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Fun Trivia
2 Mystic River quizzes and 30 Mystic River trivia questions.
  'Mystic River' 2    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is the second part of my 'Mystic River' quiz. I hope you enjoy it. Again, this quiz contains spoilers. Have fun!
Average, 15 Qns, gumnutgirl16, Jan 17 07
1700 plays
  'Mystic River' Quiz 1    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
This is a quiz about the great movie 'Mystic River'. This quiz contains spoilers so if you haven't seen the movie, don't take my quiz - otherwise, enjoy. Look out for my second quiz.
Average, 15 Qns, gumnutgirl16, Jul 15 04
2107 plays
trivia question Quick Question
When was the last time Jimmy said he saw Dave when asked by Sean?

From Quiz "'Mystic River' 2"

Mystic River Trivia Questions

2. At the beginning we see the three main characters, Jimmy, Dave and Sean, playing innocently on the street. What are they playing?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Hockey

They are playing street hockey when Dave accidently hits the ball down the drain, and that's where it all begins.

3. What are the three boys doing when they are caught by the two men posing as cops?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Writing their name in the cement

Jimmy and Sean have written their name in the cement, and Dave is writing his, when the two men drive up and order poor Dave to get in the back of the car. Dave got into the car and was abducted by the men.

4. What were the names of the two men that abducted Dave?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: Henry and George

Dave says this to Celeste when he's telling her about the abduction. This is such a brilliantly acted scene.

5. How many days was it before Dave finally escaped the gruesome nightmare that the two men posing as cops subjected him to?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: 4

Sean states this further on in the movie. Dave was molested and abused by the two men, but was fortunately able to escape.

6. What is the name of Sean's baby?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: Norah

When Sean's wife finally begins to talk to him, she says that their baby's name is Norah.

7. Who did Dave kill on the night of Katie's murder?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: A child molester

Dave is accused of Katie's murder. It is revealed at the end of the movie that it was a child molester that he killed.

8. How old was Jimmy's daughter, Katie?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: 19

Unfortunately Katie was murdered, and it is said several times throughout the movie that she was only 19 years old.

9. Whose gun was used to kill Katie?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: Just Ray Harris'

Just Ray Harris had a gun that he used in a liquor store robbery some years before. Silent Ray Harris found the gun and used it to kill Katie.

10. Who plays Whitey Powers?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Laurence Fishburne

Kevin Bacon plays Sean, Sean Penn plays Jimmy and Tim Robbins plays Dave. Whitey Powers is Sean's partner.

11. When Jimmy sees Katie in the basement of the funeral home, what does he lay on top of Katie's body?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: A dress

He then begins to tell the funeral director what he wants written in the obituary.

12. On the night of Katie's murder, what time did Dave stumble home?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: 3:00 am

Dave comes home with blood all over him and a busted up hand. He says to his wife, Celeste, that he was mugged, and he thinks he may have killed a guy. He was sliced by a knife across the chest.

13. Where were Katie and her boyfriend, Brendan Harris, planning on running away to?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Las Vegas

They were planning on going to Las Vegas and getting married. They were running away because Jimmy didn't like Brendan, and would never have approved of their relationship.

14. What was wrong with Brendan's brother, Ray Harris Jr.?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: He was a mute

He was known as Silent Ray. Brendan stuck by him through everything, and Ray became very dependent on him. When Ray found out that Brendan was planning on going to Las Vegas, he and his friend John killed Katie so he wouldn't go.

15. What were Dave's last words?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: 'It wasn't me'

Jimmy gave Dave an ultimatum and Dave reluctantly confessed to killing Katie to save his life, even though he didn't do it. Jimmy killed Dave, but Dave was able to make a plea one last time.

16. How long had it been since Sean's wife left him?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: 6 months

It has been 6 months, and she would call him and not say a word. Sean knew it was her, and he would try to talk to her, but she still would not say anything.

17. 'We bury our sins here, Dave. We wash them clean.' Who says this quote?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: Jimmy

He says this just before killing Dave.

18. What is the name of the brothers that help Jimmy find out information about the murder?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Savage & The Savage Brothers & Savage Brothers

The Savage Brothers were related to Annabeth and Celeste.

19. When was the last time Jimmy said he saw Dave when asked by Sean?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: 25 years ago

Sean: 'So Jimmy, when was the last time you saw Dave?' Jimmy: 'The last time I saw Dave...' Sean: 'Yeah, Dave Boyle.' Jimmy: 'Dave Boyle...' Sean: 'Yeah Jimmy, Dave Boyle.' Jimmy: 'That was twenty-five years ago, going up this street, in the back of that car.'

20. How many Oscars was 'Mystic River' nominated for?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: 6

It was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Screenplay.

21. When Dave is questioned by the police about his busted hand, what is one of the excuses he uses?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Caught it in the garbage disposal

He also said that he sliced his chest on his fence in the backyard.

22. How many Oscars did the movie win?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: 2

Sean Penn won for Best Actor and Tim Robbins won for Best Supporting Actor.

23. What blood type is Dave?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: B Negative

The cops found B Negative type blood in the front of Dave's car, which belonged to Dave. They also found type O blood in the trunk of the car, which belonged to the victim Dave killed. It was also the same blood type as Katie.

24. Who was the director of 'Mystic River'

From Quiz 'Mystic River' 2

Answer: Clint Eastwood & Eastwood

Clint also produced and composed the original score for the movie.

25. What kind of movie is Dave watching when Celeste comes home late at night?

From Quiz 'Mystic River' Quiz 1

Answer: Movie about vampires

The actual movie he was watching was called 'Vampires'.

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