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5 Oliver! quizzes and 55 Oliver! trivia questions.
  "Oliver!" The film   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is for anyone who knows and loves the famous musical based on the little orphan boy who asked for more! Enjoy
Average, 10 Qns, HenryEleanor, Mar 09 13
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These questions about "Oliver" are based on the 1968 movie. There is also a stage musical, a 1948 movie "Oliver Twist" and a book which was written by Charles Dickens.
Easier, 10 Qns, mrsrgg, Jun 02 08
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This is a quiz on the movie "Oliver!".
Average, 10 Qns, jbbb, Sep 30 05
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  "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is the second part of my "Oliver!" quiz. We left Oliver being wrongly arrested for picking pockets. The film "Oliver!" is loosely based on "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens. I hope you enjoy playing it.
Average, 10 Qns, JaneMarple, May 12 18
JaneMarple gold member
May 12 18
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  "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
Fagin, Bill Sikes and Nancy are all important to Oliver's story. It's based on Lionel Bart's musical in 1968, which won 6 Academy Awards. Take my quiz and "Consider yourself one of us!" Also deals with the lyrics, but not with the stage show version.
Average, 15 Qns, JaneMarple, Sep 30 05
JaneMarple gold member
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trivia question Quick Question
In "Where is Love?" which tree does Oliver mention?

From Quiz ""Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One"

Oliver! Trivia Questions

1. What is the name of the greedy beadle that runs the orphanage that Oliver is placed in at the beginning of the film?

From Quiz
"Oliver!" The film

Answer: Mr Bumble

Mr Bumble does not care about Oliver at all. After Oliver runs away Bumbles is only seen again when he is presenting a locket to Mr Brownlow, in the hopes of getting a reward.

2. Who says, "Please sir, I want some more."?

From Quiz Oliver

Answer: Oliver

Oliver asks Mr. Bumble for more when he is at the workhouse. Mr. Bumble replies to Oliver with "WHAT?". He is surprised Oliver has the courage to even ask. This is how Oliver ends up being sold to Mr Sowerberry, the undertaker.

3. In the magistrate's court, what colour coat does Mr. Brownlow wear?

From Quiz "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"

Answer: Blue

Mr. Brownlow is the gentleman who Dodger stole from, but he has come to speak up for Oliver. He takes Oliver home with him.

4. This quiz also deals with little details of the film as well as the lyrics. In the opening scenes, where we see Mr. Bumble with the governors of the workhouse, what is written on the wall behind Mr Bumble?

From Quiz "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One

Answer: "God is Love"

Oliver Twist is in a workhouse, in Victorian London. His mother is dead, she died when she gave birth to him. Mr. Bumble is in charge of the workhouse. Mark Lester played Oliver while Harry Secombe played Mr. Bumble.

5. Why does Oliver attack Noah Claypole, in a move that eventually leads to his being put in the basement and running away?

From Quiz "Oliver!" The film

Answer: Noah insults Oliver's mother.

Noah states that it was a good thing that Oliver's mother died when she did or else she would be in prison doing hard labour (the implication is that she would be in prison for prostitution).

6. Who says, "Meat ma'am meat. You've over-fed the boy."?

From Quiz Oliver

Answer: Mr. Bumble

Mr Bumble says this to Mrs. Sowerberry, after they catch Oliver in a coffin. Oliver gets angry because Noah insulted his mother. Oliver chases Noah and then tries to jump over the coffins, but lands inside it instead. Then Noah goes to the workhouse to get Mr. Bumble to deal with Oliver.

7. In, "Who Will Buy?", what was the first street seller selling?

From Quiz "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"

Answer: Red roses

Oliver wakes up in Mr. Brownlow's home and watches the street sellers.

8. How old do the orphans mention in "Food glorious food"? ("Is it worth the waiting for, if we live till....")

From Quiz "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One

Answer: 84

The orphans in the workhouse dream of eating good food like "Cold jelly and Custard". They always get gruel (porridge) however. The orphans draw straws to see who goes and ask for more gruel. Unfortunately it is Oliver.

9. What's the profession of the man who buys Oliver from the orphanage?

From Quiz Oliver!

Answer: Undertaker

10. Fagin has a pet. What is it?

From Quiz "Oliver!" The film

Answer: An owl

Up until Oliver's first night, the owl is the only one that watches Fagin get his chest of treasures from the hole in the wall!

11. Who says, "Oliver Twist, Mr Bumble, you named him so yourself."?

From Quiz Oliver

Answer: Widow Corney

Oliver is chased around the workhouse meal area, after being frightened by Mr. Bumble. This occurs just after Oliver asks for more. Widow Corney says this to Mr. Bumble after Oliver is captured. Mr. Bumble asks Widow Cornery who the boy is.

