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Fun Trivia
'The Mummy' (1932), directed by Karl Freund, stars Boris Karloff and Zita Johann.

'The Mummy' (1999), directed by Stephen Sommers, stars Brendan Frasier, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, and Oded Fehr.
'The Mummy Returns' (2001), directed by Stephen Sommers, stars Brendan Frasier, Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, and Oded Fehr.
'The Scorpion King' (2002), directed by Chuck Russell, stars Dwayne Johnson and Grant Heslov.

22 The Mummy quizzes and 308 The Mummy trivia questions.
  Quotes from 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
I know these movies are silly, but between Brendan Fraser and some very witty quotes, I love both of them. Tell me who said it. Remember, 'The Mummy' AND 'The Mummy Returns' are what you are being quizzed on here. Have fun!
Average, 10 Qns, sonstoo2, Feb 28 04
6014 plays
  "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Here's a quiz about my two favorite movies, "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns".
Average, 10 Qns, egyptmysteries, Jan 05 08
7572 plays
  "The Mummy": Quotes Throughout The Trilogy    
Multiple Choice
 15 Qns
How well do you remember the 1997 movie "The Mummy" and its sequels "The Mummy Returns", and "Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor"?
Average, 15 Qns, dubya64, Jul 09 18
Jul 09 18
194 plays
  A Third "Mummy" Movie with the O'Connells?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is the first quiz about "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor" (2008). All information can be found from watching the movie and credits.
Average, 10 Qns, evil44, Apr 27 10
381 plays
  The 'Mummy' Series    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Questions on both 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns.'
Average, 20 Qns, GeekBob, Apr 16 11
865 plays
  The Mummy Mania   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
Questions from both "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns". You need to have seen the movie very up close!
Average, 10 Qns, ImhotepLovesMe, Jul 04 12
487 plays
  Meet 'The Mummy' Universal Classic    
Multiple Choice
 20 Qns
Long before multi-million dollar effects, Universal made a series of wonderful monster movies. "The Mummy" (1932) starring Boris Karloff was one of them.
Difficult, 20 Qns, LindaC007, Jun 04 04
1425 plays
trivia question Quick Question
Who got the Hom-Dai for his crimes?

From Quiz "The Mummy"

The Mummy Trivia Questions

1. "I only gamble with my life, not my money." Who says this aboard the rocky boat to Hamunaptra?

From Quiz
"The Mummy": Quotes Throughout The Trilogy

Answer: Rick O'Connell

In "The Mummy", Jonathan and a few Americans are gambling at a table when Rick approaches. One of the Americans asks Rick to play, and he delivers this reply. Jonathan, who has a desire for money and anything that shines, has no hesitation gambling, but Rick is smart enough not to. As well, Rick has gone through so many battles that he thinks that this should be the only way to gamble.

2. The opening sequence of the movie showed Jet Li portraying the Chinese Emperor Han from the year 221 BC. His top general, Ming Guo, was sent to find a witch who could make the emperor immortal. What was this witch's name?

From Quiz A Third "Mummy" Movie with the O'Connells?

Answer: Zi Yuan

Zi Yuan, played by Michelle Yeoh, ended up falling in love with General Ming, ultimately leading to Ming's execution and Zi Yuan being stabbed. The child they conceived would come into play later in the movie.

3. At the begining of "The Mummy", what does Evie knock over?

From Quiz "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"

Answer: bookshelves & bookshelf & bookcase & bookcases

There were eight of them, and the curator got really angry.

4. In what time period does the majority of 'The Mummy' take place?

From Quiz The 'Mummy' Series

Answer: 1920s

The film takes place roughly in the mid-1920s, with at least one character identified as a veteran of WWI.

5. 'Whatever it is, O'Connell, I'm not interested! Every time I hook up with you, I get shot! Last time I got shot in the arse! I'm in mourning for my arse!'

From Quiz Quotes from 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'

Answer: Izzy

He also got shot in the spleen. Poor guy. From 'The Mummy Returns.'

