Pangram Minus One IX Crossword Puzzle

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In this short series, each crossword is a pangram except there is one (only) letter missing to complete the pangram. Solve the crossword to find the missing letter. (Additional more cryptic clue information is included within parentheses). If you string together all the missing letters, of all the crosswords in this series, in order, you will be able to make a short two-word phrase. This is part nine and the final crossword in this series Woo-Hoo!
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      1. Cheese named after a medieval town in the Swiss canton of Fribourg
      5. A high mountain normally depicted as snow-capped
      7. Braun or Green, neither was the first woman
      8. Keratinous covering of a lower digit
      9. Japanese spitz breed of dog
      11. The act of stealing (Shame!)
      13. Largest city of Tanzania: ____ es Salaam
      14. Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrento Peninsula OR a sporty British Ford model
      16. Spanish Mediterranean island
      19. Persian Gulf nationality
      20. Before the present (is a mixed-up Indian state)
      21. French region: Cote ____ or French football award: Ballon ____. (Isn't quite an opening device)
      22. Large Chinese city upstream from Shanghai, former capital


      1. Ms Davis of archery and "Thelma and Louise" fame but NOT Ms Lollobrigida, Italian actress
      2. Savoury category of taste in food
      3. Removal of a fugitive from a requested jurisdiction to another for criminal prosecution
      4. Specific tradesperson commonly referred to in Australia as a 'Sparkie'
      5. Tequila starts here
      6. Aeroplane driver is no Pontius
      10. South Korean car brand is not a New Zealand parrot
      12. Moroccan city doubles as a truncated conical hat
      14. Covered a surface to form a crusty dry layer (is no sweet treat)
      15. Charge a device with energy OR in politics (often abused)
      17. Baghdad resident
      18. Amidst (savour this concise clue - they are rare)