Teens' Triple Treat (12) Crossword Puzzle

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[I] Apiece; [II] Per person; [III] "To ____ his own". Targetted towards high school students, EACH answer in this crossword has three separate clues. Enjoy!
Author: psnz - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. [I] Small particle [II] Tiny grain [III] Grit bit
      5. [I] Old-timer [II] Flea-market find [III] Period piece
      9. [I] Male [II] Manly [III] Macho
      10. [I] Blade [II] Kitchen tool [III] Part of a place setting
      11. [I] Flat highland [II] It's on the level [III] Stop getting better
      12. [I] Resident [II] Inhabitant [III] Frequent visitor
      13. [I] Sidestep [II] Sneaky trick [III] Artful move?
      15. [I] Scientific [II] Mechanical [III] Complex
      17. [I] Meddle [II] Pry [III] Step in
      19. [I] Bogus [II] Two-faced [III] Disloyal
      21. [I] Picky [II] Fussy [III] Hard to please
      23. [I] Skateboarder's accessory [II] Patella protector [III] Joint coverage? (All: 4,3)
      25. [I] Opening bit [II] Short foreword [III] Lead-in, briefly
      26. [I] Sharpest [II] Most stylish [III] Flashier than all the others
      27. [I] Information [II] Glad ____ (good news) [III] "Comfort and joy," in a Christmas carol
      28. [I] Inconsistent [II] Unpredictable [III] All over the place


      1. [I] Video gaming input device [II] Joystick home [III] Console controller
      2. [I] Bewildered [II] Utterly lost [III] On the ocean (All: 2,3)
      3. [I] Four-string instrument [II] Island music maker [III] Tuned to "My dog has fleas"
      4. [I] Ceremonial code [II] Proprieties [III] Rules of socially-acceptable behaviour
      5. [I] In the lead [II] In the future [III] In the offing
      6. [I] Tackled [II] Hired [III] Vied with (All: 5,2)
      7. [I] Questioning [II] Perplexed [III] Curious
      8. [I] Enduring [II] Everlasting [III] Endless
      14. [I] Blew [II] Set off [III] Exploded
      16. [I] Defeat [II] Complete victory [III] Last word in chess
      17. [I] Impose [II] Force [III] Deal a blow to
      18. [I] "Masked" scavenger [II] Omnivorous nocturnal mammal [III] Rocky in a Beatles' ballad
      19. [I] Icebox [II] Ice cream storage [III] Spoilage slower
      20. [I] Photographic, as memory [II] Exceptionally vivid [III] Like clear mental images
      22. [I] Affirmatives [II] Approvals [III] Ayes
      24. [I] Clothing crease [II] Fabric fold [III] Garment gather