Mind Your P's and Q's (2) Crossword Puzzle

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Another crossword puzzle that primarily uses the letters "P" and "Q"
Author: dersteppenwolf - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. A popular desert, pecan ___
      4. Famous 17th-century French mathematician/inventor, Blaise ___
      8. The name of a clown dressed in white, a stock character of pantomime, originating in Paris
      9. Another word for suitable/fitting
      11. The practice involving those with power favoring their family members
      12. Name of high priest from the Book of Samuel from the Bible
      13. A movie containing events that precede those of an existing work
      16. A friend
      17. A __ effect involves the continuing and spreading results of an event or action.
      19. Used for saying "I love you" in Spanish
      21. 1973 film, "The ___ Chase"
      23. The current situation or the status ___
      24. Music publishers/songwriters in New York City, collectively known as ____ Alley (two words)
      25. Cabbage ____ (two words), a brand of dolls, popular in the 1980s
      26. Another word for a tie in a competition
      29. A relaxing facility
      30. Another way to describe a dock or wharf
      31. Nursey rhyme: "Jack be nimble, Jack be ___"
      32. A popular blue/green gemstone
      34. Another word for inaccurate
      35. Famous 1994 film, "___ Fiction"


      1. Phrase: "he who pays the ___ calls the tune"
      2. Latin abbreviation to demonstrate an example
      3. In U.S. history, the ___ of Reconstruction followed the Civil War
      4. Verb, to contemplate
      5. "My dog ___ my homework"
      6. They are a popular brand of slow cookers (plural)
      7. Title of 1740 novel by Samuel Richardson, considered one of the first English novels
      10. The ___ were an indigenous group of people in the Caribbean
      13. Another word for energy/spirit
      14. Verb, to satisfy one's thirst
      15. The process of bringing a company/business to an end
      16. William ___, famous English writer and Quaker in the North American colonies
      18. An interjection you would say when responding to a bad smell
      20. 1971 song by the Carpenters: "Rainy Days and ____"
      22. American actress married to Frank Sinatra, __ Gardner
      25. An ornamental plate or tablet that you would hang on the wall
      26. Phrase to describe people working well together: "dynamic ___"
      27. A sudden attack on an enemy during war
      28. A raised platform connecting the shore with the body of water
      29. A stinky animal
      30. A feathered writing tool
      33. Another word for a harsh, grating noise