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How much do you know about 1980s Movies? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to 1980s Movies (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 1980: This movie is alphabetically the last movie of 1980 and starred Olivia Newton-John as Kira, who was a muse who inspired Sonny Malone's painting. What movie was this?
Answer: Xanadu

"Xanadu" now has a cult following, but it was considered, by many, one of the worst movies ever made when it came out. Sonny (Michael Beck) and Kira fall in love, and Kira doesn't want to tell Sonny who she is. Sonny meets Danny McGuire (Gene Kelly), who once dated a woman who resembled Kira, and after she left, he lost all his creative energy. Kira gets the two men to open a nightclub named Xanadu. The night before it opens, Kira tells Sonny she is really Terpsichore, one of the Nine Muses, and that she was sent by her father Zeus to inspire the two men to open Xanadu, but now that it's complete, she has to leave. Sonny is upset when she leaves. Encouraged by Danny not to let Kira go, Sonny goes to Kira's home by skating into the mural of the Muses he painted. Kira's mother, Mnemosyne (Coral Browne - voice only), tries to intercede on their behalf, but Zeus (Wilfrid Hyde-White - voice only) refuses at first. Eventually, he gives in and says Kira can go back with Sonny for "a moment or maybe forever".
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2 What is the name of a 1986 film starring Chuck Norris that was inspired by an aircraft hijacking that occurred the year before?
Answer: The Delta Force

In "The Delta Force", an American airliner was hijacked by a group of Lebanese terrorists shortly after departing the city of Athens, Greece. The group demanded that the aircraft be flown to from Athens to Beirut, from Beirut to Algiers, Algeria and then back to Beirut. In the movie, Chuck Norris played Major Scott McCoy, a retired special ops soldier who was called in to assist his former unit, The Delta Force, rescue the hostages. While onboard the terrorists separated some of the passengers with Jewish names as well as three off-duty American Navy divers, of which one was killed following a failed rescue attempt. The story was inspired by the hijacking of TWA 847 which occurred on June 14, 1985.
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3 An alien gets connected to a boy but really just wants to get back to his peeps in this heartwarming 1982 movie. Can you name it?
Answer: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

This 1982 movie was produced and directed by Steven Spielberg and tells the story of a young boy named Elliott who finds an alien who is stranded on Earth. In this film the stranded, lovable alien becomes ill and is sought after by the government. Elliott and his family fight to get his unexpected visitor back to his home planet.

The film shot Drew Barrymore to fame as Elliott's sassy little sister. She was seven years old when "E.T." was released and had a very troubled childhood after that, going to rehab at the age of thirteen. At the age of sixteen, she wrote an autobiography called "Little Girl Lost". She's since gone on to have a successful career. Harrison Ford filmed a cameo for the film as Elliott's school Principal, but the scene was cut.
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4 The character of Teddy Duchamp featured in the 1986 film "Stand by Me". What act of cruelty did Teddy's father inflict upon him when he was a child?
Answer: Pressed Teddy's ear against a hot stove and nearly burned it off

In the movie, Teddy Duchamp was portrayed as being slightly unstable mentally; he was also obsessed with his father and, despite what his father did to him, he still idolised him as a war hero. Teddy was also deeply knowledgeable about the subject of the military; however, he knew that because of his physical deformity, he would never be allowed to serve in the army.

Corey Feldman had appeared in "The Goonies" (1985) and "Gremlins" (1984) prior to appearing in "Stand by Me" (1986).
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5 1980. This film told the story of John Merrick, a highly deformed man living in the 19th century. What was the name of this film drama?
Answer: The Elephant Man

John Merrick, played by John Hurt, was at a freak show in London's East End when he was discovered by surgeon, Frederick Treves. Treves, played by Anthony Hopkins, found a home for him at a London Hospital, much to the annoyance of the freak show manager. It was in the hospital that Merrick was heard reciting the 23rd Psalm, proving to everyone that he was highly intellectual. He was still considered to be an imbecile to some people, and at one stage could be heard crying out "I am not an elephant! I am not an animal! I am a human being! I am a man!".
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6 Which action movie included Sean Connery in the cast?
Answer: Highlander

Sean Connery was cast in "Highlander" as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez. Christopher Lambert had the dual role of Connor "The Highlander" MacLeod and Russell Edwin Nash. In the film, Connery's character taught The Highlander swordsmanship but was eventually killed by Connor's enemy, Kurgan. Connor learned he was immortal. The movie revealed various encounters the Scotsman had had from the 16th century until a climactic battle in New York city in 1985.
"Colors" was a 1988 film featuring Robert Duvall and Sean Penn as police officers in Los Angeles trying to prevent violence between the Crips and Bloods.
"Excalibur" was a 1981 fantasy film about King Arthur and featured Nigel Terry as Arthur.
"Octopussy" was a 1983 James Bond film that starred Roger Moore as Bond and Maud Adams as the "Bond girl".
    Your options: [ Octopussy ] [ Highlander ] [ Excalibur ] [ Colors ]
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7 In the 1982 movie "Grease 2", which pink lady doesn't want an 'ordinary boy' but wants a 'cool rider'?
Answer: Stephanie

