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114 Bond Villains Trivia Questions & Answers

Bond Villains
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1 My name is Connery, Sean Connery. I was James Bond in this 1962 film about a member of SPECTRE that aims to disrupt the American space program with a powerful radio beam. What is the name of the actor that portrayed this villain?
Answer: Joseph Wiseman

Joseph Wiseman is Dr. Julius No. "Dr. No" is the first James Bond movie in what was to be an extremely successful series of films. Ursula Andress played Honey Ryder and Jack Lord played Felix Leiter. Most of the film's outside scenes were filmed in Jamaica under the direction of Terence Young. Joseph Wiseman, born in 1918, is a Canadian actor who has appeared in many films and TV series but will be forever remembered as Dr. No. He started as a stage actor in various productions, the highlight of all being "Detective Story" in 1949. His performance was noticed and he started making films like the screen version of "Detective Story" in 1951, "Viva Zapata" in 1952, and "Silver Chalice" in 1954. He was also involved with TV, playing the gang boss Manny Weisbord in "Crime Story".
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2 I used to work with Bond. On a mission, I was supposedly killed and over nine years, worked with Janus Organization against him. Who am I?
Answer: Alec Trevelyan

I was 006, but when Bond and I went on a mission, he set bombs. Well, he set the bombs for three minutes instead of six. He thought I was dead when they went off, but I survived, unbeknownst to him. When I worked with Janus Orgaization, my helper was Xenia Onatopp. I was in the movie "Goldeneye".
3 This little fellow was the personal manservant to Francisco Scaramanga from "The Man With The Golden Gun". What was his name?
Answer: Nick Nack

Nick Nack was the loyal manservant to the villain, Scaramanga. He was played by Herve' Villechaize, the same actor who played Tattoo in the first "Fantasy Island" series. Not only did he take care of Scaramanga but he also assisted him in his crimes. Unlike many of the other henchmen, Nick Nack was not killed in the end.
4 In the middle scenes of a popular 1964 film, while firmly strapped to a deadly laser machine, super spy James Bond asks, "Do you expect me to talk?" An unsavory bald-headed man answers, "No, Mr. Bond. I expect you to die!" Which villain is responding to Bond's question?
Answer: Auric Goldfinger

Auric Goldfinger (Gert Frobe) is a criminal who attempts to contaminate the gold supply at Fort Knox. Goldfinger is on the verge of killing James Bond with a laser because Bond has been snooping on Goldfinger's evil actions. Auric Goldfinger utters the "I expect you to die" line and prepares to leave the room. Bond, however, mentions a plot called "Operation Grand Slam", and Goldfinger decides to spare 007's life temporarily, saying "You are worth more to me alive than dead." Dr. No is the villain in a 1962 Bond film; Mayday is a criminal in the 1985 movie "A View to a Kill"; and Tiffany Case appears in the 1971 movie "Diamonds Are Forever".
5 Which of the following villains appears in the film "From Russia With Love"?
Answer: Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the head of SPECTRE, a global criminal organization. He is considered an evil genius with plans of taking over the world through various plots and schemes involving terrorism, extortion, and mass murder. He is often seen with his beloved white Persian cat.
6 Which villain did Donald Pleasance play?
Answer: Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Pleasance portrayed Blofeld in the film "You Only Live Twice". It was also the first film which showed the audience Blofeld's face.
7 Who was responsible for the death of 009 in "Octopussy"?
Answer: Mischka and Grischka

They were the excellent knife throwing twins who were part of Octopussy's circus. During the beginning of the movie, they were seen chasing 009, who was dressed in a clown suit, through the woods as they tried to prevent him from delivering a Fabergé egg to MI6. He was able to deliver the egg shortly before his death.
Question Reference: Quiz: Bond Again.
8 I was an enforcer in the Brussels underworld. I have worked for many drug syndicates across the world. I gave my targets a cold, intimidating stare through my glasses before I struck. Bond viciously kicked the car I was trapped in over the cliff after he shot me in the shoulder. Who am I?
Answer: Emile Leopold Locque

Locque appeared in "For Your Eyes Only" and was played by the late Michael Gothard. Locque used the dove pin that was customary of Milos Columbo, in an attempt to make Bond believe that Columbo was the villain.
Question Reference: Quiz: Bond Villains.
9 Ernst Stavro Blofeld.
Answer: Diamonds Are Forever

