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Bourne..., The
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1 "I work alone, like you. We always work alone." Which CIA agent reveals that all special operators work alone?
Answer: The Professor

In "The Bourne Identity", Jason Bourne talks to the wounded Professor, who was shot by Jason with a 12 gauge shotgun. Jason asks how many people the Professor brought with him, but he reminds Jason that special operators work alone. Still trying to remember who he is, Jason is given another piece of the puzzle after this conversation.
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Jason claimed that who was dead in a conversation with Alexander Conklin near the end of the movie?

2 The first scene, which took place in Langley, Virginia, was at what government building?
Answer: C.I.A. Headquarters

The movie's first scene occurring in Langley, Virginia took place at the C.I.A. Headquarters where Pam Landy met with members of the C.I.A. to discuss Jason Bourne. Pam mentioned Jason's last visit to Moscow where he visited someone's daughter. Ezra Kramer, the CIA Director, asked Pam if she considered Bourne a threat to the agency and she said yes.
3 Whee in India did the opening scene take place?
Answer: Goa

When the movie opened, Jason awoke from a nightmare and it was revealed he was in Goa, India. He got up and went to the bathroom and shortly after that Marie awoke to check on him. He told her he was okay but that he had a headache. Marie noticed that Jason was burning up.
4 The opening scene took place on a boat sailing in what sea?
Answer: The Mediterranean Sea

The movie began during a major storm out at sea and the location was mentioned as being in the Mediterranean Sea just 60 miles south of Marseilles. Several men were seen playing cards on a boat when one gentleman stepped outside and noticed Jason Bourne's body in the water. He asked his colleagues to help him bring the person onto the boat.
5 In Waterloo Station, what is the billboard advertising when Jason spots Paz hiding inside of it?
Answer: MasterCard

"Bourne, I can see the entrance from here. If I go now, I can make it." -Simon Ross to Jason

One day while Jason is reading the newspaper, he finds an article written about him by a London reporter named Simon Ross. Curious about this man, Jason goes to London and tells Ross to meet him at Waterloo Station, where they learn that the CIA is after Ross as well. Using his brilliant mind and skill, Jason guides Ross through the station until they are cornered by a group of CIA agents in the back of one of the stores. Jason manages to knock them all out, but not before being spotted on a surveillance camera. Paz, a new CIA assassin from the Blackbriar program, is sent after Jason and Ross and uses a moving billboard for cover to set up his rifle. Jason notices all the CCTV cameras moving away from the area around the billboard and the door where Ross is still hiding. He knows something is wrong, but Ross fails to listen to him and gets shot.

The MasterCard logo is visible in the upper right hand corner of the billboard right after Jason can see Paz. You'll see it when the billboard is an orange-gold color.
6 Which name is below Jason's on the call buttons outside his apartment in Paris?
Answer: Le Van Ra

"I guess you're not home." -Marie to Jason

After getting shot twice and waking up with amnesia, CIA assassin Jason Bourne travels to a bank in Zürich where, according to a laser chip embedded in his hip, has an account. Upon arrival, he finds his safety deposit box full of thousands of dollars in different European currency, a gun, and several fake passports. After a brief visit to the U.S. Embassy, he meets Marie Kreutz, and pays her to drive him to his house in Paris.

This name is visible when Jason and Marie are standing outside his apartment building in Paris, pressing the call button. But then, finding out that John Michael Kane is dead and then almost getting killed by an assassin... not really home sweet home, huh?
7 In which of the following cities do we see Jason Bourne, at the beginning of this film?
Answer: Moscow

We see Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) in Moscow, as a continuation of the previous film in this series. "The reason Bourne went to Moscow was to see the daughter of his first target." Pamela Landy says this to the CIA team as they speculate on Jason Bourne's motives.
8 Near the beginning of the movie in India, Kirill goes into the telegraph office to inquire as to the whereabouts of Jason Bourne. What is the name of the clerk?
Answer: Mohan Asvekar

"He's my friend. There's been a death in the family, and I wonder if you've seen him." -Kirill to Mohan

Kirill is a Russian assassin working for Yuri Gretkov, a traitor highly involved in oil trade around the Black Sea. Yuri stole millions of dollars from the CIA, and is working with a mole inside the agency. He knows that Jason will find out about him sooner or later, and sends Kirill to India to kill Jason. When Jason and Marie attempt to escape, Marie ends up getting shot. Enraged, Jason begins his mission to find out who's after him.

