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3 Passenger 57 quizzes and 35 Passenger 57 trivia questions.
  "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
There are not enough quizzes on this movie so I thought I would create one. This is one of my favorite action films of all time.
Average, 15 Qns, titanic97, Nov 02 16
664 plays
  Multiple Choice Quiz about Passenger 57    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz will test you on some of the small details that combine to make the movie "Passenger 57." It is my first quiz, I hope everyone enjoys it.
Tough, 10 Qns, mike35iu, May 26 08
374 plays
  Test yourself! Passenger 57 Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Quotes from the movie. Finish the quote or identify the speaker. Plus, other fun trivia from the movie.
Average, 10 Qns, movieman82, Sep 17 07
334 plays
trivia question Quick Question
When Charles Rane is first apprehended by the F.B.I. what spills out of the truck that crashes near the site he is caught?

From Quiz "Passenger 57"

Passenger 57 Trivia Questions

1. When Charles Rane is first apprehended by the F.B.I. what spills out of the truck that crashes near the site he is caught?

From Quiz
Passenger 57

Answer: Water Jugs

Charles Rane is an airplane terrorist/hijacker whom the F.B.I. is flying to Los Angeles to stand trial. After a small pursuit, and after falling down, Rane is soaked by the crashing water jugs, to add a little insult to the "injury" of being caught.

2. "It is the nature of man to confuse genius with __________."

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: insanity

Rane says this after Attorney Phillips informs him that their only defense for his crimes is for him to claim insanity.

3. What is the contributing reason as to why this movie is titled "Passenger 57?"

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: The 57th passenger counted by Marti is John Cutter

John Cutter is played by Wesley Snipes and is a former head of security for an airline. He is seen at the beginning of the movie teaching a class intended for flight attendants on how to handle a hijacking situation. Marti Slayton is a flight attendant on whom Cutter has a role-playing hijack attempt. Instead of listening to orders, she kicks back at Cutter while another "passenger" grabs the arm with the gun. Cutter is upset by this because she has endangered the lives of herself and everyone, assuming the possible situation that the hijacking was real and the gun was real. He then accepts a new position in Atlantic International Airlines. While flying out to Los Angeles, he is set up by his friend, Sly DelVecchio to be on the plane that Marti is working on, although until this scene the question refers to, neither of them know it. The look on her face when she sees Cutter on the plane is priceless. Sabrina is the other female personnel on the plane.

4. By what name does Stuart Ramsey say Charles Rane is known by the Feds?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: Rane of Terror

While Sly Delvecchio and Stuart Ramsey discuss who they are dealing with onboard the hijacked Flight 163, Ramsey gives Charles Rane's life history and what he is responsible for. Rane is known for killing his father, doing terrible things to his sister, and bombing at least four aircraft, killing hundreds. Ramsey tells Delvecchio that Rane is known as the "Rane of Terror".

5. Who made this statment? "...if he's hurt, I'll press charges against you myself."

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: Agent Dwight Henderson

Henderson says this to Chief Leonard Biggs after being informed that John Cutter was involved in the situation.

6. What does Charles "The Rane of Terror" Rane say in response to the dish the F.B.I. agent ordered?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: How appropriate

The F.B.I. agent chooses the chicken to elicit this response from Rane. Rane is a stoic individual who doesn't seem bothered by situations and who doesn't respect authority. He mentions his father died, violently...the viewer is left to assume Rane had something to do with his father's death.

7. After taking over the plane, what is the name of the hostage that Rane shoots?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: Douglas

After Rane and his accomplices take over the plane, Cutter comes out of the bathroom with one of them being held hostage by Cutter. Rane has a hold of Marti Slayton, one of the stewardesses. Cutter tells Rane to drop his weapon. Rane lets go of Marti and orders one of the passengers out of his seat. While holding a gun to his head, Rane asks the man his name. He responds, "Douglas". Rane cruelly asks him of his children. After getting his response, Rane says, "Cutter, meet Douglas. He has a daughter who loves him. And until your interference had a father". He then shoots Douglas dead and grabs another passenger. Cutter, in fear for everyone else, drops his weapon. As Rane fires at Cutter, he misses and hits and kills one of his own men. Cutter grabs Marti and they head for the elevator on the plane.

