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54 The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trivia Questions & Answers

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, The
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1 Who claimed, "I had no reason to believe that Mac was a spy."?
Answer: Indiana Jones

At the beginning of the movie Indiana Jones was kidnapped by Russians (who were dressed like Americans) and taken to an American facility where he was confronted by Dr. Irina Spalko. He was also there with his friend Mac and the two of them were seen in a trunk. Mac would a little bit later reveal he was actually a spy for the Soviets.
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Who explained that the mummified conquistador had been "...wrapped for 500 years...air doesn't agree with him."?

2 Indiana and Marion fall into a sand pit and are sinking fast. When asked if they've fallen into quicksand, how does Indy respond?
Answer: He talks about the differences between quicksand and the sand they are sinking in.

Always the teacher, Indy can't resist the impulse to instruct. He points out that quicksand is wet and the sand they are sinking in is dry. He comments about how dry sand might be even more dangerous because you are fighting a vacuum in dry sand. He then gives Marion instructions on what to do when 'the kid' returns, and she picks that moment to tell him that 'the kid' is really his son.
3 The first thing we see, when the movie opens, is a groundhog, poking his head out from his burrow. He disappears, frightened away by kids, racing their car in and out of a line of army vehicles, trying to get them to drag race. What song is playing at the time?
Answer: Hound Dog

Written by Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, "Hound Dog" was released in 1952 by Big Mama Thornton. The version heard in the movie is the more popularly known rendition, by Elvis Presley, that was released in 1956. Presley's version charted at number 19 in Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of all time.
The army vehicles (one of which does indulge the kids briefly in a race) are the Russians in disguise, about to shoot their way into Hanger 51.
4 When asked if he had any last words, who offered up the patriotic "I like Ike."?
Answer: Indiana Jones

Believing him no longer useful, the Russians obviously intended to kill Indiana. Taunting him before the deed was done, Colonel Spalko asked him if he had any "defiant last words". His reply of "I like Ike.", referring to the American president at the time, was defiant indeed. It made it obvious that he was a loyal American, against the Communist threat that Russia represented at the height of the Cold War, which was going on at the time the film was set.
Indiana was played by the incomparable Harrison Ford.
5 In the beginning of the movie, Indiana Jones is forced to lead a group of Soviet soldiers to a U.S. military base called Hanger 51 in search of a crate. What does the crate contain?
Answer: Remains of an extra-terrestrial creature

The extra-terrestrial had crashed in Roswell, New Mexico 10 years earlier. Indy himself was unaware of the exact contents of the crate as is shown later in the movie.
6 Who said, "A leave of absence is all."?
Answer: Charles Stanforth

Indiana Jones was seen teaching a class at a university when Charles Stanforth, a Dean, interrupted the class to talk to him. He stated that the head of the university decided to place Indy on a leave of absence, as he was embroiled in issues with the FBI and because of his ties to Mac, who was allied with the Soviets. Charles said the leave of absence was being enacted so he could avoid being fired.
7 When Mutt returns to the sand pit where Indy and Marion are trapped, he has brought something to help pull Indy and his mom out of the sand. What is it?
Answer: a snake

After pulling his mother to safety with the snake, it's Indy's turn to pull himself out. But as any good fan knows, Indy is frightened of snakes. Mutt assures him that it's a harmless Rat Snake but Indy argues that Rat Snakes don't grow that big and asks Mutt to get something else. Finally Indy does grab the snake and allow himself to be pulled out, but only after Mutt calls it a rope instead of a snake.
8 Having escaped, but still being pursued by the Russians, Indy finds himself in a quaint little town. He runs up to a house, pounds on the door and enters. What does he find inside the house?
Answer: a family of mannequins, arranged as if they were watching TV

