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5 quizzes and 65 trivia questions.
  Hi I'm "The New Guy"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here is a quick ten question quiz about the surprisingly entertaining 2002 movie starring DJ Qualls and Eliza Dushku.
Average, 10 Qns, James76255, Jun 01 05
1280 plays
  Multiple Choice Quiz about The New Guy    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
One of the best movies out there, so I figured What the heck? Make a quiz on it. Good luck.
Average, 10 Qns, hurricane08, Feb 06 10
2866 plays
  Take this The New Guy Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I love 'The New Guy'! D.J. Qualls is an amazing actor, not to mention drop dead gorgeous, but that's besides the point. Have fun with the quiz!
Average, 10 Qns, shakinaiken, Jul 23 03
1717 plays
  'The New Guy' Quiz    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
If you love this movie as much as I do, you'll love this quiz.
Difficult, 15 Qns, lanabear, Nov 20 03
1784 plays
  A Quiz About "The New Guy"    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Here's a quiz about "The New Guy", which I think is a great movie. :)
Difficult, 20 Qns, Candeechick, Jul 18 03
1128 plays
trivia question Quick Question
What relative of Danielle's is Albanian?

From Quiz "A Quiz About "The New Guy""

The New Guy Trivia Questions

1. Who is the first actor we see onscreen at the beginning of the movie?

From Quiz
Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: Eddie Griffin

Eddie pulls double duty as the narrator of the movie as well as playing the part of Luther, a prisoner who becomes Dizzy's (DJ Qualls) friend and advisor.

2. What did Dizzy get hit in the head with, when his dad drops him and his friends off at school?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: Football

When Dizzy and his friends got to school the Rocky Creek bully Barclay hit Dizzy in the head with his football.

3. What is the name of the choir that sings in the mall?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: The Sunshine Gospel Choir

The priest mentioned this in the mall, after the choir sang. He said, "Thank you brothers, and sisters of The Sunshine Gospel Choir."

4. Dizzy's dad has a license plate that says what?

From Quiz A Quiz About "The New Guy"

Answer: Bear

You can see the license plate when he goes to Dizzy's school.

5. What school was Dizzy expelled from?

From Quiz 'The New Guy' Quiz

Answer: Rocky Creek

Dizzy Harrison is played by DJ Qualls.

6. What was the first thing Dizzy did to try and get expelled from school?

From Quiz Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: Cheat on a test and bribe a teacher

Cheating on a test and sending a video feed of the principal on the toilet to a classroom only led to the school counselor increasing medication and promising another year at the school he hated. Dizzy decided to try shoving a broken mop handle up the principals back side. After seeing him break the mop, the principal expelled him for destroying school property.

7. How old is the librarian that ripped Dizzy's private area?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: 80

The librarian grabbed onto Dizzy's private area and Dizzy pulled away and his private area ripped. That would hurt if someone did that you you or anyone else.

8. What dance does Dizzy do after Dizzy announces he has been invited to a party?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: Boogaloo

In the garage after Glen, Dizzy, Kirk, and Nora practiced singing, Dizzy said this. "Today, me, Dizzy Gillespie Harrison got invited to a party! Excuse me while I do the Boogaloo!"

9. Who is the bully from Rocky Creek?

From Quiz A Quiz About "The New Guy"

Answer: Barclay

Barclay's the bully that put fake rubber breasts and makeup on Dizzy.

10. What school did Gil transfer to?

From Quiz 'The New Guy' Quiz

Answer: East Highland

11. When Courtney (Sunny Mabrey) invites Dizzy to her party, what does he say?

From Quiz Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: I don't make plans. It's not my style.

Taking the name Gil Harris at his new school, Dizzy plays it cool when one of the cheerleaders invites him to a party at her place. After making a grand entrance at the party by making a motorcycle jump on a skateboard ramp, Dizzy adds to his reputation when he seems to blow off the sexy Courtney who wanted to make out with him on the roof. Actually, he slipped and fell off the roof when she wasn't looking.

12. Who played the Reverend in the mall?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons played in a band named Kiss. Good band in the 80's. Had greatest hits like "Rock and Roll All Night" and "Revenge".

13. What is the name of Dizzy, and his friends' band?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: Suburban Funk

The band consists of Nora, who plays guitar, and sings. Dizzy, who plays guitar, and also sings. Glen, who plays keyboard and Kirk, who plays drums.