6. "I lie to everybody. What makes you so special?" Who says this to a frustrated character?

From Quiz "The Mummy": Quotes Throughout The Trilogy

Answer: Jonathan Carnahan

In "The Mummy",,Jonathan says this to his sister Evie after telling her one of his many lies. She thinks that because she is Jonathan's sister, he should not lie to her. But given his nature, Jonathan has no limit as to what he will lie about and to whom he lies to. This, in turn, causes all characters to not trust a word he says.

7. In the beginning of the movie, opening the Chest of Anubis triggers something that threatens Evy and Rick's life. What is it?

From Quiz The Mummy Mania

Answer: The Nile River, which almost drowns them

Evy- "He who disturbs this chest shall... drink from the Nile. Oh, that doesn't sound too bad!"

8. At the begining of "The Mummy Returns", what does Alex knock over?

From Quiz "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"

Answer: pillars & pillar & column & columns

When the last pillar broke the wall, it saved his parents' lives!

9. When we first meet Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser,) he is a member of which organization?

From Quiz The 'Mummy' Series

Answer: Foreign Legion

Rick O'Connell wound up in Egypt during a tour of duty in the Foreign Legion.

10. Who wrote the screenplay?

From Quiz Meet 'The Mummy' Universal Classic

Answer: John L. Balderston

Garrett Ford wrote the screenplay for 'Dracula', which was based on the stage play written by Deane and Balderston. Clavell wrote the screenplay for the camp horror classic 'The Fly' starring Vincent Price.

11. "The Book of the Dead? Are you sure you want to be playing around with this thing?" Which concerned character is worried about Evelyn's reading from this book?

From Quiz "The Mummy": Quotes Throughout The Trilogy

Answer: Rick O'Connell

"The Mummy", after Evie finds the book, she tells Rick what it is. She then goes on to say what it is supposedly used for. The book is supposed to give life, and Rick is still concerned, thinking that it may awaken Imhotep, so he delivers the line above to her. Evie then goes on to reassure him that no harm ever came from reading a book, a comment she later regrets saying.

12. What does it say on the double decker bus behind Rick and Evelyn, who are kissing, after all the mummy soldiers formed by Imhotep are killed after Rick saves Evelyn from the British Museum?

From Quiz The Mummy Mania

Answer: Do Not Spit

Right after Ardeth says his famous "This was.. my first bus ride" The very seductive Rick pulls his wife in for a smooch. Behind them is the very bold DO NOT SPIT. This one took me a while to notice.

13. In "The Mummy", what did Evie read/open that got her friends and family into trouble?

From Quiz "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"

Answer: Book of the Dead

This was the reason for all of their troubles in the movie.

14. What nationality is Rick's ex-buddy Beni (Thomas J. O'Connor)?

From Quiz The 'Mummy' Series

Answer: Hungarian

Beni is Hungarian, according to director Stephen Sommers on the commentary track of the original 'Mummy' DVD. Ironically, the character of Beni was widely criticized as being a negative EGYPTIAN stereotype.

15. 'Looks to me like we have all the horses.'

From Quiz Quotes from 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'

Answer: Beni & Benni & Benny

From 'The Mummy.' Reaching the shore after jumping from the burning boat. Rick replies, 'Hey Beni, looks to me like you're on the wrong side of the river.'

16. What was name of the leader of the British Expedition that finds Imhotep's tomb?

From Quiz Meet 'The Mummy' Universal Classic

Answer: Sir Joseph Whemple

Dr. Muller was Whemple's collegue. Howard Carter was the one who opened the inner chamber of Tutankamun's (Tut's) tomb, with him was Lord Carnarvon, his patron and financier of the dig.

17. "I know you're wondering...what is a place like me doing in a girl like this?" Which drunk character says this on their first night in Hamunaptra?

