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Another set of general knowledge clues with several longer answers. Hopefully something here for you all! Good luck!
Author: moonraker2 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. A person who believes in political or social equality (8)
      5. The relative position or standing of people in society (6)
      9. Gérard Depardieu was cast as Bernard in this 2003 French drama (8)
      10. In the Bible, the Israelite and warrior who was betrayed to the Philistines by Delilah (6)
      12. The Irish Gaelic name for the city of Dublin (5,4,6)
      13. Monies given as reparation for loss or injury etc (12)
      17. Large Brazilian city, the location of Sugarloaf Mountain (3,2,7)
      20. First published in 1929, a novel by Ernest Hemingway set during World War I (1,8,2,4)
      22. A bright star in the southern constellation Crux, also known as Gamma Crucis (6)
      23. First published in 1970, a book by neurologist and author Oliver Sacks (8)
      24. City in South West England, birth place of Chris Martin the lead vocalist of Coldplay (6)
      25. American rock band whose album "Predatory Headlights" was released in 2015 (8)


      1. River rising in the Black Forest in Germany and flowing to the Black Sea (6)
      2. The 1966 studio album "The Shadow of Your Smile" was recorded by Johnny ___ (6)
      3. "The ___", a 2018 drama starring Elizabeth McGovern in the title role (9)
      4. Ancient Greek dramatist known as "The Father of Comedy", noted for "The Clouds" in 423 BC (11)
      6. Former Canadian diplomat John Rogers Anderson was born here in British Columbia in 1941 (5)
      7. Australia's island state, where Savage River National Park is located (8)
      8. A 2007 science fiction thriller film, starring Cillian Murphy as Robert Capa (8)
      11. A department in the Burgundy region of France, its prefecture is Macon (5-2-5)
      14. Australian hard rock band whose studio album "Boneshaker" was released in 2019 (9)
      15. A closed geometric figure consisting of three sides (8)
      16. Coldwater is the county seat of this county in Kansas (8)
      18. An ocean trip taken for pleasure (6)
      19. A novel published in 2007 by British writer Jed Mercurio (6)
      21. Final track on Mike Oldfield's 1984 soundtrack album "The Killing Fields" (6)