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New Everything Puzzle Crossword Puzzle

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A new puzzle with a mix of topics and answers.
Author: dcpddc478 - Diff: Harder



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    • Complete Clue List

      2. Poisonous snake
      5. Ditch surrounding a castle
      6. Gaze at
      8. Policeman (sl.)
      9. Sleeping furniture
      10. American state
      12. Titles
      13. Our planet
      15. Beef, pork, and mutton
      18. Pennants
      20. A common sedimentary rock
      21. Vigor
      23. Cook in oil
      24. Small bird
      25. Think about
      26. Visual organ


      1. Clean the floor
      2. A book of maps
      3. Flying vehicle
      4. A chain attached to a watch
      5. ____ Lisa
      7. County in England
      10. Makes contact
      11. Large bird
      12. Mathematical game of strategy
      14. Belonging to him
      16. Bad
      17. Tremble
      18. A narrow gorge
      19. Opposite of boy
      22. Angry
      23. Aviate