Stephanie, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, keeps getting asked out by Michael (Maxwell Caufield) and she keeps saying no. She finally breaks out into a song to tell him that the type of guy she is looking for is a 'Cool Rider' and he doesn't fit the bill. After listening to her, he buys a motorcycle and teaches himself how to ride and do some tricks to become this 'Cool Rider'.

Rhonda, Paulette, and Sharon make up the rest of the pink ladies.
    Your options: [ Rhonda ] [ Sharon ] [ Paulette ] [ Stephanie ]
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8 One of the great films in American cinematic history, 'Raging Bull' garnered Robert De Niro a well deserved Best Actor Oscar. What boxer did Mr. De Niro play in this excellent black and white film that helped usher in the 1980s?
Answer: Jake LaMotta

Though De Niro won his acting Oscar, and Thelma Schoonmaker won for editing, 'Raging Bull' failed to win Oscars in any other category, including Best Picture and Best Director (a robbery, methinks). De Niro's Oscar was well-deserved, if for no other reason than the actor put on 60 pounds at one point to play an older LaMotta.
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9 'Amadeus' is a tremendous spectacle and a very intimate character portrait, all neatly wrapped into one well-directed movie. What actor won an Oscar for his amazing performance as Antonio Salieri in this multiple award winning film?
Answer: F. Murray Abraham

Abraham's Oscar was one of eight won by this film. Among the others were 'Best Director' for Milos Forman, 'Best Picture' and 'Best Writing' for Peter Shaffer, who wrote the original play.
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10 Axel Foley is a Detroit cop who travels to California to track down the killer of his best friend. He has help from two reluctant detectives, who keep an eye on his unusual approach to policework. Name the movie.
Answer: Beverly Hills Cop

Eddie Murphy played the part of Axel Foley. "Beverly Hills Cop" was released in 1984 and its sequel in 1987. The third part came in 1994.
    Your options: [ Lethal Weapon ] [ Beverly Hills Cop ] [ 48 Hrs ] [ The Untouchables ]
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11 What type of business were the Bauer brothers involved in, for the movie "Splash"?
Answer: Produce

Allen and Freddie Bauer were in the family business of fruits and vegetables. Tom Hanks was not the first one considered for the role of Allen Bauer. It was offered to Bill Murray, John Travolta, and Dudley Moore, but all of them turned the role down.
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12 Filmed in three acts, this Vietnam war epic by Stanley Kubrick follows the exploits of one Private Joker, soldier and jester. What is the name of this film, featuring the most intense boot camp scenes in cinema history?
Answer: Full Metal Jacket

An actual drill sergeant in his former life, R. Lee Ermey provides the authenticity to the boot camp scenes that make up the first third of the film. Matthew Modine portrays Joker, a small-town smart alec who meanders through boot camp right into the *bleep* in Vietnam. Vincent D'Onofrio submits an unforgettable performance in this film as the hapless Private Gomer Pyle.
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13 Which 1988 film is the story of two brothers, Raymond and Charlie Babbitt, who develop a bond while on a road trip across the United States?
Answer: Rain Man

'Rain Man' was the winner for Best Picture from 1988. It also garnered awards for Best Director (Barry Levinson) and Best Actor (Dustin Hoffman). Director Barry Levinson appears at the end of the film as the psychiatrist who is evaluating Raymond.
    Your options: [ Tucker ] [ Bird ] [ Alien Nation ] [ Rain Man ]
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14 Spike Lee joins the countdown here with his magnum opus entitled 'Do the Right Thing'. What is the name of the character Lee plays in this, perhaps his greatest film?
Answer: Mookie

'Do the Right Thing' is a many layered look at the issues of race relations in Brooklyn's toughest neighborhood. Under Lee's excellent direction an all-star cast, including John Turturro, Danny Aiello, Rosie Perez, Samuel Jackson, Ossie Davis, Rosie Dee and several other notables, really propels this film into the upper stratosphere.
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15 In "The Dark Crystal" Jen and Kira set out on a mission to replace a shard of the Dark Crystal and defeat the evil Skeksis. What race were Jen and Kira?
Answer: Gelfling