He was the one who the "Austin Powers" character Dr. Evil was based on.
10 Dr. No's main distinguishing feature is his artificial:
Answer: Hands

We don't know how Dr. No lost his hands other than that it has something to do with his research into radioactivity.
11 My name is Moore, Roger Moore. I was James Bond in the 1973 film "Live and Let Die". What is the name of the villain in this film?
Answer: Kananga

Yaphet Kotto is Kananga, the dictator of the small Caribbean island of San Monique. His alter ego, Mr. Big, is a heroin drug trafficker. The film was directed by Guy Hamilton and the music score was by George Martin. Jane Seymour played Solitaire, the girl with the ability to foretell the feature using tarot cards. Yaphet Kotto, born in 1939, is an American actor who has taken part in many films, TV films and TV series. His first credited role was in 1964 in "Nothing But a Man", followed by "The Thomas Crown Affair" in 1968 and "5 Card Stud" in the same year. On TV he is well remembered as lieutenant Al Giardello in "Homicide: Life on the Street".
12 I tried to destroy all human life on earth using a poisonous gas, which was inside globes. Bond shot me with a poison dart. Should I also mention that he forced me into outer space? I don't really want to talk about it. Who am I?
Answer: Hugo Drax

My plan failed, of course. U.S. Marines destroyed the space station that contained the poisonous globes. I was in the movie "Moonraker".
13 What was the name of the Indian henchman in "Octopussy" who helped smuggle a nuclear device on a U.S. air force base?
Answer: Gobinda

Gobinda was the silent Indian servant and bodyguard to Kamal Khan. He was played by Kabir Bedi. He was recognized by his intense eyes and the turban he wore on his head. He was very strong, he showed this by crushing a pair of dice with his bare hands. He was killed by Bond when he went on top of the plane. Bond flicked an antenna in his face and he fell to his death. Vijay was Bond's assistant. Mischka was one of the knife throwers in a circus.
14 In the first part of a 1983 James Bond movie, a villain named Kamal Khan says, "Spend the money quickly, Mr. Bond," after losing to 007 at a game of backgammon. Can you identify this movie, which co-stars Maude Adams?
Answer: Octopussy

Kamal Khan (Louis Jourdan) is an exiled Afghan prince living in India who is involved in jewelry smuggling with a mysterious woman named Octopussy (Maude Adams). James Bond travels to India and discovers that Kamal is cheating an opponent in high-stakes backgammon. 007 challenges Khan to finish a game. Naturally, Bond defeats Khan and wins a large sum of money. A furious Khan, exposed as a cheater who uses loaded dice, warns Bond to spend that money quickly. Khan makes it quite clear that he intends to kill Bond. "Live and Let Die" was released in 1973, "The Man With the Golden Gun" appeared in 1974, and "The Spy Who Loved Me" was released in 1977.
15 Which evil villain appears in the film "Moonraker"?
Answer: Hugo Drax

Sir Hugo Drax is an Englishman who made millions post-WWII trading metals. Drax is a Nazi sympathizer who sets the Moonraker missile to target London, which is armed with an atomic bomb.
16 How did Bond defeat Karl Stromberg in "The Spy Who Loved Me"?
Answer: He shot him four times.

After Stromberg tried to kill Bond by launching a grenade at him, Bond retaliated by shooting Stromberg twice through the launcher and twice afterwards in the chest. Stromberg was portrayed by the late Curd Jurgens. Stromberg's plan was to launch nuclear missiles at Moscow and New York City in an attempt to destroy the world and recreate a new one beneath the sea.
17 I was the subject of numerous Nazi experiments during World War II, which gave me supreme intelligence but in turn, made me a psychopath. I then became a French businessman in the microchip market. I planned to destroy the Silicon Valley before Bond interfered. During my fight with Bond on top a famous California bridge, I lost grip and fell into the river. Who am I?
Answer: Max Zorin

Zorin was played by the great Christopher Walken in "A View to A Kill". Critics have praised the character of Zorin, but consider the movie to be one of the worst in the Bond series. David Bowie was actually the producer's first choice for the part.
Question Reference: Quiz: Bond Villains.
18 Francisco Scaramanga.
Answer: The Man with the Golden Gun

