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Another set of general knowledge clues have been rounded up for the next crossword in this series. Have fun and Good Luck!
Author: moonraker2 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. English translation of the 17th century painting "Amor Vincit Omnia" by Caravaggio (4,8,3)
      9. Actor cast in the title role in the 1991 gangster film "Billy Bathgate" (5,4)
      10. Nominated for the 2006 Man Booker Prize, the novel "In the Country of Men" is by Hisham ___ (5)
      11. The minimum number of members of a committee required to be present to transact business (6)
      12. A three-sided polygon or a simple percussion instrument (8)
      13. Ancient Greek mathematician known as The Father of Geometry (6)
      15. Track 7 on the 2006 studio album "Peregrine", by rock band The Appleseed Cast (8)
      18. Words or phrases that mean the same as other words or phrases in a given language (8)
      19. A 2013 biblical film starring Jen Lilley in the title role, "The Book of ___" (6)
      21. American actress cast as Professor Tracey, in the 1996 drama "The War at Home" (3,5)
      23. City in San Bernardino County, California, the birth place of actress Melinda Clarke (6)
      26. "The Venus ___", a novel by Steven Saylor published in 1995 (5)
      27. Robert Patrick and Titus Welliver took the leading roles in the 1994 action film "Zero ___" (9)
      28. A 1962 war film starring Jeffrey Hunter as George R. Tweed (2,3,2,2,6)


      1. René Jules ___ 1860-1945, French designer of art nouveau jewellery and glassware (7)
      2. The sixth sign of the zodiac in astrology (5)
      3. In ancient Rome the leader of 100 soldiers (9)
      4. A studio album by Joan Baez, released in November 1966 (4)
      5. Deprived of courage and strength (8)
      6. A rhythmic syncopated Cuban folk dance in duple time (5)
      7. Released in February 1980, the 14th studio album by singer-songwriter John Denver (9)
      8. A 1948 American crime film, with Shelley Winters as Tory (7)
      14. A riddle whose answer involves an unexpected twist (9)
      16. American civil rights activist who refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery in 1955 (4,5)
      17. A studio album by the American rapper Scarface, released in 2008 (9)
      18. A 2004 action thriller featuring Val Kilmer as Sergeant John / Bobby Scott (7)
      20. A 1941 American comedy film, with Johnny Downs as Ted Brown (7)
      22. Charles Dickens's final novel originally published in 1870, "The Mystery of ___ Drood" (5)
      24. Track 4 on the 2014 studio album "Viaje" by singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona (5)
      25. Director of the 1989 James Bond film "Licence to Kill", John ___ (4)