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4 quizzes and 40 trivia questions.
  "MiB: Men in Black"   popular trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"We are the best kept secret in the universe. Our mission is to monitor extra-terrestrial activity on Earth. We are your best, last, and only line of defence. We work in secret, we exist in shadow, and we dress in black."
Average, 10 Qns, LadyCaitriona, Oct 29 13
LadyCaitriona gold member
16981 plays
  "Men In Black" Quotes    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This quiz tests your knowledge of the lines from the movie "Men In Black". All you have to do is finish the quote that I start.
Average, 10 Qns, dragonfly3544, Jul 13 14
5443 plays
  "Men in Black 2" the Movie    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
"Men in Black 2" is the sequel to the blockbuster hit "Men in Black". Let's see if you paid attention to the second one and know anything about the people in it!
Average, 10 Qns, pinkblush2, Oct 18 09
7025 plays
  "Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Since you guys liked the first "MIB" quotes quiz, here's number two.
Tough, 10 Qns, dragonfly3544, Dec 09 04
3015 plays

Men In Black Trivia Questions

1. "That was a pratical joke__________."

From Quiz
"Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel

Answer: by the Great Attractor

This line is said by agent Kay while he and Jay are in the MIB headquarters. Jay touches a little silver ball that bouces around the room destroying everything. When Kay finally catches it, he says this line. The full quote is "That, was a practical joke by the Great Attractor. It caused the 1936 New York blackout. He thought it was funny as hell."

2. "It just be raining black people___________."

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: in New York

J says this line to a group of people on a double decker bus, after jumping onto the top of it. He jumps on the bus while in pursuit of, what turns out to be, an alien.

3. What actress played the evil Serleena?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle plays Assistant District Attorney Helen Gamble on the show "The Practice".

4. How does J refer to K's neuralyser?

From Quiz "MiB: Men in Black"

Answer: flashy thing

J: "Did you ever flashy-thing me?" K: "No." J: "I ain't playing, K! Did you ever flashy-thing me?" He also, at one point, called it a "memory messer UPPER."

5. "Put the gun down. Don't__________."

From Quiz "Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel

Answer: make me kill you

This is said by Jay while he and Kay are in Jack Jeebs' Pawn Shop. Kay asks Jeebs to show him the guns, but Jeebs replies that he got out of the business a long time ago. Kay shoots Jeebs, and Jay turns to Kay with a gun and speaks this line.

6. Finish this line, said by K to pawnshop owner/alien, Jeebes. "Why don't you show___________?"

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: him the imports, Jeebes

This line is talking about the illegal alien guns that Jeebes sells. "Men in Black" made 85 million dollars in the first 5-days, shattering the previous record of 50.2 million. This record was held by another Smith film, "Independence Day".

7. What was Agent K's name before he went back to the Men in Black?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: Kevin

Agent K worked at a post office before Agent J came back to retrieve him.

8. Was Verne Troyer (Mini-Me from "Austin Powers 2") in this film?

From Quiz "MiB: Men in Black"

Answer: Yes, credited

Troyer does appear in this movie, but completely costumed. You'd never know it was him unless you read the credits or watched the "Men in Black" DVD with the commentary. When K is first showing J the MiB headquarters, there's a pint-sized alien (Alien Son in the credits) running around in the customs line. That's Verne Troyer.

9. "Place your projectile weapon__________."

From Quiz "Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel

Answer: on the ground

This occurs near the beginning of the movie at Edgar's farm. After the bug lands in Edgar's yard, Edgar goes out to investigate. The bug says this line.

10. "Hey, watch the ledge,___________."

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: watch the ledge

This quote takes place in the beginning of the movie, when J is trying to coax the same man he chased onto the bus, off the roof of a building. Will Smith's best known role was William Smith in the "Fresh Prince of Bell-Air" series.

11. Tony Shalhoub played Jeebs, but what was his character's first name?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: Jack

Tony Shalhoub played the Jeebs character in the first "Men in Black" movie.

12. Why did the Edgar Bug kidnap Dr. Weaver?

From Quiz "MiB: Men in Black"

Answer: For a snack

Edgar Bug: "You're coming with me. It's a long trip. I'll need a snack."

13. "It's not for her. It's__________."

From Quiz "Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel

Answer: for me

This line is said by Kay, to Jay, at the end of the movie. After they kill the bug, Kay says that he has several memories that he doesn't want. Then he asks Jay to neuralize him.

14. What other movie has Rip Torn not been in?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: "The Brady Bunch Movie"

Rip Torn was also the voice of Zeus in Disney's "Hercules" (1997).

15. Rip Torn played which MiB agent?

From Quiz "MiB: Men in Black"

Answer: MiB Chief Z

I thought it unusual at first that the name was pronounced "zed" and not "zee" (since the story takes place in America), but player filmeditor pointed out that in the American military the letter is also pronounced "zed". Thanks for your help!

16. "I know Edgar, and that__________."

From Quiz "Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel

Answer: wasn't Edgar

This line is said by Edgar's wife, Beatrice, when Jay and Kay come to her house pretending to be FBI agents. They ask her to describe what happened the night Edgar was murdered. This line is her reply.

17. "The woman's a doctor she don't need you flashin' away___________."

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: half her med school classes

This line is spoken by J, before he and K go into the morgue. "MIB" was the hit of the year in 1997. It grossed over $250 million dollars within the first two years, in the US alone.

18. "Dude was that ugly__________?"

From Quiz "Men in Black" Quotes: The Sequel

Answer: before he was an alien

In this scene, Kay and Jay, are still interviewing Beatrice. Jay says this line to Kay, after he sees a picture of Edgar in a fishing outfit. Beatrice is in the kitchen getting lemonade.

19. "What, we don't like___________?"

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: bugs

This line belongs to J. He says this when he and K are at Edgar's farm. While there they find out that there is a "bug" loose in Manhattan. Will Smith, Agent J, was originally not interested in participating in "MIB". His second wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, convinced him to reconsider.

20. What actress played Laura?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: Rosario Dawson & Dawson

Rosario Dawson played Valerie in "Josie in the Pussycats" which came out in 2001.

21. "Mikey, when did they___________?"

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: let you out

This line is said by Agent K, in one of the first scenes of the movie. In this scene, he and then partner Dee find a wanted alien.

22. What type of dog is Frank?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: Pug

Frank the Pug was voiced by Tim Blaney who was a puppeteer in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" with Jim Carrey.

23. How long in Earth-time is a Galactic Standard Week?

From Quiz "MiB: Men in Black"

Answer: One hour

K: "Arquillian battle rules: first we get an ultimatum, then a warning shot, then a galactic standard week to respond." J: "A galactic standard week? How long is that?" K: "One hour."

24. In this scene, J is chasing the bug. In an effort to get the bug's attention, J squishes a cockroach and then asks this question. "I'm sorry, was that___________?"

From Quiz "Men In Black" Quotes

Answer: your auntie

At the 1998 MTV Movie Awards, Smith won Best Musical Performance and Best Fight Sequence for his role in "MIB".

25. Which famous person did not make an appearence in "Men in Black 2"?

From Quiz "Men in Black 2" the Movie

Answer: Oprah

Although Oprah was mentioned, she did not appear in the movie. Michael Jackson was an alien who wanted to join the Men in Black and become Agent M.

26. What kind of memory does K tell the "clean-up crew" to give to Dr. Weaver after J's appeal on her behalf?

From Quiz "MiB: Men in Black"

Answer: Happy

K: "...Make it a happy memory."

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