Pangram Minus One III Crossword Puzzle

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In this short series, each crossword is a pangram except there is one (only) letter missing to complete the pangram. Solve the crossword to find the missing letter. If you string together all the missing letters, in order, you should be able to make a phrase.
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      1. Train or public transport conveyance that makes very few intermediate stops to arrive sooner
      5. Big cats and British sports cars that congregate in Jacksonville
      9. Repeated many times (usually hyperbole)
      10. Family name used in "Dallas" or spinoff "Knots Landing"
      11. Jane or Jack, an American actress OR a dog breed
      12. Romanian count with an unquenchable thirst for oral blood transfusions
      13. Bread ingredient that rises to the occasion
      15. Motorhome named after Iowa County where it is made, which in turn is a Native American tribe
      18. A very long time almost makes a goddess of marriage, women and family.
      19. Large Scottish swords
      21. Prague resident (frequently promised to be in the mail)
      23. Person who believes in the absence of deities
      25. Lithuanian capital
      27. Flat-bottomed boats used for transporting cargo to and from ships offshore.
      28. Charm city of Ravens
      29. Individuals who seek pleasure from the suffering of others
      30. Totally surrounds


      1. Officer of the British royal household
      2. Samuel, diary keeper
      3. Tallish mountain
      4. Annual plant of the genus Helianthus (Hint, hint) grown for its oil
      5. Arabic word meaning the struggle to make life conform with God's guidance. Often used out of context
      6. Explosive weapon usually thrown by hand OR a song by Bruno Mars
      7. Add lemon juice or vinegar to cooking ingredients
      8. Large cactus associated with Arizona or "Roadrunner" cartoons
      14. Relating to scorpions, ticks and spiders (Adjective not the noun)
      16. Anger (can almost be be available for rent)
      17. Music City in Tennessee (Well one of them at least)
      19. Framework underpinning an automobile
      20. Cell division type in sexually reproducing organisms (My high school biology teacher would be proud)
      21. Process for making icebergs from the edge of glaciers
      22. Guest entertainer (female version)
      24. Hollow cylinders designed to convey something
      26. Tinned fish is often canned _____ (2,3)