Indy realizes that the entire town is made up of mannequins, as he knocks over the fake paper boy and bumps into a plastic girl with a ball. What he has stumbled into is the imminent test firing of an atomic bomb, a fact he realizes when he hears the warning siren. He hides himself in a lead lined refrigerator, which is thrown clear by the force of the blast. The Russians, who had been pursuing him in a car until the siren went off, are unable to outrun the blast and are consumed by the explosion.
9 Who observed that they had "...reached the age when life stops giving us things and starts taking them away."?
Answer: Dean Stanforth

After being placed on leave by the university, because of his association with Mac, who turned out to working with the Russians, Indy was pretty upset. He commented to his friend, Dean Stanforth, that it had been a hard year, with both his father and Marcus Brody having passed away. Stanforth replied with the above philosophical comment about life. This was one of a number of comments made to emphasize the fact that this was an older, wiser Indiana. With 19 years between this movie and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", dialogue such as this was inserted to bring the viewer up to speed on what has happened with Indy in the intervening years.
Dean Stanforth was played by Jim Broadbent.
10 Which actress played the role of the Soviet Colonel, Doctor Irina Spalko?
Answer: Cate Blanchett

Her look and mannerisms are modeled on the character of Colonel Rosa Klebb in the Bond film 'From Russia with Love'.
Cate won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2007 for her role as Jude Quinn in 'I'm Not There'.
11 Who admitted, "Oxley said he found it this time."?
Answer: Mutt Williams

Indy was riding on a train when Mutt Williams rode on his motorcycle beside the train, so he could speak to Indy. He asked Indy if he knew of someone named Dr. Oxley. Indiana said he did and therefore asked to be let off the train so he and Mutt could talk. During their conversation, Mutt mentioned to Indy that Oxley claimed he found a famed crystal skull in Peru.
12 Indy and Marion argue about why she never told him about their son. He accuses her of marrying someone else and she asks if there hadn't been other women in his life. What does Marion do when Indy implies that none of them were good enough because they weren't her?
Answer: She smiles.

Indy's exact line is "They all had the same problem...they weren't you honey." Marion's smile is so beautiful that she doesn't need to say a word. She is obviously still in love with Indy and pleased that he still seems to be carrying a torch for her.
13 What happens to Indy when he returns to the university?
Answer: He is placed on an indefinite leave, with pay.

Because of his association with Mac, who has turned out to be a double agent, Indy is viewed suspiciously by the intelligence community. The FBI have ransacked his office and the university wants to fire him. His friend, Dean Stanforth, has talked them into making it an indefinite leave, with pay, but has had to resign his position to obtain that concession.
14 "You want to be a good gotta get out of the library." Who offered this sage advice?
Answer: Indiana Jones

Riding a motorcycle with Indy perched on the back and pursued by a car full of Russians, Mutt took a detour through the library, where the Russians couldn't follow. Some of Indy's students, bent over research books, looked up in astonishment, so Indy delivered this advice. This comical remark was a reference to previous "Indiana Jones" movies, where Indy was heard telling his students that the bulk of all archeology was conducted in a library and that "X never marks the spot". These teachings, of course, were contradictory to Indiana's actual experiences in the field.
15 After Indy escapes from the Soviets, he accidentally reaches a nuclear test town. How does he manage to escape the blast?
Answer: He hides in a refrigerator.

Indy tries to flag down a U.S. military car when the blast is announced but is unsuccessful, however he managed to find a lead lined refrigerator in one of the houses and survives the blast by hiding in it.
16 Who demanded, "Put down gun."?
Answer: Dovchenko

In the opening scene Indiana Jones was taken captive by a bunch of Soviet agents and they were ready to kill him. When Irina asked Indy if he had any last words, he simply stated that he liked Ike (this was in reference to President Dwight "Ike" Eisenhower who was President during the film's timeline). Dovchenko then advised Indy to drop his weapon, which Indy did.
17 Who gets into a sword fight with Irina Spalko?
Answer: Mutt Williams

