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39 Hide and Seek Trivia Questions & Answers

Hide and Seek
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1 What is David and Emily's last name?
Answer: Callaway

When Emily and David are first moving into their new house, David introduces himself as "David Callaway." This is only one of few times that their last name is mentioned in the film. Most of the movie is in-house action, where they all know each other's last names.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
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Who said "Some things are beyond therapy"?

2 Who said "Some things are beyond therapy"?
Answer: Alison

Alison - played by Amy Irving - said this to David before she went to take a bath and "supposedly" committed suicide. It seems she was troubled with something...perhaps David when he asked her a question.
3 How old is Emily?
Answer: 9

Emily is a 9-year-old girl, who has lost her mother at a young age. She soon comes up with an unusual, unexpected and ultimately terrifying way of dealing with her mother's death. We know that she is 9, because this is what her father tells the neighbour.
4 Which character is played by Dakota Fanning?
Answer: Emily

Emily is a little girl who has a friend who no-one thinks exists.
Nobody thinks that Charlie exists because Emily is already upset about her mother's death, and her reactions could be a result of that.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
5 In the beginning of the film, you see Emily's mother trying to find her in her bedroom. What colour is the lamp on her bedside table?
Answer: Purple

You can clearly see this to the right of the screen as her mother is playing hide and seek with her. The mother eventually finds Emily hiding under her duvet in bed.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide And Seek.
6 "It's going to be a real treat having both of you here" was said by whom?
Answer: Laura

Laura spoke these words when she welcomed David and Emily to the quiet neighborhood and gifted them with preserves. They thanked her afterwards and returned her greeting. Laura was played by Melissa Leo.
7 What is the name of Emily's imaginary friend?
Answer: Charlie

We find out his name when Emily says, "I have a new friend. His name is Charlie." Emily's father soon realizes that Charlie isn't just make believe, when Charlie becomes a "murderer".
8 Finish the sentence. "Do you like her______________?"
Answer: Daddy

Emily is talking about Elizabeth, who her father invited around for dinner. Emily is talking about Elizabeth liking her dad. Since Emily knows that Charlie doesn't want her father to have any friends, Emily knows that anyone who gets in the way will be killed.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
9 Where does David cut Steven (their next door neighbour) when he comes over to find out what's going on?
Answer: Hand

When David finds their cat killed in the bath, he goes out to bury it. As he comes back he sees Steven lingering around, wanting to know if eveything's alright. David assumes Steven killed the cat and slashes his hand with a knife.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide And Seek.
10 "It's not unusual for a traumatized child to create an imaginary friend." Who made this statement? Who said this quote?
Answer: Katherine

Katherine, David's former psychology student, said this when David told her that Emily had a new friend, whom she met when she ventured to a cave. David thought the friend, Charlie, was imaginary. Katherine was played by Famke Janssen.
11 When David has flashbacks, where does he see him and his wife?
Answer: A New Years Eve party

David has flashes of him and his wife at a New Year's Eve Party every morning at 2:06 AM. Later, we find out that his wife was having an affair with another man. That may have been what drove Charlie to kill her.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
12 What is the name of the song the trinket box plays?
Answer: Hush Little Baby

Emily's little trinket box is given to her by Katherine as they are leaving the city, as a way of helping her cope with her troubles. As you see it open, a ballerina pops up and "Hush Little Baby" is played. "Hush Little Baby" is a British lullaby. It's a folk song designed to help children calm and fall asleep.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide And Seek.
13 What character spoke these words "Is your daughter this crazy"?
Answer: Elizabeth

David met Elizabeth, who was much younger than he was, at a gas station and saw her playing with her niece at a playground nearby. He asked them to come over for a playdate. Elizabeth's niece seemed very hyperactive, hence the "crazy" query. Elizabeth was played by Elisbaeth Shue.
14 How did Elizabeth, the new woman in David's life, die?
Answer: Fell from a window

She was looking for Charlie in the wardrobe of Emily's bedroom, and then was seen being pushed from the window.
15 Who is Charlie?
Answer: Emily's dad

Charlie killed Emily's mother and Elizabeth. Emily's dad didn't know anything about this and thought that it was Emily behind all of the murders.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
16 Who does everyone but Emily think Charlie is?
Answer: Emily's imaginary friend

Everyone is sure that Emily is just making Charlie up, but in reality, Charlie is David's split personality. Emily knows better because Charlie is her father, and he loves to play hide and seek with her.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
17 Which actress is it that plays Katherine?
Answer: Famke Janssen

Famke Janssen plays the family friend and psychologist, Katherine. Famke is also well-known for her role as Jean Grey in the "X-Men" trilogy.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide And Seek.
18 Who asked "Is Emily alright"?
Answer: Steven

Steven was the next door neighbor who was married to Laura. Earlier in the film he was seen playing hopscotch with Emily, which David thought was very suspicious. In this scene, David was outside in the rain looking for Charlie, while Emily was safe inside when Steven came over to check on them. Steven was played by Robert John Burke.
19 When David had his recurring dream he always woke up at the same time. What time was this?
Answer: 2:06 a.m.

He always awoke at 2:06 a.m. We see this on his bedside clock. The significance of the time is that this is the time he discovered his dead wife. In the dream, he sees his late wife dancing with another man.
20 Why did Charlie kill Emily's mother?
Answer: Emily's mother was having an affair.

Emily's mother was having an affair and the father found out.
He went crazy after this and created an evil side to himself named Charlie. It was Charlie who killed the mother.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
21 When Amy comes over to play with Emily, how is Emily's hair?
Answer: In pigtails

Amy is dropped off by Elizabeth to have a play date with Emily. Emily is wearing a striped, long sleeve knee-length sweater and jeans. Her dark hair is pulled into two low ponytails on the sides of her head. Amy instantly flees from the house when she sees Emily deform her doll's face. I bet they won't be having another play date anytime soon!
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
22 What does the first bit of writing say, around the bath?
Answer: You Let Her Die

We first see the words "You Let Her Die", written around the bath in blood. This is a chilling twist to the story, because it must mean someone in the house is doing it, if all the doors are locked, which they should be at night. We later find out it's David that's possessed by Charlie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide And Seek.
23 Where did David go everytime he awoke at this time?
Answer: bathroom

He went into the bathroom, to find something different, but equally disgusting every time. Most times, there would be writing on the walls.
24 Who saves Emily at the end of the film?
Answer: Katherine

Katherine (Famke Jannsen) saves Emily's life. Emily previously phoned her up crying because Charlie was after her. This is what made Katherine come to the house. She saved the little girl who she really likes. It ends up that Katherine goes to the cave and eventually shoots Charlie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.
25 Charlie says, "I sense a little ____ between us." What goes in the blank?
Answer: Tension

Charlie says this to Emily when Emily is trying to flee from him. Charlie's creepy voice fills the house and makes Emily start on her journey to the cave to run away from Charlie.
Question Reference: Quiz: Hide and Seek.