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Muriels Wedding Quizzes, Trivia and Puzzles
Muriels Wedding Quizzes, Trivia

Muriel's Wedding Trivia

Muriel's Wedding Movie Trivia Quizzes

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5 Muriel's Wedding quizzes and 60 Muriel's Wedding trivia questions.
  "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Muriel wanted what everyone wants out of life-- to succeed. Nothing was going to get in her way of her dream wedding, even the fact that she did not have a man to marry yet!
Average, 10 Qns, Logan24, Oct 24 12
3256 plays
  You're Invited to 'Muriel's Wedding'!    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Welcome to 'Muriel's Wedding'! Let's party, party, party!
Average, 20 Qns, Theatre_Freak, Aug 22 04
1448 plays
  Muriel's Wedding: 10 Questions    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a fairly easy quiz on a wonderful, funny movie!
Easier, 10 Qns, mikegray, Nov 11 02
4024 plays
  "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here`s another quiz from my favourite film. I hope you enjoy it.
Average, 10 Qns, thecazz, Nov 03 06
843 plays
  The Ultimate Muriel's Wedding Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I have seen this film a million times and never get sick of it. I have attempted to make the questions challenging, but they should be easy for a die-hard fan. Hope you enjoy my first quiz.
Tough, 10 Qns, thecazz, Oct 18 06
1082 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who does "Chook" say he is having an affair with?

From Quiz ""Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!"

Muriel's Wedding Trivia Questions

1. At Tania`s wedding, Muriel ran into Leo Higgins, a friend of her fathers. After he had handed her a business card, all she could say was a one very unusual statement. What was it?

From Quiz
"Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: "What happened to your nose?"

After he handed Muriel his business card, Muriel noticed that Leo had an unsightly red mark on his nose. She asked him "What happened to your nose?", to which he responded "Sunburn, that's all."

2. After Muriel caught the bouquet, Tania told her to throw it again as Shane and Cheryl had been going out for how long?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: 6 weeks

Muriel, on the insistence of Tania, reluctantly gave the bouquet to Cheryl, who immediately threw it back saying, "Keep your stupid bouquet, Shane and I broke up last night".

3. At the first Chinese dinner scene, Bill Heslop embarrassingly tells his visiting potential business partners that both Muriel and her brother Perry are "On the Dole", what does this mean?

From Quiz You're Invited to 'Muriel's Wedding'!

Answer: they're on unemployment

Ironically, at the end of the movie, Bill himself winds up applying for the Dole when he loses his job. What goes around comes around!

4. Who's wedding did Muriel attend at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Answer: Tania

The first couple of scenes are captured at Tania's wedding reception after marrying her high school sweetheart, Chook. Muriel is picked up by a store detective for shoplifting a dress that she wore to the wedding reception. Thankfully for Muriel, her father pays off the police officers with a case of beer.

5. Which actress portrays Muriel?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Toni Collette

Toni Collette, an extremely talented actress, plays the pathetic but loveable Muriel. She can also be seen in movies such as 'The Sixth Sense,' 'The Velvet Goldmine,' and 'Emma.'

6. When Muriel met the girls at the `Breakers` nightclub, she held a cocktail in one hand. What did she hold in the other?

From Quiz "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: Photos

Muriel was holding a packet of photos. Presumubly they were the photos of Tania`s recent wedding but as they were discussing Tania`s marital problems, Muriel didn't show them.

7. When Muriel was arrested for shoplifting, Dyan the store detective explained to the police she had the perfect arrest record until she lost Muriel in which part of the department store?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Boyswear

Dyan gave this information to the police as Muriel was being escorted from the wedding. The police asked her how she knew Muriel would be there. Dyan responded that she didn't know, and was there as she was the groom's cousin.

8. Muriel's friend, Tania, marries her high school sweetheart, Peter Vernell, also known as "Chook". What is a "Chook"?

From Quiz You're Invited to 'Muriel's Wedding'!

Answer: chicken

A good clue is the way Rhonda makes fun of Peter's nickname when confronting Tania at Hibiscus Island. She "accidentally" refers to him as Turkey.

9. While vacationing on Hibiscus Island, what song does Tania, Cheryl, Janine, and Nicole lip-sync to?

From Quiz "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Answer: The Tide is High

All four performed "The Tide is High" by Blondie, but they did not win. Rhonda and Muriel won the talent show with their rendition of "Waterloo" by ABBA with Muriel as Agnetha and Rhonda as Frida.

10. What town in Australia is home to Muriel?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Porpoise Spit

'Goodbye, Porpoise Spit!'

11. Tania decided to cash in her honeymoon tickets and go on holidays with the girls. Where was Tania`s original honeymoon destination?

From Quiz "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: Bali

Tania was upset after she had explained to the others that she had discovered her husband Chook was having an affair. Cheryl then suggested "Cash in your honeymoon to Bali and come with us."

12. When they took Muriel home, the policemen introduced themselves as Constable Saunders and Constable__________?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Gillespie

After they introduced themselves, Bill Heslop asked if Constable Saunders was Graham Saunders' boy. They then talked about how his father was after his stroke.

13. What does Deidre Chambers tell Muriel was the cause of her mother's death?

From Quiz You're Invited to 'Muriel's Wedding'!

Answer: heart attack

Later, Joan reveals to Muriel that she found a bottle of pills next to her mother's body. That she in fact committed suicide and did not have a heart attack.

