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  Woody Allen's "Manhattan"   top quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Perhaps you remember this award winning film by Woody Allen. If so, I hope you enjoy this quiz.
Average, 10 Qns, christopherm, Feb 19 20
christopherm gold member
Feb 19 20
512 plays
  Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is about the 1998 movie starring Ben Affleck and Rose McGowan. Dean Koontz wrote the screenplay for the movie. The information sections will contain some comparisons to the book.
Average, 15 Qns, Gamemaster1967, Jun 25 07
Gamemaster1967 gold member
321 plays
  'Lifeboat' - Actors and Actresses   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
A quiz about the characters in the movie 'Lifeboat'. Just match the actor or actress with the character they played.
Average, 10 Qns, MrsMC, Dec 31 10
693 plays
  Major Payne    
Multiple Choice
 5 Qns
The 'Major Payne' Quiz : to do better on this quiz you really need to pay very close attention.
Difficult, 5 Qns, BigGuy00, Jul 16 06
4937 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who or what functions as the children's nanny?

From Quiz "Peter Pan"

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Movies L-P Trivia Questions

1. The film begins and ends with music by which famous composer?

From Quiz
Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: Gershwin

The film opens with panoramic scenes of Manhattan and Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" playing in the background. "This was still a town that existed in black and white and pulsated to the great tunes of George Gershwin."

2. Where are Lisa and Jenny Pailey headed as the movie opens?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: Snowfield

Jennifer Pailey and her younger sister are headed to Snowfield, Colorado. Jennifer is a practicing doctor in the small resort town. In the novel, Snowfield was in California and Lisa Paige was 14 years old. Rose McGowan's Lisa was probably 18-23 years old. I am not really sure why there was a need to change their last name, even if it was just a little bit.

3. Which finger did Payne break to take the man's 'mind off the pain'?

From Quiz Major Payne

Answer: Ring finger on the left hand

4. In which famous Italian restaurant do the four main characters meet?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: Elaine's

They meet at Elaine's restaurant for drinking and conversation. Woody Allen's character lights a cigarette and his girlfriend says, "You don't smoke." He says, "I know I don't smoke. I don't inhale because it gives you cancer. But, I look so incredibly handsome with a cigarette in my hand ... that I can't not hold one."

5. How many 'combat killin machines' did Major Payne under his hat?

From Quiz Major Payne

Answer: 20,432

6. Who plays the character of Isaac Davis?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: Woody Allen

Isaac Davis (Woody Allen) is a 42 year old divorced writer. His girlfriend, Tracy (Mariel Hemingway) is seventeen. He is also anxious about the fact that his ex-wife is writing a book about their break-up and divorce.

7. After exploring Jakob and Anna's bakery, the darkened town comes alive with sirens and whistles. How many people are standing in the street when this happens?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: 5

Sheriff Bryce Hammond, Deputy Stu Wargle, Deputy Steve Shanning, and the Pailey women are all standing in the darkened street. In the book this occurs in the same time frame, right after the exploration of Aida (instead of Anna) and Jakob Liebermann's bakery. The difference is that Jenny and Lisa are alone when the whistles and sirens blow, and the law enforcement is on its way.

8. Which Patsy Cline song starts playing spontaneously inside the Candleglow Inn?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: I Fall to Pieces

The song was not playing when the five of them walked into the inn. After it starts, Bryce and Stu slowly travel upstairs first. Jenny, Lisa, and Steve follow a minute later. Bryce finds the radio playing the song in one of the rooms, and turns it off. After exploring the upstairs and coming back down, the song starts playing again. They grab a passkey in the book and travel upstairs, but no random music plays to get their attention.

9. How many push-ups did Wuliger do in the entire movie that is shown?

From Quiz Major Payne

Answer: 57

He was dropped twice in the beginning, each for 25 and during the race he did 7.

10. Although Isaac has a girlfriend, he becomes infatuated with someone else. Who is it?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: Mary Wilkie

Mary Wilkie (Diane Keaton) is Yale's paramour but Isaac begins to feel a strong attraction for her. He is somewhat disgusted with her at first, describing her as a pseudo-intellectual who can't pronounce words like allegorical and didacticism.

11. How many stars were on the beret of the Hispanic in the beginning?

From Quiz Major Payne

Answer: 3

12. Where does Isaac take his son for lunch?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: Russian Tea Room

Isaac takes Willie to the Russian Tea Room. Willie wants to know why they can't have frankfurters. Isaac says, "Because this is the Russian Tea Room. You wanna have a blintz or something. A frankfurter gives you cancer, anyhow."

