Not Much of a Theme Here Crossword Puzzle

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This started as an attempt to use the letter C in a specific way, but failed quite early on. What's left is a non-themed puzzle, with quite a few Cs in it.
Author: spanishliz - Diff: Average [ Scores ]



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      1. Youthful angel
      5. Do a job without knowing you'll be paid; do it on ____ (informal, abbr.)
      8. Early internet service provider (abbr.)
      9. Frankenstein's lab assistant?
      10. Sgt. or Cpl.
      11. Mischievous mythical creature (or a car made by the Rootes Group; Hillman ____)
      12. In a children's poem, the adversary of the Gingham Dog was the ____ Cat
      14. Famous people, especially in entertainment
      17. What a pizza, loaf of bread or sleepy eyes might be
      18. Track where the Belgian Grand Prix is usually held (short form)
      19. Definite article
      21. Movies; "The ___ King" or "The ____ in Winter"
      23. At the present time
      24. High cards or hotshot pilots
      25. Antarctic explorer Robert AND author Sir Walter


      1. Ventriloquist Edgar Bergen's daughter (first name)
      2. As necessary; 'ad ___' (Latin)
      3. Band that included Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan and Roy Wood (abbr.)
      4. Belonging to the author of "Notes from a Small Island" (4,7)
      5. Rudyard Kipling wrote "Just __ Stories" for children
      6. Deductive knowledge is 'a ____' knowledge (Latin)
      7. Baseball player's hat
      12. Actor's incentive?
      13. Avoids
      15. Particular place, or setting
      16. Plaything
      18. Might be Red, Black or Yellow
      19. Explosive substance (abbr.)
      20. Torrid
      22. I am, you are, he ___