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3 Prom Night quizzes and 35 Prom Night trivia questions.
  Prom Night: 10 Questions   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is a quiz on the 2008 horror movie "Prom Night". I hope you enjoy my quiz! Feel free to send a comment or correction.
Easier, 10 Qns, caligirl21, Apr 29 08
1845 plays
  'Prom Night' Movie    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
If you have not seen this one, you better! This is a great flick!
Difficult, 15 Qns, boogymn, Mar 27 06
800 plays
  Prom Night Test    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
'Prom Night' is a decent horror movie. How much do you remember about it?
Tough, 10 Qns, npotenza, Aug 06 09
843 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who turned out to be the killer?

From Quiz "Prom Night"

Prom Night Trivia Questions

1. In the beginning of the movie, what incident is Donna dreaming about?

From Quiz
Prom Night

Answer: The day her parents and brother died.

The movie starts with Donna talking to her school counselor about a horrific event in her past. Her brother and father were killed by a crazy teacher who was in love with Donna. Donna hid under a bed and saw the murderer kill her mother. She alerted the police and they caught the murderer. The dreams about the event had stopped, but suddenly they are coming again.

2. Finish this chant that the children keep saying over and over while playing hide and seek. '__________ are coming'!

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: killers

Kelly, Jude, Nick and Wendy pick an old, abandoned school to play hide and seek in.

3. What was the name of the little girl who dies in the beginning?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Robin & Robyn

Her death was the killer's motivation.

4. Who is the murderer, in relation to Donna?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: He was her teacher who became obsessed with her.

The murderer is a teacher. He liked Donna and collected pictures of her at his house. He was fired but still stalked Donna and then killed her family. He wanted to be with Donna but was sent to prison. Now he has broken out to get Donna and will kill whoever gets in his way.

5. In the beginning when Wendy, Jude, Nick and Kelly are playing as kids, what is written on the ballcap that young Nick is wearing?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: sunset

6. Who played Kim Hamilton in this movie?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Jamie Lee Curtis & Curtis

This was when Jamie Lee was in her 'Scream Queen' phase of her career.

7. What year does the opening scene take place?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: 1974

They don't come right out and tell you. You have to do the math from Robin's headstone.

8. What usually comedic actor had the role of Kim's father?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Leslie Neilsen

Neilsen strayed away from his usual genre to do this horror flick.

9. What color is Donna's dress?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Champagne with pink beads

Donna wears a dress that is, as she describes it, "champagne colored". She describes it when she is getting her hair done before the prom. Her dress is long and very pretty.

10. What is the name of the freaky-looking janitor?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Mr. Sykes

Kim and Alex's dad (who just happens to be the principal of the high school) tells him that he may look weird, but he's safe.

11. What color and type was Wendy's car?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Orange Corvette

12. What is the name of the maid who is killed?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Maria

Donna is having a great time at the prom. But unfortunately, the murderer is already in the hotel and hears Lisa's boyfriend say what room they're staying in. So the murderer gets a key on the same floor. Maria, a maid, is killed by the murderer. She is not a main character because all she does is give everyone extra keys to the hotel, and she is in charge of the third floor. The murderer wants her out of the way so nobody will notice him sneaking into room 312. Later in the movie when nobody has seen Maria in a long time, someone is sent up to look for her, but he is killed by the murderer too.

13. In what order does the killer phone his victims?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Jude, Kelly, Nick, Wendy

The killer gets a little upset when he can't get ahold of Nick.

14. What were the names of the killer's intended victims?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Kelly, Nick, Wendy and Jude

Kim was never on the hit list. She was not present when Robin was killed.

15. What does the chalkboard in Nick's dad's office say?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Ralph call your wife

You can spot this when the detective is talking to the attorney.

16. Who said, 'It's not who you came with, it's who takes ya home'?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Wendy

Wendy says this when she confronts Kim about going to the prom with Nick.

17. What was the name of the school hoodlum?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Lou

Lou was in cahoots with Wendy about getting revenge on Kim for 'stealing' Nick.

18. Why does the hotel close?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: The police close it to find the murderer.

The policemen find out that the murderer is in the hotel. Quickly they close it down, instants before the Prom Queen is announced. Everyone starts to leave the hotel and the police search it for the murderer. But to their surprise, he left the hotel disguised as a hotel employee a long time ago.

19. Who moons Mr. Sykes after tennis practice?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Vicki

Rated PG-13!

20. Who was King and Queen of the Prom?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Nick and Kim & Kim and Nick

21. What does Donna have a premonition about at home?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: The murderer pushes her into a mirror in the bathroom.

Donna is asleep but has a dream that when she walks to the bathroom to take an anxiety pill, the murderer is waiting to push her into the mirror. She gets up anyway and finds the window in the bathroom open. She gets scared and goes back to her room, but Bobby is dead. Meanwhile, the policeman figures out what's going on and goes into the house. Donna thinks it's the murderer and runs to her closet, but the murderer is actually there.

22. What is the theme of Kim's prom night?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Disco Madness

23. Who said, 'It's not who you come with honey, it's who takes you home.'?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Wendy

Wendy said this to Kim, hinting that she might win Nick back.

24. What happens to the murderer?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: The policeman kills him.

The murderer asks Donna if she's ready to go away with him. She lies and says yes but as he steps out of the closet Donna kicks him and tries to run away. He catches her and is about to stab her, but the policeman shoots him just in time. Overall, thirteen people die, are killed, or are found dead in the movie. They are Donna's mom, Donna's dad, Donna's brother, the prison security guard, Maria, the other hotel employee, Claire, Michael, Lisa, two policemen, Bobby, and the murderer.

25. What magazine is Kim reading while she is walking down the hall after tennis practice?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: 'Cosmopolitan'

Cosmo's been around for a long time!

26. Who turned out to be the killer?

From Quiz Prom Night

Answer: Alex

Alex killed the others because he was avenging his twin Robin's death.

27. What is the make of the van that Slick drives?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: Chevy

Didn't Jude's momma tell her to never get into a vehicle with a stranger?

28. When Wendy is trying to hide from the killer, what does she back into that causes the killer to know where she is hiding?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: biology body dummy

When she backs into it, the dummy falls over, knocking its stomach contents onto the floor.

29. How does Lou meet his demise?

From Quiz 'Prom Night' Movie

Answer: decapitated

The killer thought that Nick was the one standing behind the curtain.

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