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Bits and Pieces 14 Crossword Puzzle

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A bit of this, a bit of that, a bit of everything else crossword. Have fun.
Author: Creedy - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Make embarrassed
      6. Tall biblical edifice of confused sound
      9. "Much ___ About Nothing"
      10. Part of the atmosphere we breathe
      11. Nautical order to stop
      12. It can contain ashes or boiling water (but not together)
      13. Path of a planet
      14. A very, very long period of time
      15. Slimy, sticky substance
      16. Guide a vehicle
      19. Latin word for God
      21. Perhaps
      24. Getting used to a new environment
      32. Describes officers from enlisted personnel
      38. Australian native dog
      41. Either a mammal or sports equipment
      43. These go with "knives"
      46. Aladdin's thieving monkey
      47. Large Australian bird
      48. These normally come with two openings at each end
      49. Michael Jackson's song about a rat
      50. The dark part of a 24 hour period
      51. Water vessel for three rhyming tradesmen
      52. Abstract board game of strategy
      53. This holy man is associated with bullrushes
      54. Word of acceptance
      55. Vocalisations associated with puppies


      1. Accumulate
      2. Conscious
      3. One who detests another
      4. Circular
      5. Argentinian dance of passion
      6. It sweeps
      7. Colloquial English policeman
      8. Espresso and steamed milk beverage
      17. Muscle twitch
      18. Long slippery fish
      20. Newt
      22. Division in a play
      23. Associated with Casper?
      24. Stiff bristle on a plant
      25. Is able to
      26. Marriage vow (1,2)
      27. Human limb
      28. These go with "outs"
      29. Film about Cassius Clay
      30. Historical accommodation for travellers and horses
      31. Inclination of the head
      33. One day cricket match between two countries (init)
      34. Tooth of a gear
      35. She was sweet as apple cider
      36. A Yoko married to a Lennon
      37. Squeal of alarm associated with women
      38. Material in most jeans
      39. Homes for birds
      40. Kilns for drying hops
      41. Affectionate term for the baby of a family
      42. Accommodation for nomads
      43. "Play That ___ Music"
      44. Related to royalty
      45. Locations