14. When Dizzy was going to get his hair done in prison, there were two actors mentioned. One was Brad Pitt, who was the other?

From Quiz A Quiz About "The New Guy"

Answer: Anne Heche & Heche

His new style was half Brad Pitt - half Anne Heche. Nora thought he had "A Brad Pitt thing going on" and Glen said he saw "A little Anne Heche there too".

15. What did the sign inside East Highland say?

From Quiz 'The New Guy' Quiz

Answer: All visitors please report to office

16. According to one of the players, how long had it been since Highland High's football team won a game?

From Quiz Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: 5 years

Before the game, one of the players says, "We haven't won a game in five years. We might as well forfeit." After a rather silly pre-game speech from Dizzy in the style of General Patton, the team goes on to win the game and the announcer says, "That's our first win since the first Bush was President!" Of course, that would have been at least ten years at the time the movie came out. The "first win in five years" was repeated later in the movie by the head coach.

17. How does Dizzy get expelled from Rocky Creek?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: Destroying School Property

Principal: "You just destroyed school property. You are expelled." Dizzy was so excited to get expelled from Rocky Creek. Dizzy heads back to Luther to get his lessons in bad to get to a new high school.

18. How many "levels" are at East Highland High?

From Quiz A Quiz About "The New Guy"

Answer: 3

You can see them all when Dizzy/Gil first arrives there. The top level is for the cool/popular kids, which includes Danielle and Connor.

19. What color was Dizzy's flannel on the first day of school?

From Quiz 'The New Guy' Quiz

Answer: Purple

20. In what is probably the most rewound, paused, and replayed scene of the movie, Danielle (Eliza Dushku) tries on a series of swimsuits, much to the delight of Dizzy. What would best describe the first swimsuit she tries on?

From Quiz Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: Black with a silver flower pattern

The others listed were also some of the suits she tried on, as well as rainbow colored, red suit with a string of pearls, and red with blue print. Now, excuse me while I rewind.

21. Who said this: "Someone... Give me a beat"?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: The Dance Instructor

This is when he is giving Dizzy dancing lessons. Some of the stuff Dizzy does in this scene is funny like Luther says, "Loosen the butt." Dizzy does what he is told then Luther said, "That's too loose."

22. When Luther first met Dizzy, Luther told Dizzy exactly how many years, and how many days Luther had left in his prison sentence. How many days and how many years did he have left at that point in the film?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: 18 years and 41 days

Luther said referring to Janet Jackson, "18 years, and 41 days it's me and you baby."

23. Whose house was the party at?

From Quiz A Quiz About "The New Guy"

Answer: Courtney's

Courtney gave "Gil" her address for the party.

24. How many swimsuits did Danielle try on?

From Quiz 'The New Guy' Quiz

Answer: 12

Danielle is played by Eliza Dushku.

25. When Dizzy's friends from his old school show up to help tutor some of his new friends, Kirk (Jerod Mixon) and Glen (Parry Shen) give fake names when introduced to Courtney. What names did they give?

From Quiz Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: Apache and Hawk

After giving her his fake name, Kirk tutors Courtney, and Courtney teaches Kirk what the song "Let it Whip" really means.

26. How many years ago did East Highland last win a game?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: 5 Years

That's a long time. I would go ballistic not to win a game in five years.

27. What is the prisoners name that helped Dizzy out?

From Quiz The New Guy

Answer: Luther

Luther is in prison. He has been for a long time. He knows everyone in the prison. He befriends Dizzy after he realizes Dizzy is being teased as he himself once was.

28. Who did Courtney get to come to her party?

From Quiz A Quiz About "The New Guy"

Answer: Tony Hawk & Hawk

He did an Indy 360 on the ramp.

29. What kind of music did Danielle and Gil want to buy?

From Quiz 'The New Guy' Quiz

Answer: Latin Booty Music

30. What was the name of Dizzy's band, that played at Highland High's homecoming?

From Quiz Hi I'm "The New Guy"

Answer: Suburban Funk

Connor (Ross Patterson) teams with Dizzy's rivals from his old school to expose Dizzy at the dance. To draw plenty of people from Rocky Creek to Highland's dance, Connor and the others spread out a flyer announcing an appearance by the rock band Creed.

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