Formula One Motor Racing Crossword Puzzle

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Formula One (F1) has been the highest class of international car racing since 1950. This themed puzzle is based on the premier sport. There is one anagram. Enjoy!
Author: psnz - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Combustion system (6)
      5. Thoughts of a worried driver listening to his car: "Do ____ problem?" (1,4,1)
      10. Advertising hoardings or DRS (Drag Reduction System) boards found around a race track (7)
      11. Group responsible for supervising Formula One practices, qualifying and racing: Race ____ (7)
      12. Contest the Formula One World Championship (5)
      13. Asian city and country whose Grand Prix is raced on the Marina Bay Street Circuit (9)
      15. Setting up a Formula One car, more of an ____ than a science? (3)
      16. Pattern of starting positions of the drivers for a race (4)
      17. Development of Formula One cars (9)
      21. Australian city, home to the Albert Park Circuit, location of the country's Grand Prix (9)
      24. Collector's item? (4)
      26. Confidentiality contract (abbr., 3)
      28. Fastest time ever on a motor racing circuit OR coldest temperature ever registered (6,3)
      31. Skirmish, hopefully on-track rather than in-person (5)
      32. Adjustments designed to improve performance (7)
      33. Power Units for Formula One cars (7)
      34. Skilled, as the performance of a Formula One driver (6)
      35. Force, as with a weapon; the driver tried to ____ his way to the front of the race (8)


      1. Things that a Formula One team might need to work on? (6)
      2. Denier (7)
      3. Communication system between drivers and their pits (4,5)
      4. Tendency of a car's rear to slip out mid-corner, turning the front too much (9)
      6. Japanese manufacturer (officially withdrawn) but still a Formula One Power Unit supplier (5)
      7. Derived from RIO PAIR, based on theory, not empirical evidence (Lat., anag., 1,6)
      8. Certainly: by ____ (3,5)
      9. Symbol or logo, such as Ferrari's prancing horse (4)
      14. Come together, as plans (3)
      18. Single-seat vehicles whose axles extend outside the car's main body, such as those used in F1 (4-5)
      19. Miraculously, despite the impact of the collision, the car was structurally ____ (9)
      20. From 2012, the United States Grand Prix has been held at the Circuit of the ____ in Austin, TX (8)
      22. First name of Brazilian F1 driver (2000-2004), Signor Burti (7)
      23. American currency (abbr., 3)
      25. Teams add ballast to meet minimum weight limits for cars, which can also be used to improve ____ (7)
      27. Formula One schedule for a calendar year (6)
      29. In motor racing, drivers can overtake on the left or the ____ (5)
      30. Engine change penalties in Formula One may see the driver starting from ____ place on the 16A (4)