"The Dark Crystal" was directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz and released in 1983. From the lumbering gentle UrRu to the hyperactive Fizzgig, all the film's characters were puppets.
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16 In the 1984 sci-fi horror flick "Night of the Comet" what soap opera veteran played the role of Doris Belmont?
Answer: Sharon Farrell

Sharon Farrell played Florence "Flo" Webster Adams on the popular soap "The Young and the Restless" from 1991 to 1999.
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17 In the 1986 movie "Fire with Fire", why was Joe Fisk sent to boys detention camp?
Answer: He drove a car through a window

Joe didn't like the way that his mother's boyfriend treated her so he drove a car through a window. This film starred Craig Sheffer and Virginia Madsen.
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18 Which 1984 film did Sally Field win an Oscar for her work as a widow who is forced to run the family cotton farm?
Answer: Places in the Heart

This film had an all-star cast that included Ed Harris, Lindsay Crouse, Amy Madigan, Danny Glover and John Malkovich. "Places in the Heart" received a total of seven Academy Award nominations including Best Supporting Actor and Actress nominations for John Malkovich and Lindsay Crouse. This was also the Oscar ceremony where Sally says "You like me! You really like me."
    Your options: [ Murphy's Romance ] [ Places in the Heart ] [ Ordinary People ] [ Norma Rae ]
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19 In "The Neverending Story", who plays Atreyu?
Answer: Noah Hathaway

The film was shot in Germany during one of the hottest summers in 25 years. (
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20 In what 80's film did Bronson Pinchot portray a character named Serge?
Answer: Beverly Hills Cop

He was the one in this cop comedy with the distinctive accent. Bronson is probably best known for playing Balki Bartokomous on the sitcom "Perfect Strangers". This show co-starred Mark-Linn Baker and aired on ABC from 1986-1993.
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21 Which movie is this quote from: "Fellas, last year I made three million dollars, but your fifty thousand was the most fun."?
Answer: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

A hilarious film starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin as crooks working their way through the rich women of the French Riviera. This line comes from Janet, played by Glenne Headly, who managed to out-con the con artists!
    Your options: [ Ruthless People ] [ American Gigolo ] [ Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ] [ Last American Virgin ]
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22 How long did it take John Hughes to write the 1984 film "Sixteen Candles"?
Answer: 2 days

Yes, it is true. John cranked out this script in only two days. He wrote this film based on the real-life experience of one of his friends.
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23 Who directed the "Airplane" movies?
Answer: Abrahams and Zucker

"Looks like I picked the wrong week to give up sniffing glue". Lloyd Bridges, playing Steven McCrosky, is trying to give up all his bad habits!
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24 In the 1985 film "The Legend of Billie Jean", what was the name of the character played by Christian Slater?
Answer: Binx

This 1985 movie centers around a group of teenagers who are on the run from the law in Corpus Christy, Texas. Helen Slater and Christian Slater star. They are not related, in fact it has been reported that Christian Slater had a crush on Helen during filming.
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25 "So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?"
Answer: Weird Science

A quote from Lisa to Gary and Wyatt after they brought her to life. "Weird Science" was released in 1985.
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26 Which horror film was submitted to every Hollywood studio before being released in 1984 with leading lady Heather Langenkamp?
Answer: A Nightmare on Elm Street

"Dreamscape" with Dennis Quaid was released the same year which made Wes Craven fume as it is very similar in concept to "Elm Street".
    Your options: [ Halloween ] [ A Nightmare on Elm Street ] [ Fright Night ] [ Ghost in the Machine ]
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27 In the movie "Sixteen Candles" how many kids are there in the Baker family?
Answer: 4

Ginny, Samantha, Mike, and Sara make up the Baker kids.
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28 This film was released in 1982 and was a box office smash. It starred Drew Barrymore. What is the film?
Answer: E.T.

A group of aliens visit earth and one is accidentally left behind. A 10 year old boy called Elliot finds the alien, befriends him and tries to help him find a way back home. Drew Barrymore played Gertie, Elliot's younger sister. The film was directed by Steven Spielberg.
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29 This movie, released in 1981, spawned 2 sequels, and was considered a gross-out comedy. It is most famous for its girls' shower room scene. Can you name the movie?
Answer: Porky's

Directed by Bob Clark, who also directed 'A Christmas Story.'
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30 In the movie, 'The Goonies', name the reclusive scavenger who vanished while searching for pirate treasure off the coast of Astoria, Oregon?
Answer: Chester Copperpot

Good ole Chet got crushed and thusly decomposed under a large boulder that was set as a trap by the crew of One-Eyed Willie.
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31 In the movie 'The Breakfast Club', while they were in detention, what did Claire bring for lunch?
Answer: Rice, raw fish, and seaweed