From Quiz "The Mummy": Quotes Throughout The Trilogy

Answer: Evelyn Carnahan

In "The Mummy", late on their first night in Hamunaptra, Rick and Evelyn are the only ones still awake. She is stumbling, with a bottle of liquor in hand. She says to Rick that she, unlike her brother, knows how to control her drink. Obviously mistaken, she then gets close to Rick, says she is going to kiss him, and then faints in his lap before she gets the chance to do so.

18. Where does Alex O'Connell spend most of his time?

From Quiz The Mummy Mania

Answer: British Museum

Rick- "You better believe him he spends more time there then he does at home."

19. In "The Mummy Returns", what did Evie read/open that got her friends and family into trouble?

From Quiz "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"

Answer: Chest of Anubis

Evie just never learns.

20. Lord Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), the ancient Egyptian priest resurrected as The Mummy, is named after an actual historical figure of ancient Egypt. What was the REAL Imhotep's occupation?

From Quiz The 'Mummy' Series

Answer: Architect

The historical Imhotep was an architect, the first man of his profession EVER to have his name recorded by history. The masterpiece which earned him this honor was the 'Necropolis,' a funerary complex in the vicinity of the pyramids. (Perhaps the inspiration for 'Hamunaptra,' the 'City of The Dead' ruled by the movie Imhotep?)

21. 'A few years ago, I would have thought this was very strange.'

From Quiz Quotes from 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'

Answer: Rick

From 'The Mummy Returns.' Rick says this to Ardeth after entering the museum once Imhotep awakens, again.

22. Who played the part of Dr. Muller?

From Quiz Meet 'The Mummy' Universal Classic

Answer: Edward Van Sloan

Edward Van Sloan (1881-1964) was a versatile character actor whose career spanned many decades. His best known role is that of Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, Count Dracula's nemesis, in Universal's "Dracula" (1931). He was also casted by Universal in "Frankenstein" (1931) as Dr. Waldman. Van Sloan reprised the role of Dr. Van Helsing in 1936's "Dracula's Daughter".

23. "Yeah, look what happened to his career." Rick dryly says this when Evie says who went looking for Ahm Shere. Who did she NOT mention searching for Ahm Shere?

From Quiz "The Mummy": Quotes Throughout The Trilogy

Answer: Nebuchadnezzar

In "The Mummy Returns", Evie wants to go find the lost oasis of Ahm Shere. She says that Alexander the Great, Napoleon, and Caesar all sent troops looking for it, none finding it. Rick then jokes about how their career ended, and jokingly says that he and Evie are the ones that could find it, because they are smarter and taller. Evie doesn't realize Rick is joking but manages to get him to go.

24. What animal is on the hourglass that Imhotep turns over during his talk with Alex?

From Quiz The Mummy Mania

Answer: Snake

In this scene, Imhotep wears a black mask very similar to the one he wears in the first movie. He turns over the hourglass to begin counting the days Alex has left before the bracelet sucks the life out of him.

25. The mummified body in the coffin on the Emperor's chariot was a decoy, and not really that of Han. What word did Lin use to identify the man in the coffin?

From Quiz A Third "Mummy" Movie with the O'Connells?

Answer: eunuch

After Lin stabbed the mummy in the coffin with the special dagger she said he was a decoy and he was a eunuch, assumed to be loyal to Emperor Han. The real mummy of Emperor Han was in the statue holding the reins of the chariot.

26. What was Jonathan's prized possesion in "The Mummy"?

From Quiz "The Mummy" & "The Mummy Returns"

Answer: the key

Although Jonathan was very interested in wine, the key was definitely the most important to him in this movie.

27. Which Pharoah did Imhotep serve in his human life?

From Quiz The 'Mummy' Series

Answer: Seti I

Imhotep served (and murdered) Seti I. Tut comes MUCH later in history. Ramses II and Ramses the Great are the same person.

28. Panic mode: 'What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do?'

From Quiz Quotes from 'The Mummy' and 'The Mummy Returns'

Answer: Jonathan

From 'The Mummy Returns,' to Alex, after breaking off the key in Rick's car. Alex's response is, 'You're asking me? I'm only 8 years old, for cripes sake!'

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