Col. Spalko's fascination with swords is evident throughout the movie, as she always has one nearby and usually has one strapped to her hip (although she's not adverse to using a gun when the situation warrants). After Indy tells Mutt to find something to fight with, he finds the box with some of her swords, selects one and the fight is on. They are both standing on moving vehicles while this is happening, and possession of the skull is passed back and forth a few times before the fight is over.
18 Shia LaBeouf plays Mutt Williams, whom we later find out is Indy's son. How does Mutt make his entrance in the movie?
Answer: on a motorcycle, at the train station

Looking very much like the late, great James Dean, Mutt emerges, on his motorcycle, from a blast of steam. He rides beside the train that Indy is sitting in, as it is slowly pulling out of the station, talking to Indy through the train window. Indy cautions him that he's going to run out of platform, but Mutt says some things that pique Indy's interest and he manages to get off the train (we do not see how).
19 In a tone laden with incredulity, who asked "You're a teacher?"
Answer: Mutt Williams

Searching for the entrance to the burial chamber, Mutt and Indy were set upon by natives with blow darts. Indy cautioned Mutt that the darts were poisonous, but Mutt was unable to get out of the line of fire. Just as one native was prepared to blow a dart at Mutt, Indy rose up and blew into the other end of the dart gun, causing the attacker to swallow his own poisonous dart. Obviously shaken, Mutt made the above comment, indicating his shock that someone who spent his time in a classroom could be so useful in a fight. Mutt had already established the fact that he didn't have much use for education. Indy's amusing reply to this was "Part time."
Mutt was played by Shia La Beouf.
20 Who said, "Nah, I just lied about being a double."?
Answer: George "Mac" McHale

During the scenes where Indy and his friend Mac were held hostage, Mac turned his coat on Indy and showed his allegiance to the Soviets. Indy mentioned to Mac how he could not believe what he was doing, so he sarcastically asked Mac if he was a triple agent. Mac responded that he'd lied about being a double agent, as he always sided with the Soviets even when supporting Indy in fighting them.
21 After the jeep goes over the third waterfall and everyone makes it to land, what is Marion holding?
Answer: the steering wheel from the jeep

Throughout the difficult journey down rivers and over three waterfalls ("it drops three times"), Marion valiantly clutches the wheel of the jeep and tries to steer it safely through. Holding together through the first two drops, the jeep breaks apart on the third drop, but Marion does not give up her grip on the steering wheel.
22 Indy and Mutt go to a restaurant, filled with teenagers, to talk. What disgusting thing does Mutt do while there?
Answer: He dips his comb into a stranger's drink, and then combs his hair.

Mutt combs his slick-backed hair at various points in the film, often when nervous. This time, however, he reaches over and dips his comb into the drink of a guy at a neighbouring table. Before the guy really has a chance to react (although he does look disgusted), Indy sees Russians enter the restaurant and encourages Mutt to start a fight so that they can escape in the resultant confusion.
23 Who explained that the mummified conquistador had been "...wrapped for 500 years...air doesn't agree with him."?
Answer: Indiana Jones

Indian and Mutt found the burial chamber of the Conquistador Orellana and his party, who had gone missing in the 1500s, when seeking the mythical city of gold, El Dorado. Indy cut open the wrapping around one of the bodies, revealing a mummified man underneath. Within seconds the mummy aged and turned to dust, totally freaking out Mutt. Indy offered this explanation to Mutt, as to why that had happened.
It was in this tomb that they found the crystal skull that Ox had hidden there.
24 Due to the FBI investigation against him, Jones was forced to take a leave of absence from the college he was teaching at. While he is leaving by train, he's stopped by Mutt Williams who claims to have been sent by Indy's old friend Professor Oxley. According to, which yesteryear actor does Williams' character pay tribute to?
Answer: Marlon Brando

25 Who said, "She says he was obsessed, deranged."?
Answer: Indiana Jones

Indy and Mutt went to a place where they believed they could get clues on where to track down Professor Oxley. Indy spoke to a nun in a foreign language and relayed back to Mutt in English what she was saying. He mentioned to Mutt that the nun stated her opinion that Dr. Oxley was an obsessed individual.