Along with all of that, she also had a Coke!
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32 Who played Samantha Baker in 'Sixteen Candles'?
Answer: Molly Ringwald
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33 In what movie will you find the following: a rocketship inside a house, blue grandparents, and a talking pile of dung?
Answer: Weird Science

This is one of my favorites! 'By the way, why are we wearing bras on our heads?'
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34 In 'The Money Pit' what occupation was Walter Fielding?
Answer: Lawyer
  From Quiz: Cool 1980s Movies
35 The Gods Must Be _____
Answer: Crazy
    Your options: [ Alive ] [ Angry ] [ In Heaven ] [ Crazy ]
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36 1981: This movie taught me there were originally fifteen Commandments', but I am still waiting to see "Hitler on ice". What movie could this be?
Answer: History of the World, Part I

Moses (Mel Brooks, who also played Comicus, Torquemada, Jaques, and King Louis XVI) is holding three tablets and says, "The Lord, the Lord Jehovah has given unto you these fifteen", and then drops one of the tables, "Oy! Ten! Ten Commandments for all to obey!" The movie goes from the stone age through the French Revolution with coming attractions of "History of the World, Part II" at the end. During the coming attractions, the narrator says, "See Hitler on ice."
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37 What was the number assigned to the robot who came to life in the 1986 movie "Short Circuit"?
Answer: Five

In the movie "Short Circuit", a scientist named Dr. Newton Crosby (Steve Guttenberg) created a group of advanced military robots. Following a demonstration with members of the American government, Number 5 was struck by lightning as it was recharging. This caused Number 5 to gain full sentience and his curiosities cause him to get transported out of the laboratory. Number 5 later met a young woman named Stephanie Speck (Ally Sheedy). At first Stephanie thought that Number 5 was an alien, but she later discovered that he was really a runaway war robot. Number 5 later tried to convince Stephanie, as well as his creators, that he was alive. He was afraid that he would die if anyone tried to disassemble him.
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38 Five very different teenagers spend a day in detention together and agree that adults, especially parents, are to blame for all of their problems. Which John Hughes film is this?
Answer: The Breakfast Club

"The Breakfast Club" takes place on a Saturday at a high school, where five teenagers are being punished for various offenses. They are forced to spend the day in detention and each write an essay about who they think they are. The five teens are played by Molly Ringwald as the spoiled rich girl who skips school to go shopping, Ally Sheedy as the weird loner with nothing better to do, Anthony Michael Hall as the nervous, smart nerd, Emilio Estevez as the jock and Judd Nelson as the delinquent. Throughout the day, the teens discover things about themselves and each other and, despite some awkwardness, teasing, crying and fighting, they bond at the end of the day.
    Your options: [ The Breakfast Club ] [ Pretty in Pink ] [ Sixteen Candles ] [ Wild Horses ]
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39 "Life moves pretty fast; if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it," is an oft quoted line from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" (1986). Another quote is "Bueller? Bueller?" What actor had that line?
Answer: Ben Stein

Ben Stein said "Bueller?" off camera with his flat monotone voice and got laughs so it was included in the film. Stein is a writer, lawyer, actor, and commentator on political and economic issues and at one time a speech writer for Richard Nixon. He has a long list of television and film appearances, mostly doing the monotone voice that could make any topic dull. He was a reoccurring character on "The Wonder Years" (1988-2003) and hosted his own quiz show "Win Ben Stein's Money" where he played a contestant.

Ferris Bueller, a high school student with a lust for life, executes an elaborate plan for playing hooky from school along with his friends as they explore John Hughes' idealized Chicago. In the space of a day they visit Wrigley Field, the Chicago Art Institute, the Mercantile Exchange, and view a parade - any one of which could be a full days venture - and end the experience by destroying a very expensive Ferrari GT sports car.

Initial reviews were positive but no means enthusiastic, earning an overall score of 81% from Rotten Tomatoes. But the film has since become a minor classic because of its youthful spirit.
  From Quiz: Great Comedy Films of the 1980s
40 "The Terminator" (1984) featured a cyborg sent back from the future to assassinate a young woman. What military supercomputer originally designed the Terminator?
Answer: Skynet

The software system known as Skynet was designed and built by Cyberdine Systems for the U.S military. Its original programming was designed to detect threats posed to the United States and implement defensive procedures. However, Skynet's programming evolved to the point that it became self aware. According to the information provided in the movie, Skynet became self aware on August 29th 1997 and, after the operators of the system tried to shut it down, Skynet determined that all humans posed a direct threat to its existence. It therefore launched a pre-emptive attack on a global scale by launching a nuclear attack against the United States enemies, knowing that their systems would respond and launch a counter strike.
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