Crossword Scores for Salmagundi Smorgasbord (29)

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Gold Members Solving This Puzzle

PlayerModeTime to complete
BarbaraMcI Difficult 0.1 minutes
MickeyDGod Difficult 7.8 minutes
sam388 Difficult10.2 minutes
lalapad Easy10.9 minutes
stephedm Difficult11.3 minutes
muzzyhill3 Difficult11.8 minutes
poohfaber Easy14.8 minutes
leith90 Easy15.2 minutes
chianti59 Difficult15.4 minutes
Andyboy2021 Easy17.5 minutes
Ian1964 Difficult18.5 minutes
sally0malley Easywasn't in a hurry
donkeehote Difficultwasn't in a hurry
Peachie13 Difficultwasn't in a hurry
bobcat88 Difficultwasn't in a hurry
dealflyers Easywasn't in a hurry
calmdecember Difficultwasn't in a hurry