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Wanna Solve a Times Crossword?

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Well, this is a start. This grid is a Sunday Times grid. Solve this pangram crossword and with a subsequent boost in confidence tackle the real thing.
Author: 1nn1 - Diff: Harder [ Scores ]



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      1. Pertaining to a resource that is insufficient for the demand
      5. Turn upside down
      9. Viking abode
      10. Indian prince
      11. Short form of manufacturing something in sections to allow on-site assembly
      12. Jimi Hendrix signature song (4,4)
      14. Alcoholic drink served before a meal
      16. The one following in a given order
      18. Music genre that originated in the South of the US
      19. Device that clocks up the miles
      21. Echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea. Can regenerate each of its five projections
      22. What? A temple complex situated in a UNESCO protected area
      24. Contentious Middle East strip of land
      26. Gases and/or vapours: production AND subsequent discharge
      27. Trembles (until the earth moves)
      28. Makes an object more ornamental by inserting pieces of a different material flush with the original


      2. Organelle that creates a specific compound that produces their colour within green plants.
      3. Nothing special, ordinary: _____ the mill (3,2)
      4. Public displays
      5. Mountaineer's chipping tool (3,3)
      6. The degree of severity of a disease
      7. British sovereignty in India
      8. Inlet of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland (4,2,7)
      13. Demonstrating a process skilfully, using the hands (but technically just with the right one)
      15. Wild boar famous in Arkansas
      17. Roman, controversial Polish movie director
      20. Female foxes
      23. No no no, not Foo Fighter Dave: A guttural throat sound indicating at least displeasure
      25. UAE capital: ____ Dhabi