8. "You'd think they'd put an airline hyjacker on a bus or a train." Who made this statement?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: Stuart Ramsey

Ramsey's the head honcho at Atlantic International and is reacting to the news that one of his planes has been hijacked.

9. The F.B.I. agent to the right of Rane is offered champagne, to which he mentions he cannot have because he is on duty. What beverage does he ask if it is available?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: Tomato Juice

After his order we hear Rane ask for the steak. He then tells Sabrina to keep the champagne on ice because they would celebrate later.

10. After escaping to the aeronautics compartment, what does Cutter say he will do with the plane?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: empty the fuel

Before reaching the aeronautics compartment, Cutter has to dispose of the person in the galley. His name is Robert and he is one of Rane's people. Cutter and Marti head for the compartment. Marti asks him how he's going to bring the plane down. Cutter reaches for a switch on the control panel and says, "I'm going to empty the fuel". Marti is astonished and tries to prevent it. After some convincing, Marti lets him flip the switch to dump the fuel out of the plane.

11. When Cutter asked if his actions would be covered by the company health insurance, Delvecchio said it was covered under the section of what?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: mental illness

Cutter is trying to sneak on board the plane from a moving car and Sly is trying to talk him out of it.

12. When Forget (for-jay) finds Marti and Cutter, he grabs ahold of Marti and does something to knock Cutter off the plane, what does he do?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: Kicks Cutter in the face

Forget is one of the terrorists and when he boards the plane he first encounters Sabrina and she pronounces his name as it looks, forget. He corrects her and says it's French. During the scene in question, Cutter wants off the plane anyway, surely not by way of a boot to the face.

13. What airline is Cutter working for?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: Atlantic International

Cutter is the former head of security for Atlantic International. After the tragic death of his wife, he wanted the job as an instructor for the Atlantic International terrorism program which was thought up by Sly Delvecchio.

14. Cutter tells Rane to always bet on what?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: black

Cutter was referring to the game of roulette.

15. In the tower, two cops inform Chief Biggs that Cutter has escaped and is heading toward the fairgrounds. What is the name of the one whose lip is bloodied?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: Luther

Luther: "He's heading toward the fairgrounds, want us to head out there?" Biggs: "Well why is that, Luther? So he can get some more practice whipping your..." This is one of the best exchanges in the movie. After this scene we see Cutter start to pursue and eventually catch Rane.

16. The plane is forced to land in an airport in Louisiana. What is the name of the town?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: Lake Lucille

Because of Cutter dumping the fuel, Flight 163 calls for an emergency landing at the Lake Lucille airport in Louisiana. However, the airport is too small to try and land in, so the plane is ordered to reroute. Rane gets on the radio and orders the controllers to clear the runway because they are coming in. Chief Biggs and his men are at a state fair and see that the airplane is approaching the tiny airport. They head towards it to find out what the problem is.

17. Ironically, John Cutter is reading a book with the same title as another one of Wesley Snipes' movies. What is the name of the book?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: The Art of War

You can see Cutter reading the book for a brief moment when Marti comes across him while she's doing a head count. Of course, the number she counts when she sees him is 57.

18. During the scenes where Cutter has tracked Rane down to the fairgrounds, what beverage is prominently advertised throughout the scenes?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: Pepsi

We see a huge Pepsi logo in the background as Cutter is pursuing Rane through the fair, while he is being pursued without his knowledge. This scene occurs after Rane lets some of the passengers free so he has a mask for his own attempted escape.

