Simply General Knowledge! (483) Crossword Puzzle

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Another wide ranging set of general knowledge clues, with several longer answers. Hopefully something here for everyone! Good luck!
Author: moonraker2 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Arthur Conan Doyle's final novel in the Sherlock Holmes series, published in 1915 (3,6,2,4)
      9. One of three periods that a year is divided into in some U.S. colleges (9)
      10. Alex Kingston aka River Song in the "Doctor Who" TV series, was born here in Surrey in 1963 (5)
      11. Broken pieces or fragments of pottery or glass (6)
      12. Romanian gymnast who became the first to score a perfect 10 at the Olympic games, Nadia ___ (8)
      13. A studio album by rock band Green Day, released in 1997 (6)
      15. People who deny the existence of God (8)
      18. A fantasy novel by Evangeline Walton published in 1972, "The Song of ___ (8)
      19. Former teacher Lynn ___ was appointed Director of the National Museum of Ireland in 2018 (6)
      20. A studio album by Canadian band Haywire, released in 1990 (8)
      22. Steal, especially quickly with a sudden movement (6)
      25. The song "Young Hearts Run Free" was originally released in 1976 by ___ Staton (5)
      26. A fictional cartoon character who is an adversary of Bugs Bunny (5,4)
      27. A large tidal estuary of the Pacific, off Western California (3,9,3)


      1. An American rock band fronted by Patrick Stickles, with a Shakespearean name (5,10)
      2. ___ Donovan was cast as Amber Mariens, in the 1995 coming-of-age comedy "Clueless" (5)
      3. Piet de Jong a former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, was born here in 1915 (9)
      4. In Greek Mythology the mother of Apollo and Artemis (4)
      5. Captain Reuben Merrill House is located in this town in Cumberland County, Maine (8)
      6. In Norse Mythology the goddess of love and beauty (5)
      7. The music venue Gustav-Siegle-Haus in Stuttgart, was rebuilt in 1954 by architect Martin ___ (9)
      8. "The ___", a 1993 drama film starring Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson (7,2,3,3)
      14. French Thoroughbred racehorse, winner of the Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud in 1906 (9)
      16. A person considered by others to be strange or unusual (9)
      17. The most northern of the states of Germany, Schleswig-___ (8)
      21. A small willow tree which grows mostly in wetland areas, scientific name Salix viminalis (5)
      23. A 1958 British fantasy-musical film, starring Russ Tamblyn in the title role, "Tom ___" (5)
      24. Stage name of Australian singer and songwriter born Emily Joy Green (4)