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30 Hello Dolly! Trivia Questions & Answers

Hello Dolly!
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1 What is the name of the head waiter at the restaurant?
Answer: Rudy

Dolly told Cornelius and Barnaby to tell Rudy that Dolly's coming back. He's the first person Dolly sings about in "Hello Dolly!"
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Who wants to marry Ermengarde?

2 What town does Mr. Vandergelder live in?
Answer: Yonkers

Mr. Vandergelder lives in Yonkers with his niece Ermengarde. They live above his feed and hay store, Vandergelder's.
3 This musical version of "Hello Dolly" is a remake of what movie, starring Shirley Booth and Paul Ford?
Answer: The Matchmaker

Made in 1958, this black and white movie was based on a play by Thornton Wilder.
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4 Who is the band conductor at the restaurant?
Answer: Louis Armstrong

Louis joins Dolly in the song "Hello Dolly!"
5 What is Mrs. Dolly Levi's profession?
Answer: Matchmaker

Mrs. Dolly Levi is a fast talking widow who deals with matchmaking in particular.
6 Who directed "Hello Dolly"?
Answer: Gene Kelly

Who better to direct a great musical than the beloved and talented Gene Kelly?
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
7 What does Dolly have when she's at dinner with Horace?
Answer: Turkey with all the usual

She told the waiter (Rudy) to take back the chicken because she just couldn't face one and to bring her a turkey with all the usual.
8 Who wants to marry Ermengarde?
Answer: Ambrose Kemper

Horace Vandergelder won't let them get married because Ambrose is an artist and he only wants the best for his niece.
9 Horace Vandergelder is referred to as what?
Answer: Half a millionaire

When Dolly is on her way to see Horace, she describes him as 'that well-known half a millionaire'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
10 Who does Horace see dancing in the polka contest?
Answer: All of them

He spots Ermengarde and Ambrose then a huge fight starts and he sees the other four.
11 Who is Horace going to propose to in New York?
Answer: Irene Molloy

Horace comes to propose but never gets it out because (through Dolly's meddling) Cornelius and Barnaby (his clerks at his store) are there and Horace believes that Irene is dating one of them.
12 What does Dolly tell Horace he can whisper while he's waving his hand?
Answer: So Long Dearie

She tells him to "wave his little hand and whisper so long dearie" (as she sings in her "Good-bye Song")after he ignores and insults her at dinner.
13 How old is Cornelius Hackl?
Answer: 28 and three quarters

Cornelius tells Barnaby that 'I'm 28 and three quarters and I haven't had an evening free.'
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
14 Dolly sings a song about not wanting what, to pass her by?
Answer: Parade

Dolly is referring that she better get busy making Horace realize that he loves her before it's to late (hence the title "Before the Parade Passes By").
15 Cornelius and Barnaby go to New York to meet whom?
Answer: Irene Molloy and Minnie Fay

Dolly arranges for Horace to meet with Irene Molloy, and then sends Cornelius and Barnaby instead, so she can match herself to Horace.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
16 What do Cornelius and Barnaby have to do before they leave New York?
Answer: All of them

They do all of these things. They spend every nickel they have. They almost get thrown in jail by Miss Irene because of them hiding in her store. Cornelius kisses Irene and Barnaby kisses Minnie Fay.
17 In what resturant do the principal actors end up?
Answer: Harmonia Gardens

The Harmonia Gardens is where the title song "Hello Dolly" takes place.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
18 What does everyone come to get from Horace Vandergelder when they get back from New York?
Answer: Money

Everyone wants their savings that Horace was keeping in his safe. Cornelius and Barnaby want theirs to buy the store across the street, and Ermengarde wants hers so she and Ambrose can use it.
19 What's the name of the "heiress" Dolly sets Horace up with?
Answer: Ernestina Simple

Dolly used this to distract Horace from marrying Miss Molloy because she knew he could rather marry someone rich and famous (Ernestina was supposedly a rich heiress).
20 How do Cornelius and Barnaby close down the Hay and Feed Store so they can go to New York?
Answer: explode cans of chicken mash

Cornelius and Barnaby put lighted candles under the cans of chicken mash. When the cans heated, they exploded and "would cause such a stink it would keep customers out for 24 hours."
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
21 Who is this heiress really?
Answer: Gussie Granger

Dolly asked Gussie right after she was done telling Horace about the date. Dolly knew Gussie would act terrible so she could come in and take Mr. Vandergelder.
22 Horace's niece wants to marry Ambrose Kemper, played by what actor?
Answer: Tommy Tune

What was so unusual about the couple was Ambrose was at least two feet taller than Ermengarde, which made it very funny to watch them dance together.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.
23 What's the sign Dolly's been waiting for from her late husband Efrem Levi.
Answer: The Forest Green Shutters

She says toward the beginning that if Horace had any sense he'd paint the shutters green (this was said after Horace left for New York); so when Horace says that he's having the shutters done in green it's the sign Dolly's been waiting for to go and marry him.
24 What did Cornelius and Barnaby tell Irene and Minnie was the fashionable way to get where they are going?
Answer: Walking

Cornelius and Barnaby were broke so they wanted to spend as little money as possible and what's cheaper than walking?
25 In the parade sequence, Horace is marching with what group?
Answer: The Knights of Columbus

This is the great sequence where Dolly sings "Before the Parade Passes By".
Question Reference: Quiz: Hello Dolly.