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Fun Trivia
2 Popeye quizzes and 20 Popeye trivia questions.
  "Popeye", The Movie   popular trivia quiz  
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Here are some questions from Robert Altman's movie.
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  "Popeye" the Movie    
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Movie from 1980 starring Robin Williams based on the cartoons I watched as a kid.
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Popeye Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the town?

From Quiz
"Popeye", The Movie

Answer: Sweethaven

In the beginning of the film, we see Popeye rowing his boat into town. It is a dreary overcast morning and there is thunder in the sky. In the town, we see a man ringing the church's bells. All of a sudden the day goes from overcast to sunny. The people of the town of Sweethaven leave their homes to start their daily routines. They all start to sing in unison the Sweethaven National Anthem. Popeye ties his boat under the dock and climbs onto the pier. He is met almost immediately by the taxman. The taxman charges him $1.87 in taxes. He taxes Popeye on being new in town, docking his boat under the pier, and leaving his junk lying on the dock. Popeye walks through the town looking for a room to rent. The people of Sweethaven are not receptive to Popeye. They all ignore him. He tries to help an older lady with her bags and she knocks him over with them instead. The town is in very poor condition and looks like it could all come crashing down at a moments notice. The buildings are all weather worn and driftwood grey in color.

2. Who directed the movie?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Robert Altman

Robert Altman directed, Robert Evans was the producer and Robin Williams was Popeye. Robert Altman (1925 - 2006) was a very prolific director as well as a producer, writer and editor. Some of his work as a director includes "M.A.S.H." (the movie), "Nashville", "The Long Goodbye" and "Brewster McCloud". Mr. Altman also directed many programs for television. A few of these are "Combat" (1962-63), "Bonanza" (1960-61), and "Tanner '88".

3. The people of the town seem less then receptive to Popeye's arrival. Who is telling everyone there is a stranger in town?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: Castor

Popeye has just arrived in town. Castor is one of the first people to see him. Castor rushes through the town telling everyone of Popeye's arrival. Castor is telling anyone who will listen there is a stranger in town. Castor seems to be two steps ahead of Popeye. He run into all the businesses and homes of the people of Sweethaven. The people of the town close their doors and pull the shade down on their windows as Popeye walks by. Castor runs into the barbershop and the people in the shop run out to see Popeye. They all sing in unison, "Trouble". Popeye somehow beats Castor to the Oyl's house. He is there to rent a room. Castor runs into the house and stops in mid sentence as he sees Popeye talking to his mom. Castor is the son of Cole and Nana Oyl. He is also the brother of Olive. He believes Bluto is jealous of him because Bluto won't let Castor see the Commodore. Castor believes he has a lot of great money making ideas. Donovan Scott plays the role of Castor. Donovan has also been in "Police Academy" as Cadet Leslie Barbara.

4. What is the name of the town where Popeye docks?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Sweet Haven

The name of the town - Sweet Haven - is shown on many of the buildings, the pier, and is sung about in the opening song. Everything in the town looks dreary and ready to fall down. When this is being sung it is the beginning of the day. Most of the townspeople are walking through town, getting ready for their daily grind singing about "sweet, Sweet Haven".

5. When Popeye first meets Olive's mom, he sees their mailbox. What does he say?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: She is down a quart.

When Nana Oyl first sees Popeye, she asks, "Are you the piano tuner or the man with the party decorations?". Popeye says he is here for the room to rent. She doesn't understand him because instead of rent, he says renk. She finally gets what he is saying and invites him in. She says, "Come on in before you catch your death of mud". While Popeye is walking in he sees the name on her mailbox. He says, "That explains a great deal, she is down a quart". The name on the mailbox is of course Oyl. When Popeye goes into the house he meets Olive for the first time. Olive is coming down the stairs. She is trying on several hats for her party. She asks her mother what she thinks of the hats. Her mother says she likes which ever one Olive likes. Olive says they are all ugly. She goes to Popeye and asks him which one he likes. She doesn't give him a chance to answer because she storms up the steps. She realizes Popeye is there and yells at him for listening in on a private conversation between her and her mother. Nana Oyl asks Olive to show Popeye his room.

6. What is the missing day of the week in Wimpy's famous quotation: "I would gladly pay you ___________ for a hamburger today"?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Tuesday

This quote in the movie is the same as in all of the Popeye cartoons that I watched growing up. My thought is that the original writer of the line liked the alliteration factor between the words Tuesday and today. In the movie, it is sung when Wimpy is in the Roughhouse and everyone is eating hamburgers. Wimpy is the local, colorful, character. He rarely has any money and keeps trying to con people into giving him hamburgers.