12. In, "As Long As He Needs Me", what word or words follows "Who else would love him ________"?

From Quiz "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"

Answer: Still

Nancy knows Bill is a cruel and violent man but she loves him even so. Nancy is told by Bill to help him kidnap Oliver and bring him back to Fagin.

13. In "Oliver!" what creatures will Mr. Bumble feed Oliver out of a canister?

From Quiz "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One

Answer: Cockroaches

Oliver is removed from the orphanage after asking for more. We discover that Mr. Bumble named Oliver.

14. What's Fagin holding when we first see him?

From Quiz Oliver!

Answer: A fork and sausage

15. What is the name of Bill Sikes' dog?

From Quiz "Oliver!" The film

Answer: Bullseye

Bullseye is important to the story as it is the dog that leads the furious mob to his master, Bill, near the end of the story.

16. Who says, "Perhaps, if I had a tall hat."?

From Quiz Oliver

Answer: Oliver

Oliver answers this when Mrs. Sowerberry asks if he could look like the person in the picture. The person is in picture is a pall bearer.

17. Who sends the books to Mr. Brownlow?

From Quiz "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"

Answer: Mr. Jessop

Oliver returns some books for Mr. Brownlow. Mr. Brownlow looks at a painting of his niece; he sees a faint resemblance to Oliver. Oliver meets Nancy. She and Bill kidnap Oliver and take him back to Fagin.

18. In "Boy For Sale" how much does Mr. Bumble want for Oliver at first?

From Quiz "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One

Answer: 7 guineas

Nobody seems to want Oliver, until Mr. Sowerberry, the local undertaker takes him for three guineas. Leonard Roisiter plays Mr. Sowerberry. Mr. Sowerberry wants Oliver to be a coffin follower, to attend children's funerals.

19. What are the children drinking at dinner when Oliver arrives?

From Quiz Oliver!

Answer: Gin

'These sausages are moldy!' 'Shut up and drink your gin!'

20. How does Fagin meet Oliver?

From Quiz "Oliver!" The film

Answer: Dodger brings Oliver to Fagin.

Dodger noticed Oliver whilst he is looking about for something to steal, and after talking to him for a bit, realises that he has nowhere to go, and might be useful to Fagin.

21. Who says, "Put it back in the box! All of it!"?

From Quiz Oliver

Answer: Fagin

Fagin says this to all of his "boys" after explaining to Oliver "the Business" of pickpocketing. Fagin is referring to his valuables, such as watches, wallets and jewelery.

22. In "Reviewing the Situation" what does Fagin says a wife will make his life?

From Quiz "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"

Answer: A misery

In this song, Fagin considers his options. He is not getting any younger. He decides he is better as a thief rather than having a proper job. Nancy is beginning to see Bill in a different light, and sees what he is really is like. Mr. Brownlow has put an advertisement in the newspapers, asking for information about Oliver.

23. What was the maid called, who worked for Mr. and Mrs. Sowerberry?

From Quiz "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One

Answer: Charlotte

In Mr. Sowerberry's shop, there is also Noah Claypole. He is cruel to Oliver and teases him because he does not have a mother. Noah and Oliver fight which results in Oliver being put in the cellar. The Sowerberry's don't want him any more.

24. What's Bill Sykes' dog's name?

From Quiz Oliver!

Answer: Bullseye & Bull's Eye & Bulls eye & Bulls Eye

25. What is the profession of Nancy?

From Quiz "Oliver!" The film

Answer: Barmaid

Two of Nancy's biggest songs - "It's a Fine Life" and "Oomp Pah Pah"- are performed in the pub.

26. Who says, "There is sort of a resemblance."?

From Quiz Oliver

Answer: Mr. Brownlow

Mr. Brownlow says this about Oliver. Brownlow is looking at a picture of his daughter, who ran away while pregnant, and was never seen again.

27. What does Mr. Bumble give to Mr. Brownlow?

From Quiz "Please Sir Can We Have Some More?" "Oliver!"

Answer: A locket

Mr. Bumble and his wife come to see him, hoping to profit from it. Mr. Bumble gives Mr. Brownlow a locket, which his wife kept when Oliver's mother died. When Mr. Brownlow sees the locket he recognises it as belonging to his niece. His niece is obviously Oliver's mother. Bill is going to take Oliver on a housebreaking job.

28. In "Where is Love?" which tree does Oliver mention?

From Quiz "Consider Yourself!" "Oliver" Part One

Answer: Willow

All Oliver wants is a family that loves him. Oliver manages to open the bars of the cellar window and runs away.

29. Fagin knocks off the Artful Dodger's hat and kicks him while he is looking through Nancy's bag. Why?

From Quiz Oliver!

Answer: For getting caught

'What was that for?' 'For getting caught!'

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