Simply General Knowledge! (481) Crossword Puzzle

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Another wide ranging set of general knowledge clues. Hopefully something here for you all! Good luck!
Author: moonraker2 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Way of solving problems by rejecting normal methods and employing apparently illogical means (7,8)
      9. One of the most popular Fun Trivia Quiz sections (9)
      10. A group of singers, especially one performing church music or singing in a church (5)
      11. Papeete the capital city of French Polynesia, is located on this island (6)
      12. A 2018 science fiction thriller, starring Keanu Reeves as William Foster (8)
      13. A short, heavy knife used as a tool or weapon in Malaysia and Indonesia (6)
      15. Host of the 1970's American TV sports series "Celebrity Bowling" (3,5)
      18. The New Year's Eve celebrations in Scotland (8)
      19. Winner of the Men's decathlon at the 1932 Summer Olympics, Jim ___ (6)
      20. The 1972 album "Red Sea" was released by this English hard rock band (8)
      22. European capital city, Ban Jelacic Square is located in the city centre (6)
      25. Large, gregarious black-feathered birds of the family Corvidae (5)
      26. Located in the Andes range, this peak is the highest mountain in the Americas (9)
      27. American rock band Dixie (part of answer), from Georgia released this studio album in 1980 (5,2,3,5)


      1. A 2012 Christmas album by the British group Steps (5,2,3,5)
      2. The Egyptian god of the moon and of wisdom, represented as having the head of an ibis (5)
      3. The largest and most populous of the Cook Islands (9)
      4. The 2020 studio album "Future Nostalgia" was recorded by English-Albanian singer Dua ___ (4)
      5. A comic play in three acts written by Nol Coward in 1924 (3,5)
      6. At the 1999 Men's World Open Squash Championship, Peter ___ won his first World Open title (5)
      7. A triangle having two sides of equal length (9)
      8. A track on side two of a west coast band's 1964 album "All Summer Long" (5,2,3,5)
      14. Actor who starred as Jerry Cramer, in the 1990 American comedy film "Ski Patrol" (5,4)
      16. An album released in 2010 by the Australian rock band British India (9)
      17. Joel Edgerton portrayed Sir John ___, in the 2019 epic war film "The King" (8)
      21. A fertile area in a desert where the water table reaches the ground surface (5)
      23. The 1968 science fiction film "Barbarella" starring Jane Fonda, was directed by ___ Vadim (5)
      24. "The ___", nickname of the English football league club Peterborough United F.C. (4)