BTD's A Bit of Fun #2 Crossword Puzzle

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Just some more fun words for a team challenge. The creative grid was provided by pollucci19.
Author: BigTriviaDawg - Diff: Easier [ Scores ]



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      1. The most dangerous animal
      5. Pretend
      7. An organism's physical structure
      9. Othello's jealous standard-bearer
      11. Cast a ballot
      12. Beneath or below (pl.)
      13. Helios, Ra, or Surya
      14. A Beatles song, album, and movie
      15. Change or correct
      17. Fraudulent energy company in 2001
      18. A global revolution
      20. A challenge
      22. The vital life force
      23. Where Harry Chapin's cat is
      26. Not all
      28. Ilion (archaic)
      29. Where up and down quarks are found
      30. Electrical resistance unit
      31. Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with a computer (film)


      2. A home
      3. Like, negatory!
      4. A cousin
      5. A distinct period of history
      6. Queen Elizabeth II favorite dog breed
      8. "Eagles" song; cowboy who needs to come to his senses
      10. A Christian who believes the second coming is near
      12. Remove support from
      14. Friendly greeting
      16. A small child
      19. Tellus or Gaia
      21. French river better know for its WWI battle
      24. A sleeve of a garment
      25. Critical ingredient in soap
      27. Often goes with aah