The best marksman in the world. Lived all alone on an island with his servant, Nick Nack.
19 The plot in "From Russia With Love" is masterminded by SPECTRE. SPECTRE operative No5 is Kronsteen. At which game does Kronsteen excel when he's not helping international super-criminals take over the world?
Answer: Chess

Kronsteen is described as SPECTRE's Director of Planning. He is killed when his "fool-proof" plot fails.
20 My name is Brosnan, Pierce Brosnan. I was James in the 1997 film "Tomorrow Never Dies" and came upon a newspaper tycoon who wanted world media domination by any means. What is the name of the villain who was portrayed by Jonathan Pryce?
Answer: Elliot Carver

Elliot Carver is ready to start a war between China and the United States as a way of promoting his world-wide television network. Michelle Yeoh plays Wai Lin and Teri Hatcher is Paris Carver. The film was directed by Roger Spottiswoode and the music score was provided by David Arnold. Jonathan Pryce was born in Wales in 1947. He started out as a stage actor before moving into films and television. His first film role came in "Voyage of the Damned" in 1976 and was followed up by "Breaking Glass" and "Loophole" in 1980 and "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" in 2003. His TV appearances include the series "Roger Doesn't Live Here Anymore", "Selling Hitler", "Clone", "Wolf Hall" and "Game of Thrones".
21 My objective was to stage a coup d'etat in Bolivia to gain a piece of land that was rich in rescources. Who am I?
Answer: Dominic Greene

Bond got into my base, the Eco Hotel, and blew it up. As I tried to escape, he stopped me, gave me a can of oil, and left. As I wandered through the Bolivian desert, I was shot by and unknown gunman. I was in the movie "Quantum of Solace".
22 Who was the ugly looking henchman in "Die Another Day"?
Answer: Major Zao

Major Zao, played by Rick Yune, was the military assistant to Colonel Tan-Sun Moon. Both were North Korean. In the beginning, Zao was a handsome fellow but became disfigured. In the opening scene he had diamonds exploded into his face. Then he lost his hair during the gene splicing therapy. He ended up with a white pasty face, piercing blue eyes, and diamonds scarred into his face. He was very extreme looking, which really set the mood for evil.
23 In the beginning of a 1967 James Bond movie, 007 fakes his own death in Hong Kong, in order to have more freedom to investigate a possible plot, by SPECTRE, to cause World War III. After failing to kill James Bond in Hong Kong, which leader of SPECTRE later traps 007 and says, "You only live twice, Mr. Bond."?
Answer: Ernst Blofeld

Ernst Stravo Blofeld is James Bond's arch-enemy in many of the early movies in the spy series. Blofeld is the head of the evil SPECTRE organization. Donald Pleasence plays the role of Blofeld in "You Only Live Twice". Early in the movie, Blofeld seemingly kills James Bond in Hong Kong. Bond, however, is able to escape the assassination attempt. 007 is later captured by Blofeld, and he tells Blofeld, "This is my second life." A perturbed Blofeld utters the "You only live twice" line. 007 eventually thwarts Blofeld's evil scheme on a Japanese island. Emilio Largo is the villain in 1965's "Thunderball", Mr. Big is a criminal in 1973's "Live and Let Die", and Elliot Carver is a bad guy in the 1997 film "Tomorrow Never Dies".
24 Which of the following characters plays a villain in the film "The Man with the Golden Gun"?
Answer: Francisco Scaramanga

Francisco Scaramanga is a Caribbean sharpshooter and has ties with Fidel Castro's secret police. He runs an international drug cartel as well as other criminal activities working alongside the KGB. He is an incredibly accurate marksman using his golden gun, which he prefers only gold bullets.
25 During the film "Thunderball", SPECTRE took possession of two nuclear warheads and demanded a ransom of 100 million British Pounds. Who was the agent who was making the preparations at a clinic near a NATO Airbase?
Answer: Count Lippe

Count Lippe became suspicious of Bond when Bond noticed the strange tattoo on his wrist, so he attempted to kill him on numerous occasions, though he was unsuccessful. He was later killed by Fiona Volpe for his choice of the greedy Angelo to hijack the plane carrying the nuclear bombs.