14. Who does "Chook" say he is having an affair with?

From Quiz "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Answer: Rose Biggs

Peter "Chook" Vernell, it turns out, is not only having an affair with Rose Biggs, but also with Nicole, Tania's best friend and Chook's wife!

15. While Muriel was on holiday, Perry, Muriel`s brother read out a postcard to the family whilst they all had dinner at Charlie Chan`s Restaurant. After he had read the postcard, he then whispered his own alternate ending. What did he say?

From Quiz "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: "P.S I`m a fatso whale."

The movie made it clear that the Heslop family were dysfunctional and Muriel`s relationship with Perry was no exception. After he read the postcard, he whispered his own alternate ending softly to his brother - "P.S I am a fatso whale."

16. Deidre Chambers says, "I advise women on the right lipstick, base and eyeliner". What cosmetics company does she work for?

From Quiz You're Invited to 'Muriel's Wedding'!

Answer: Radiant Cosmetics

Following this line, Deidre makes a big faux pas by saying to the Japanese business men, "Well, you'd know all about makeup. Your wives are probably geishas."

17. What is the name of the video store Muriel works in while in Sydney?

From Quiz "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Answer: Video Drama

Muriel (known as "Mariel" at this point in the movie) is employed at Video Drama, which is directly across the street from the dry cleaners where Rhonda works.

18. What did Muriel's mother get in trouble for stealing from a store?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: a pair of sandals

Muriel's mother switched her own shoes for a new pair of sandals and forgot to pay for them. (Muriel had stolen a dress earlier in the movie.)

19. After she moved to Sydney, Rhonda rang Muriel at work to say that she still hadn`t found any men for them to have a date with. She did suggest Tony, but he suffered from what affliction?

From Quiz "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: His leg was in a cast.

After moving to Sydney and changing her name to Mariel, we saw her at the video shop chatting to a customer, Bryce Nobes. When Rhonda called, she advised her that she had no luck finding any men, and even Tony had his leg in a cast.

20. At Charlie Chan's restaurant, Bill told Charlie to keep the food coming because the Japanese businessmen who were dining with him were building a resort at what beach?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Wallan

After Charlie Chan brought in the honey prawns, Bill told Charlie (in his attempt to get more free food) that, "They are building a resort at Wallan Beach and may want a Chinese restaurant, so keep the food coming".

21. Bill and Betty Heslop believe Muriel is "making a go of it" with her new job as a cosmetics representative. How did Muriel really fund her Hibiscus Island vacation?

From Quiz You're Invited to 'Muriel's Wedding'!

Answer: used her parents blank checks made out to "Cash"

We know this, because when Muriel returns home, Betty tells her that Muriel's father is on his way back from the bank and all of their money ($12,000) was gone.

22. Where does Muriel meet Rhonda?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Hibiscus Island

Muriel was on a holidy at Hibiscus Island and met Rhonda at an outdoor bar.

23. After a night of clubbing, Mariel and Bryce went back to her flat. After Mariel made them a cup of tea, they went and sat in the loungeroom. What biscuits did Mariel offer Bryce?

From Quiz "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: Tim Tams

After Mariel made the cup of tea they sat in the bean bag in the lounge room. Mariel asked Bryce if he would like a Tim Tam which is a brand of chocolate biscuit.

24. After moving to Sydney, Muriel got a job at Video Drama. What type of shop did Rhonda work at, on the opposite side of the road?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Dry cleaners

When Brice finally summoned the courage to ask Muriel out on a date, Rhonda rang to advise that she still hadn't found any men for them to go out with. Muriel told Rhonda she had found one. She then asked Brice to look across the street at the dry cleaners so he could be checked out.

25. What type of drink is Muriel drinking when the girls want to break "the news" to her at the bar?

From Quiz "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Answer: Orgasm

The "news" consists of Muriel's "friends" telling her that she is not cool enough to hang out with them anymore. They have told her time and time again how to do her hair, what clothes to wear, and how to do her make-up, but she apparently did not listen. They were going to tell her after their trip to Hibiscus Island, but they decided to tell her so she would not try to go with them. Little did they know that she would end up there anyway.

26. What music group is Muriel's favorite and provides most of the songs on the soundtrack?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: ABBA

'You can dance, you can jive...'

27. At Mariel`s wedding David and his coach stood at the front of the church, dreading Mariel`s arrival. His coach turned around and made a comment in relation to whom David had as guests. What did his coach then say?

From Quiz "Muriel`s Wedding" - It`s Time to Party, Party

Answer: "I should have hired you some more friends."

Mariel and David`s wedding was a marriage of convenience that would enable David to remain in the country so he could compete in the Sydney Olympics. Mariel had invited hundreds of guests. Not realising how serious she would take things, David`s Coach whispered to David "I should have hired you some friends" after seeing that his side of the church was virtually empty.

28. After Rhonda was taken to hospital and diagnosed with cancer, her concerns were that her hair would fall out and what else?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: She would have to eat macrobiotic food.

Rhonda was concerned that she had caught cancer because of too much sex. When the doctor advised her that the tumour was to be cut out, Rhonda exclaimed, "Oh God, my hair will fall out and I will have to eat macrobiotic food".

29. What type of restaurants are the Heslops always eating in?

From Quiz "Muriel's Wedding": Goodbye Porpoise Spit!

Answer: Chinese

Although they are shown eating at two different restaurants, the cuisine is always Chinese.

30. What does Muriel change her name to when she moves away?

From Quiz Muriel's Wedding

Answer: Mariel

And Muriel Heslop becomes Mariel Van Ackle.

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