13. What does the creature look like when it kills Stu?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: a giant moth

The gang head back to the police station after their tour of the Candleglow Inn. While inside, they receive a phone call from the creature. After the call ends, the lights all go out and a fluttering creature appears at the window. They open fire on the window, destroying it, and when they stop the lights come back on. Stu walks over to the gaping hole in the wall and the moth flies in and attacks him.

14. Mary calls Isaac and invites him to go for a walk. They are caught in a heavy thunderstorm. Where do they go?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: planetarium

Inside the planetarium, Mary starts talking about Saturn. "Look, there's Saturn. Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun. How many of the satellites of Saturn can you name? There's Mimas, Titan, Dione and Hyperion, of course." Isaac says, "I can't name any of them. Fortunately, they never come up in conversation."

15. According to Lisa, what is the creature?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: the devil

Jenny to Bryce: "It almost got Lisa." Lisa: "No, it wanted Deputy Wargle first. It wants men like him most of all." Jenny: "What do you mean, men like him?" Lisa: "Well, it's the devil don't ya think? Come up from hell tonight. I think he wants to dance with us." It's Dr. Flyte that describes the creature, his ancient enemy, as chaos in the flesh.

16. Isaac waits for Tracy outside her high school. They go to a restaurant and Tracy gives Isaac a gift. What does she give him?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: harmonica

Tracy gives Isaac a harmonica. Isaac says, "It's great. It's - I don't play the harmonica, but it's an incredible ... harmonica is what it is." Isaac takes this opportunity to break up with Tracy. He says that he is in love with someone else.

17. Which tabloid does Dr. Timothy Flyte work for?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: Wide World News

You see the name of the tabloid as the FBI agents pull up in front of the building. Flyte also says the name aloud when he's talking to the two agents inside his office. The tabloid seems to specialize in the world of the paranormal. The agents want to talk to Flyte about his Oxford articles on the ancient enemy.

18. Jill, Isaac's second ex-wife, does something that is very upsetting to Isaac. What does she do?

From Quiz Woody Allen's "Manhattan"

Answer: She publishes a book about their divorce.

Jill (Meryl Streep) has published a book entitled: "Marriage, Divorce and Self-hood". She says that Isaac is narcissistic, misanthropic and self-righteous. She also says that there is an interest in the book for a movie sale. Naturally, Isaac is upset as all of his friends will find out about the idiosyncrasies and secrets of his life with Jill.

19. Dr. Timothy Flyte is what kind of doctor?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: Paleobiologist

This is the term used by the FBI agents, but they are commonly referred to as paleontologists. A person in this specialty studies fossilized remains of past geological periods and usually works for museums. Dr. Flyte worked with a tabloid for the money.

20. Jenny tells Bryce that their mother is a bad influence, and that is why she wanted Lisa to come to Colorado. Why is it that Jenny says that Lisa's mother is a bad influence?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: she drinks

Jenny felt that it would help both her and Lisa to have Lisa spend time in Snowfield. At the beginning of the movie, Lisa said she was staying a month in Snowfield. In the book, Jenny was bringing Lisa to Snowfield to live after the sudden death of their mother. Their father had died when Lisa was only two, so Lisa had no else besides Jenny.

21. Who directed this film?

From Quiz 'Lifeboat' - Actors and Actresses

Answer: Alfred Hitchcock & Hitchcock

22. While inside Buckley Garage, what song do the scientists hear a child singing?

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: Jesus Loves Me

A common misconception about the song "Ring Around the Rosie" is that it is a reference to the Black Plague of the 14th century, but the first written documentation of this nursery rhyme dates back to 1881. If it were true about it originating in the 14the century, it would predate Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales". The creature, which appears much like the black oil seen in "The X-Files", can take on the memories of all it ingests. It sang "Jesus Loves Me" to the scientists in the bio-hazard gear that investigated the garage.

23. Bryce comes to the conclusion that ______ is/are the creature's weakness.

From Quiz Dean Koontz' "Phantoms"

Answer: ego

The creature acquires the knowledge of the devil, or Satan, by taking in people from the town. It now believes itself to be like Satan. That ego, the belief of invincibility, similar to what Satan has, makes it weak. It does not believe it can be killed, so it hands over a sample of its body to Dr. Flyte. They use that sample to discover it is similar to petroleum, and that crude oil eating bacterium could destroy it.

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