Mohan is the man who works in the telegraph office, and he is only seen for a brief moment when he asks Kirill how he can help him. His name is written on a black nameplate on the edge of the telegraph counter.
9 Where in India does Marie meet her untimely end?
Answer: Goa

Jason and Marie have fled to Goa, India in a futile attempt to run from Jason's past, however, an assassin bent on bringing Bourne down tracks Jason and Marie to the small Indian state where ultimately, his bullet strikes(or comes very close to) Marie and not Jason. The vehicle in which Jason and Marie are in then crashes into a river, where Jason is unable to save his true love.
10 "You never made a mistake before." Who delivers this line to his colleague?
Answer: Abbott

Ward Abbott tells this to Conklin in "The Bourne Identity". Jason is, to them, out of control, and they are doing whatever possible to get Jason under control and keep the Treadstone program under wraps. Both Abbott and Conklin know that if the Treadstone program is revealed to the entire CIA, they will be finished and will face a heavy penalty.
11 During a phone conversation with Pam Landy, Jason heard that he had another name. What was it?
Answer: David Webb

Midway through the movie, Jason was in New York City when he telephoned Pam Landy. Pam mentioned to Jason that she knew his real name was actually David Webb and his birth date was 4-15-71 (15th April 1971).
12 When Jason first spoke with Marie, he told her he would pay her $10,000 to drive him to which city?
Answer: Paris

Jason was at a bank when he saw a woman arguing with a representative there about needing money. When he spoke with her, he said he would give her $10,000 just to drive him to Paris. She thought Jason was joking until he flashed her the money. Once she got him to Paris, he would give her another $10,000.
13 At the beginning of the movie, when Jason is running through Moscow, the police dispatcher informs officers that the suspect from the tunnel chase is heading away from which train station?
Answer: Kievsky

"Bourne's last confirmed location was Moscow, six weeks ago." -Ezra Kramer to Pam Landy

"The Bourne Ultimatum" picks up about ten minutes after "Supremacy" left off. Jason is still in Moscow, now with the police after him. He leads them to a train station and onto a train, but jumps off to buy some time while they're still aboard. He then spots a medical clinic and goes inside to treat his gunshot wound, from when Kirill shot him earlier in the storyline. When two police officers find him there, he has mercy on them and tells one that they're not the ones that he's fighting with. After that, he escapes and we don't know what happens until he travels to London six weeks later.

Did you know that this Moscow scene was actually filmed in Berlin? It was too cold in Moscow and the camera film would have frozen inside the cameras. These train stations are all real and are four of eight major stations in Moscow today. The dispatcher says that Jason is "heading away from Kievsky train station."
14 Which country is Gilberto de Piento, one of Jason's false identities, from?
Answer: Brazil

"Who has a bank account full of money and six passports and a gun?" -Jason to Marie

After struggling to remember who he is, Jason is relieved to find his own passport in the deposit box and learn that his name is Jason Bourne. Then he finds more passports hidden in the bottom, along with a gun, and begins to wonder again who he really is.

Gilberto de Piento is just one of Jason's many fake identities. When Jason is at the bank in Zürich, he pulls out the Gilberto de Piento passport and it clearly says "Brazil" (in the Portuguese form).
15 What is the name of the reporter targeted by the CIA for investigation?
Answer: Simon Ross

Simon Ross is a reporter and security correspondent for "The Guardian" (a London newspaper). He has written an article about Jason Bourne, with the assistance of a covert source. Ross becomes the target of CIA scrutiny when a sensitive keyword is heard in one of his telephone conversations.
16 A car chase involving Bourne and the Russian assassin, Kirill occurs in two different cities. The first is the small Indian city where the movie began. Where was the second?
Answer: Moscow, Russia

The car chase between Bourne and Kirill while in Moscow was much better then previous Bourne chases (which were in such varied locations as Gao, India and Paris, France). The chase ends when Kirill's vehicle smashes into a wall, leaving him dead.
17 What is Jason's account number at the bank?
Answer: 000-7-17-12-0-14-26