7. What attacks Sweet Pea and Olive?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: octopus

Bluto has kidnapped both Olive and Sweet Pea. He is heading for Poopdeck Pappy's buried treasure. Popeye with the rest of the friends and family of Olive head out to rescue them. During the boat ride Poopdeck keeps on ranting and raving on the difficulties of raising a child. They finally reach the island where Bluto is searching for the treasure. Bluto goes underwater to search for the treasure chest. He leaves Sweet Pea alone in the boat while he goes to retrieve the chest. A tentacle comes out of the water and brushes Sweet Pea's face. All of a sudden the tentacles come up and crush the boat. Sweet Pea has been rescued from the boat by Poopdeck Pappy. He is raised out of the boat by a hook. The octopus sets its sights on Olive. Olive is stuck in the ship's steam pipe. The octopus brushes past her legs and then wraps its tentacles around Olive. The octopus pulls Olive under the water. Olive struggles to get free from the beast. Popeye comes to Olive's rescue. He punches the octopus in the head and eyes. He punches the octopus straight out of the water. We see the octopus fly straight over the island with his tentacles waving wildly. Poopdeck Pappy is setting on the island showing Sweet Pea his treasure. It is all stuff from when Popeye was a child. Poopdeck is of course the grandfather of Sweet Pea.

8. Who originally finds Swee'Pea?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Popeye and Olive

Popeye picks up a basket he thinks belongs to Olive Oyl. It is not hers and she complains that it is dirtier and uglier than her basket. A rattling sound is then heard. Olive screams thinking that it contains a snake. When they open the basket little Swee'Pea is smiling up at them while shaking his rattle. The other Oyls are the other members of Olive's family. Her parents are Nana and Coal and her brother is Castor.

9. What does Olive believe is in the basket?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: rattlesnake

Olive has decided not to marry Bluto. She sneaks out of the engagement party for her and Bluto. She walks away backwards to make sure no one sees her going. She runs smack into Popeye. He asks her why she is leaving her own party. She tells him she is not leaving. He then wants to know why she is carrying luggage and a basket. Olive makes Popeye carry her belongings as they walk towards the docks. They start to talk and Popeye tells her he is in Sweethaven looking for his father. Popeye and Olive take a break on the docks. While they continue to talk, an old lady sneaks down and switches baskets. She switches her old ugly basket with Olive's pretty clean one. They both start to leave and Olive notices the basket. She asks Popeye why he is carrying that basket. All of a sudden a ratting noise comes form inside the basket. Olive jumps into Popeye's arms and screams, "Rattlesnake". The basket does indeed have a rattling sound coming from it. Popeye puts Olive down and opens the basket ready to clobber the snake. They both get a wonderful surprise when they see Sweet Pea inside the basket. He is shaking his toy rattle and holding a note. The notes says for Popeye to take care of Sweet Pea until his mother can reclaim him.

10. Who is the first person Popeye meets as he ties up his dinghy to the pier?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: The Taxman

While barely noticed in the movie, The Taxman is played by Donald Moffit. No other name is used for this character. Even in the credits he is listed as "The Taxman". But he is constantly popping up wanting tax money for all sorts of silly reasons. Some of these are: 50 cents - up to no good tax, 5 cents - hamburger tax, and a 10 cent tax for asking questions. All of the tax revenue is turned over to the Commodore.

11. Who plays Bluto in the movie?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: Paul Smith

Bluto is the enforcer while the Commodore is away. According to Nana Oyl, the Commodore is always away. She says she has never seen him. The first night Popeye is in town, Bluto screams at the residents of Sweethaven. He tells them it is 9 o'clock which is curfew time. He tells them lights out. Everyone in the town except Popeye turns out their lights. The next day is the engagement party for Olive and Bluto. In a rare show of emotion Bluto picks up Nana Oyl and says, "Mother". Bluto goes around the room plucking the petals off of a flower. He is playing the 'she loves me, she loves me not' game. Every time he gets a loves me not petal he hurts the person in front of him. He is about to pluck the last petal which is a 'she loves me not'. Castor is the unfortunate person in front of him. the girls who are helping Olive get ready come downstairs. They try to tell the Oyls that Olive has run off. Bluto says, "Olive what?". The girls get scared and tell Bluto that Olive is getting ready. Bluto then asks where he was with the game. Castor says the last petal was she loves me not. Bluto pulls the last petal which is now a she loves me. The whole room cheers none as loudly as Castor. Olive of course has run off. Bluto calls for her and starts to lose his patience. He starts to destroy the Oyl's home and hurt their guests. Olive with Popeye and Sweet Pea finally come back. Bluto is so mad he sees them as red. He comes toward Popeye and punches him onto the street. He then hits Popeye all the way to the pier. While he is hitting Popeye, he is also taxing the Oyls. He lands one final punch and knocks Popeye into the water. Richard Libertini plays the role of Geezil. Ray Walston plays Poopdeck Pappy. Don Moffat plays the Taxman. Paul L Smith plays the role of Bluto. Paul has also been in "Maverick" with Mel Gibson.

