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2 Notorious quizzes and 20 Notorious trivia questions.
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Alfred Hitchcock, Cary Grant, Ingrid Bergman, and international espionage... could this romantic thriller get any better?
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This quiz is on Alfred Hitchcock's 1946 film, "Notorious".
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Notorious Trivia Questions

1. Who plays main character T.R. Devlin?

From Quiz

Answer: Cary Grant

Devlin is an American agent who is trying to get Alicia, the daughter of a Nazi, to work for his boss.

2. Alica Huberman's father is tried and imprisoned at the beginning of the film for treason. He later died. How did it happen?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: He took a cyanide pill.

Despite marrying an American and settling in Florida, Mr. Huberman still sympathized with the Nazi party in Germany. Alicia's self-destructive behavior (drinking, sleeping around, partying) is tied into her conflict with her father's political ideas.

3. After Alicia gets drunk at her party, she and Devlin go for a drive. Alicia remarks that "this fog gets me". It isn't actually fog, however. What is really in her eyes?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: Her hair

She is driving so fast and it is so windy out that her hair comes undone and gets in her eyes. Alicia is played by Ingrid Bergman.

4. Alica takes Devlin for a drive the first night they meet. She is drunk and speeding as fast as she can. She thinks it's foggy outside, but what is actually the problem?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: Her hair is in her eyes.

Ever debonair, Cary Grant plays it cool in the car, with only his left hand hovering below the wheel in case he needs to grab it as they hurtle along at 65 mph. He is so suave that Alicia tells him she's going to "make it 80 and wipe that grin off your face."

5. What does Devlin give Alicia, so that she will not be cold when they go for a drive?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: A handkerchief

Devlin puts a handkerchief around her waist because she was wearing a half-shirt.

6. After Devlin recruits Alicia to work for the government, they go down to Rio together. Sobered up and lovestruck Alicia, who is a culinary klutz, tries to cook dinner for Devlin. What does she make?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: Chicken.

The newly smitten Alicia wants Devlin all to herself, and so doesn't want to go out for dinner. Alicia says of the chicken, "I hope it isn't done to much. It caught fire once." However, they never actually eat, because by the time the food is ready their relationship has changed drastically.

7. In what city are Alicia and Devlin working?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: Rio de Janeiro

A group of Nazis are hiding out there, getting uranium from a mountain range. Alicia's job is to try to become part of Alex Sebastian's (one of the Nazis) group again. Then she will find out information that she can feed back to Devlin.

8. What is Alicia's mission for the American Government?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: She is to seduce Alex Sebastian.

Alex Sebastian, an old friend of Alicia's father, was in love with her once. The government knows he is up to something in Rio, and so they think they can use Alicia to get close to him. Sebastian does, in fact, marry Alicia, but that was not part of the mission.

9. Once in South America, Alicia and Devlin need Alex Sebastian to see them. Where do they go first, knowing that Alex will be there?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: Horseback riding

Alex was a friend of Alicia's father, and he was quite taken with Alicia. Once Alex sees Alicia again, he asks her to come to dinner with him. They begin dating after that, which is exactly what Devlin's boss, Paul Prescott, wants to happen.

10. On her first evening at Alex Sebastian's house, one of Sebastian's cronies has a serious reaction when he sees some wine being served with dinner. How is this indiscreet gentleman later taken care of?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: His car is driven off the road.

This mistake is important, because it gives Alicia her first clue into what the Germans are planning; and that it has something to do with the wine.

11. Devlin was going to take something over to Alicia's room, where he was going after his meeting with Prescott. What is it that Devlin was bringing, which he accidently left in Prescott's office?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: A bottle of wine

Devlin and Alicia had planned a nice, romantic evening. Devlin was not in a happy mood, however, once he found out that Alicia's job was to try and date Alex.

12. What is in the wine bottles?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: Uranium.

According to, Hitchcock said he was under surveillance by the FBI for three months because the film dealt with uranium. It probably wasn't a good idea for Devlin to scoop it up with his fingers after he broke a wine bottle.

13. How are Alex and his mother going to kill Alicia?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: By poisoning her

Once Alex and his mother find out that Alicia is an American agent, they begin to plot her murder. They decide that slowly poisoning her would be the best way, so that it would appear that she was just ill.

14. How does Alex Sebastian uncover Alicia's deception?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: The reappearance of one of his keys.

Alicia needs to see what is in the wine bottles, so she steals the key to the cellar off of his key ring. Sebastian notices that it is gone, and then that it has reappeared in the morning.

15. When Dev and Alicia are coming back into the house after investigating the wine, Alex sees them coming. What does Dev do to make Alex think that they are having an affair?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: He kisses her.

Dev sees Alex coming and knows that he will get suspicious. Instead of having Alex think they were betraying him as American agents, it would be easier to make him think they were having an affair (his suspicions about that were high already), so he kisses her.

16. Alex Sebastian and his mother need to get rid of Alicia. How do they try to do it?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: They put poison in her tea.

It is important to the Sebastians that Alicia's death look like an accident. They cannot afford for Alex's friends to know that she is a government agent, because they would kill Alex for making such a stupid mistake.

17. How do the Nazis know that Dev didn't telephone the hospital when he saw Alicia's condition?

From Quiz Notorious

Answer: Alex had disconnected the phone in her bedroom.

To cut off all her communication, Alex disconnects the phone in Alicia's room. Dev doesn't know this, so he tells the Nazis that he just called the hospital and is taking her there now. This is bad luck for Alex, because now the Nazis are on to him. After Alicia and Dev drive away to the hospital, the Nazis ask Alex to come into the house. All we see is Alex going up the stairs, very reluctantly, so Alfred Hitchcock leaves you hanging as to what will happen to Alex. (We can only imagine!) Thank you for taking my quiz, I hope you enjoyed it.

18. How does Devlin finally rescue Alicia?

From Quiz A "Notorious" Reputation

Answer: He simply walks her out the door.

The climax of the movie is short on action and long on tension. Devlin merely has to get Alex in a situation where stopping Devlin and Alicia would give away Alicia's secret to Alex's friends, and Alex is powerless to stop them.

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