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Team: Worldwide Wizards
Hobbies: Drinking!
Bio: With a population of just over 25 million people, we are the creators of some of the greatest inventions in the world: Hills Hoist, Black Box, Spray on Skin, Polymer Bank Notes, Bionic Ear and ... VEGEMITE! Love it! You just have to know how to spread it!
Registered: Jan 21 18 ( Class 312 ) - Last Seen: Jun 02 23
Membership: Gold
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Level 209

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157 levels from completing challenges.

FunTrivia Points: 14,706,749

Point Rank: # 387 of 2,335,297 players
Points Today: 3569, Yesterday: 4398
Jane57's Team Points: 4,657,388

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Quizzes Authored: 2
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Single Questions Accepted: 6

Quizzes Played: 15120
Questions Correct: 159,409 / 162,576 (98%)
Crosswords Played: 1110
Knockout Points: 463 (goto)
Brains Collected: 25690 (info)
Monster Quizzes Taken: 1283 (19245 questions)

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Division: (4) The Marvelous Minds
Mode: Normal
Rating: 1657   Last Graduation: May 19 23
Games Played: 62
Highest reached: (10) The Immortals

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Member of: Worldwide Wizards

Populated by some of the best people and best players on the planet, this is the Worldwide Wizards. Former members are always welcome to return to the fold.

Worldwide Wizards ranked # 4 in division A of last month's Team vs Team competition.

* Invite Only

Leader: HairyBear

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