12. Which actress plays Olive Oyl in the movie?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Shelley Duvall

Olive Oyl is the daughter of Nana and Coal Oyl. If she marries Bluto, then the family will be exempt from taxes, but she flees before the engagement party and ends up meeting Popeye. Shelley Duvall is a wonderful Olive Oyl. Her voice sounds so much like Olive in the old cartoons. In keeping with the character, they even put her in over-sized shoes and the same style and colors of costumes that were in the cartoons. Shelley Duvall has a large resume of roles. Some of her movies are "Annie Hall", "Brewster McCloud", and "Changing Habits". She hosted the award winning "Shelley Duvall's Faerie Tale Theatre" on television. Additionally, she had guest roles on many televsion shows including, but not limited to, "L.A. Law", "Frasier", and "The Twilight Zone", but her most memorable role will probably always be as Jack Nicholson's wife Wendy Torrence in "The Shining".

13. Where does Wimpy take Sweet Pea?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: Horse races

After Popeye wins the fight against Oxblood, he tells Olive about how he thought he was going to be killed. Olive said she wasn't worried. She said Sweet Pea told her not only would Popeye be alright, but he would win. Olive asks Sweet Pea the questions again in front of Popeye and the whole family. Popeye is astounded his son is psychic. Wimpy then opens his jacket and looks at a racing form. He volunteers to take Sweet Pea for a walk. Popeye agrees to this which upsets Olive. She says he never lets her take Sweet Pea anywhere. Popeye says that was before he knew Olive was worried about him. Olive replies, "Phooey". Wimpy takes Sweet Pea to the races where he uses his ability to win races. Sweet Pea picks the winners for each and every race. Meanwhile Popeye and Olive are worried about Sweet Pea. Wimpy has been gone for a couple hours. Nana Oyl finds the racing form on the floor and shows Popeye and Olive. The family rushes to the races to get Sweet Pea. Olive discovers Wimpy has won a great deal of money. She decides to use Sweet Pea's ability to help pay off some of the tax bill. Popeye is against this and takes Sweet Pea and leaves.

14. Who kidnaps Swee'Pea on Bluto's orders?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Wimpy

During the earlier fight scene Olive discovers that Swee'Pea has the unusual talent of picking winners. When she asks him if Popeye will win the fight, Swee'Pea makes a whistling sound. Wimpy reads him the racing form and all of the horses that Swee'Pea whistles at win their race. As Popeye takes Swee'Pea off of the gambling boat, he scatters all of the money that Wimpy and Olive won on the floor. A madhouse sets in with everyone attempting to pick up the money. Bluto motions Wimpy to his upstairs office. Later you see Wimpy carry off the baby while Popeye and Olive aren't paying attention. Wimpy takes Swee'Pea to Bluto. Wimpy is played by Paul Dooley. His rather rotund character is usually looking for ways to make money to support his hamburger habit.

15. Who does the mysterious Commodore turn out to be?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Poopdeck Pappy

Poopdeck Pappy is Popeye's own missing poppa. The role was admirably played by the late Ray Walston. In the movie the Commodore gets all of the taxes and owns all of the property, but stays out of the limelight. Even the townspeople don't realize his identity.

16. What vegetable does Popeye buy from Geezil?

From Quiz "Popeye", The Movie

Answer: carrots

Popeye is walking through town and stops at Geezil's produce stand. He asks Geezil how much the carrots are. Geezil says, "He doesn't have any carrots". Popeye points to them and asks what they are then. Geezil tries to sell Popeye spinach and broccoli. Popeye starts to walk away when Geezil says, "Why didn't you say you wanted carrots?". He tells Popeye the carrots are a dollar each. Popeye asks how much the the broccoli is. Geezil replies, "Nickle maybe dime". Then Popeye asks how much the spinach is. Geezil replies, "Dime maybe quarter". Then Popeye asks why the carrots are a dollar each. Geezil replies, "Dollar fifty, if you buy what I don't feel like selling it is two dollars". Popeye then gives Geezil a nickle and says, "I pay what I feel like paying".

17. How does Poopdeck Pappy realize that Popeye is his own trueborn son?

From Quiz "Popeye" the Movie

Answer: Popeye won't eat spinach..

Popeye compares their same squinty eye and Pappy says it doesn't look like his. Then Popeye mentions the same type of corncob pipe and Pappy says anyone could buy a pipe. Then the subject of spinach comes up. They both state that as a baby Popeye would not eat his spinach. He would fuss and cry and spit it out. Of course at the end of the movie, Pappy gets Popeye to eat the spinach and it grows his "muskles" extra large so he can save the day. Just like he did in all of the cartoons of my childhood!

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