19. How many passengers does Rane claim to have executed?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: 5

Biggs is in contact with Rane and gets his demands. But, Biggs stalls a bit and Rane asks him to look out at the plane. Biggs does so and sees them dropping Douglas's body out the door. Rane states to Biggs, "I have just executed five passengers. I will execute five more every three minutes until you get someone who can meet my demands. Let me know when I should stop". Biggs says the fuel is on its way. This is for the release of half the passengers.

20. After Rane is apprehended, Cutter goes in to interrogate him. Rane tells Cutter - who has him up against a wall - that, "Those are your emotions acting without the benefit of _______?"

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: intellect

This scene is captivating, I found myself not wanting them to let Rane back on the plane. Knowing he could not do anything to harm Rane, who was going be used as bait in the next scenes, Cutter backed off his aggression.

21. According to Lt. Biggs, the hyjacked airplane was not going to go any higher than his what?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: blood pressure

Biggs was informing Agent Henderson of the situation when he first made it to the scene.

22. Who speaks the last line of the movie?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: John Cutter

"Good Night, Biggs" The line before that is Biggs saying "Good Night, Cutter." That's a pretty simple exchange there to end this movie. This happens as Cutter and Marti are walking away from all the commotion.

23. Rane leaves the airport and takes off with a couple of his men. Where does the FBI catch up with him?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: state fair

Rane and his men escape the plane and head towards the fairgrounds. Dwight Henderson of the FBI takes a couple of his men over to catch up with them. One of Rane's men gets shot off of a Ferris wheel. As Rane and Cutter struggle on a merry-go-round, Cutter throws Rane off of the ride right into the FBI's hands. They escort him back to the airport.

24. "I was improvising on your ___________."

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: security techniques

Cutter didn't like how Marti handled herself during the hyjacker's training course, so he asked her what she thought she was doing, to which she gave this answer.

25. How many airlines has Rane bombed prior to his team taking over Flight 163?

From Quiz Passenger 57

Answer: 4

Back to the scene with Attorney Phillips. Phillips says the feds can prove he's responsible for two bombings. Rane says that he's responsible for twice that.

26. Who does the gun that Chief Biggs gives to Cutter belong to?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: his wife

As Biggs drives, Cutter asks to borrow his gun to sneak back on the plane. Biggs hands him a gun stating, "I want this back in good condition. Belongs to my wife!". Biggs catches up with the plane, and lines up with the front landing gear of the plane as it picks up speed for take off.

27. How does Cutter sneak back aboard the plane?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: through the front landing gear

Cutter goes through the housing for the landing gear which leads to the cockpit. As he pops through the hatch, the startled first officer points a gun at him. Cutter explains that he's the good guy and says it's alright.

28. After Rane has escaped from the FBI and has control of the plane again, how many of Rane's accomplices are left (including Rane)?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: 3

There are three, including Rane, left on the plane. Forget falls through the elevator after he is able to get back on the airplane along with Rane.Cutter knows that by having the plane turn around, Sabrina Ritchie will barge through the cockpit door demanding to know why the plane is turning. On cue, Ritchie demands to know why the plane is turning around. The first officer says he was ordered to. When she asks by who, Cutter comes out of nowhere and says, "By me!". She struggles, but he slaps her enough to stun her. He then orders the crew to keep the gun on her and if she moves, (there's a pause for effect) to throw her out the window.

29. How is Rane disposed of?

From Quiz "Passenger 57" (starring Wesley Snipes)

Answer: He is thrown out of the plane while in the air.

The first officer asks Cutter if he can help. Cutter says that there is only one left, and he's all Cutter's. Cutter finds Rane towards the back of the plane. As a struggle ensues, Rane misses and shoots out a window which causes the cabin to depressurize. Cutter maneuvers Rane close to the door and orders Marti to open it. Rane puts up a struggle, but after a few karate kicks, Cutter kicks Rane out of the plane to his death. The ordeal is over with! They return to Lake Lucille where Delvecchio is talking with reporters about how well his anti-terrorism program works, and how it was instrumental in destroying one of the most famous and dangerous terrorists in the world.

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