apr 08 24
Membership: Regular
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Member of: Jane Austen Lovers

The title says it all!

Jane Austen Lovers ranked # 22 in division D of last month's Team vs Team competition.

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Leader: MariaVerde

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