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28 Pleasantville Trivia Questions & Answers

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1 In what year is the movie "Pleasantville" set?
Answer: 1958

The year is shown on a calendar in the cafe.
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What time does the actual Pleasantville contest start?

2 What time does the actual Pleasantville contest start?
Answer: 12:00

David says that the marathon starts at 6:30, but the contest doesn't start until noon the next day.
3 Who plays the role of the TV repairman in the movie?
Answer: Don Knotts

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4 Tobey Maguire plays Bud and which other character?
Answer: David

Mentioned several times throughout the movie, usually by his sister.
5 What is unique about the TV Time station?
Answer: It only shows programs that are in black and white.

This is revealed during the first few seconds of the film.
6 What was David's name when he got into the TV (along with his sister)?
Answer: Bud

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7 How many apples are there on the teacher's desk during the Geography lesson?
Answer: 9

Any time the teacher speaks, the apples can be seen at the bottom of the screen.
8 Which of the following is *not* one of Mary Sue's friends in Pleasantville?
Answer: Judy Lee

Yes, those were the VERY excited girls throughout the ENTIRE movie.
9 What was Jennifer's name when she got into the TV with her brother David?
Answer: Mary Sue

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10 What are the differences between Elm Street and Main Street?
Answer: Elm Street only has houses and is shorter

Tommy says that Elm Street isn't as long and the teacher says it only has houses.
11 Mr. Johnson says that he waits for what holiday all year long just so that he can paint on his restaurant's windows?
Answer: Christmas

He tells this to Bud.
12 Who took Jennifer out on a car date in the movie?
Answer: Skip

Question Reference: Quiz: Pleasantville.
13 What type of dog rides in the fire engine, when the tree bursts into flames?
Answer: Dalmatian

As the fire engine speeds out of the station, the dog can be seen on the left hand side of the screen.
14 What is the first color change that Betty notices?
Answer: color on playing cards

While playing cards, she gets a hand that has all hearts - red!
15 What was the name of the guy who liked to paint?
Answer: Bill

His name is Bill and he owns a diner.
Question Reference: Quiz: Pleasantville.
16 What is the name of the art book given to Mr. Johnson?
Answer: The World of Art

Bud gave this to Mr. Johnson after learning that he loves painting and art.
17 What does Bud give to Margaret as a gift?
Answer: an umbrella

The umbrella was later "banned" in the Codes of Conduct.
18 Margaret gave David some cookies but WHO were they originally for?
Answer: Whitey

In one episode, Margaret gives Whitey cookies.
Question Reference: Quiz: Pleasantville.
19 What does George bring to Bud while he is in jail?
Answer: olives

It was the only thing that he could find. George couldn't cook anything.
20 What book was Jennifer reading when she was studying?
Answer: Lady Chatterley's Lover

Question Reference: Quiz: Pleasantville.
21 What prop from the school play, does Bud give Margaret?
Answer: red umbrella

It is given to her after it rains for the first time.
22 Of the choices below, what is the last thing we see Jennifer doing?
Answer: reading

She is reading to somebody. This is shown after David travels back to the present time.
23 Who was Mrs. Parker in love with?
Answer: Bill

She was in love with Bill and they eventually had an affair.
Question Reference: Quiz: Pleasantville.
24 When David returns home, how much time was lost during the entire trip to Pleasantville?
Answer: 1 hour

When he gets back, the marathon has just completed one hour's worth of programming.
25 What does Mr. Parker say to David when he visits him in jail?
Answer: 'Is this a good time?'

He asked him when he saw him in his cell, 'Is this a good time?' Kinda ironic to say that when visiting someone in jail, huh?
Question Reference: Quiz: Pleasantville.