You first see his account number with the laser pointer taken from his hip while on the boat.
18 Character 1: He's making his first mistake. Character 2: It's not a mistake. They don't make mistakes. They don't do random. There's always an objective. A target. Character 3: The objectives and targets always came from us. Who's giving them to him now? Character 2: Scary version? He is. Which three characters have this intense conversation?
Answer: Nicky, Cronin, Landy

While tracking Jason in "The Bourne Supremacy", Landy's assistant, Tom Cronin, thinks Jason is making his first mistake. Nicky clarifies to Cronin that he is wrong, and that special operators don't make mistakes. Landy then is wondering who his targets are and who delivers the orders. Nicky then delivers this shocking revelation, having encountered Bourne before, he knows why he is doing what he is. Still with a clouded memory, Bourne is not able to recollect much, resulting in Bourne himself giving him his own targets.
19 Who was the reporter in London who the C.I.A. tracked?
Answer: Simon Ross

Simon Ross, a reporter working for "The Guardian" newspaper in London, investigated a story regarding Blackbriar and Jason Bourne's involvement with them. Noah Vosen was seen at a C.I.A. Anti-Terrorism unit in New York City briefing people there on Simon. He asked that they keep track of Simon's apartment, phone, car, credit cards, bank account and other relevant information.
20 In one scene, Pam Landy mentioned $20 million of C.I.A. funds which disappeared during a wire transfer through what city?
Answer: Moscow

Pam spoke with someone about an event seven years ago which saw the disappearance of $20 million from C.I.A. funds while it was wire transferred through Moscow. She mentioned an investigation which followed and how a Russian politician named Vladimir Neski contacted her team. Neski said there was a leak and that Pam's team had been ripped off.
21 When Jason first rode in a car with Marie, he complained about having what ailment?
Answer: Headache

Jason listened to Marie talk about her life and then she mentioned how nervous she was feeling. That was when Jason commented that he liked hearing her talk but she mentioned they were not having a conversation as only she was speaking. Jason then informed her he had a headache.
22 Gilberto de Piento's birthday is on which holiday?
Answer: Valentine's Day

"It's an early Treadstone identity registered to Jason Bourne, but he never used it, and it never went to the grid." -Tom Cronin to Pam Landy

Jason knows that Pam Landy is trying to communicate with him, and travels to New York using his Brazilian passport. When it comes up on the CIA computers, Tom and Pam believe that Jason is sending them a message, letting them know that he's still alive and there in the city.

Although this doesn't have much to do with the movie, it's still an interesting piece of information. The birthday is visible when Pam comes into Tom's office and he shows her the passport information on his computer. We see it when the camera zooms in on the passport.
23 On what street in Paris does Jason live on, according to his passport?
Answer: Rue du Jardin

"Yes, in Paris. Do you have the number for a Jason Bourne?" -Jason on the phone

Jason learns a lot about himself during his trip to the bank, and then is able to convince Marie to drive him to Paris for $20,000. She's not so sure what she's getting herself into, but agrees to help him anyway.

The street name is briefly visible on a close-up shot of his passport as he examines it in the bank.
24 What is the keyword used by the reporter that is detected by the ECHELON system?
Answer: Blackbriar

The reporter mentions the name of a covert operation called Blackbriar, in a phone conversation with his newspaper. It is later determined that Blackbriar is an upgrade of operation Treadstone.
25 What Russian agency does Kirill work for?
Answer: FSB

"I'm secret service! I'm secret service!" -Kirill to police officers

When the chase across Europe leads Jason to Moscow, Kirill is on his home turf and it's easier for him to find Jason. Driving in his agency vehicle, he spots Jason walking down a sidewalk and pulls to the side of the road so he can shoot him. When the Moscow police see him with a gun, they detain him and look at his ID. This miscommunication gives Jason just enough time to get out of sight before they let Kirill go after him again.

During the moment when Kirill is shouting to the police that he is actually secret service, he is saying "FSB" with a Russian accent. Later during the car chase, one of the pursuing police officers calls in on his radio for "FSB assistance", according to the subtitles, and it sounds exactly the same as what Kirill was saying earlier.