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3 The Mask quizzes and 30 The Mask trivia questions.
  10 Questions on The Mask    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
This is about the 1994 film, starring Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Richard Jeni and Peter Reigert.
Average, 10 Qns, tybird78, Jul 30 11
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  10 Questions about The Mask    
Multiple Choice
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This quiz is for the 1994 movie "The Mask", staring Jim Carrey.
Average, 10 Qns, ForThePizza, Jul 21 11
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  Who Played Me in "The Mask"?    
Multiple Choice
 10 Qns
In this quiz, I will describe a character from the film "The Mask", and you tell me who played him or her. Good luck!
Average, 10 Qns, CAGuy0206, May 05 17
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trivia question Quick Question
Stanley gave me a gun to use at the Coco Bongo. Who played me?

From Quiz "Who Played Me in "The Mask"?"

The Mask Trivia Questions

1. Who is the main character in the movie?

From Quiz
The Mask

Answer: Stanley Ipkiss

Stanley is bullied by just about everybody, including his boss and landlady. When he puts the mask on, he becomes a wacky, green headed figure who can pull anything out of his pockets. The Mask gets back at some of Stanley's tormentors who include Mrs. Peenman, drivers who honk at Stanley to get out of the way, street muggers and the mechanics who cheated him.

2. As shown in the beginning of the movie, who is the first person to find the mask?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: A scuba diver

At the beginning of the movie, a scuba diver is shown finding and opening a chest where he discovers the mask. A pole that is being lowered down to the scuba diver slips and accidentally hits the scuba diver, freeing the mask to whomever finds it next.

3. Who is the villain in the movie?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Dorian Tyrell

Tyrell is played by Peter Greene. Tyrell is a gangster who is planning to overthrow his boss.

4. How does Stanley Ipkiss find the mask in the river?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: He goes to rescue what he thinks is a body, but is really a pile of trash.

Stanley had just broken down in his loaned car on the bridge and is looking over the edge when he thinks he sees a person floating down the river. He runs down to find it's not a body. Instead, he finds a mask among all the trash.

5. Who is the police officer that pursues Stanley?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Lt. Kellaway

He is investigating what the mask did the night he broke in and attacked Mrs. Peenman. He also pursues and attempts to arrest Stanley at Landfill Park.

6. Why is the landlord at Stanley's apartment upset with Stanley?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: He came in late and ruined her rug.

When he comes home he is very late because his car broke down. His feet are also wet and dirty from the river, so when he steps on her rug it becomes dirty.

7. Where does the movie take place?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Edge City

You can see it at the top center of the screen, before you see the diver trying to open the chest where the mask has been locked in. Edge City is a large city close to a harbor.

8. What does Milo, Stanley's dog, always do that he is told not to?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Jump up at people

When Stanley comes home, Milo always jumps up into his arms even though he is told not to. This is again demonstrated when Stanley is in jail later in the movie and he has Milo jump up to the window.

9. Why is Stanley going to the mechanic's after work?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: To get his vehicle

He is going to get his vehicle back, which is an '89 Civic. The mechanics tell him that the brake drums were shot and that he needs a new transmission, despite Stanley's request that he only wanted an oil change. They end up loaning a Studebaker to Stanley, since Stanley needs a car later that night.

10. Why does Tina go to the bank?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: To get footage of the bank vault

Tina, played by Cameron Diaz, goes to the bank with a hidden camera in her purse to get footage of the bank vault for a future robbery. She has to distract Stanley, which is why she is dressed in a red dress.

11. What game were a couple of Tyrell's henchmen playing when Tyrell himself yells for them to keep quiet?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Air hockey

Tyrell is talking to Freeze and looking at the TV screen with the bank vaults shown on it at the time he yells for them to be quiet because their air hockey game is too loud.

12. Stanley spoke with me to learn more about masks. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "The Mask"?

Answer: Ben Stein

Stein, born in 1944 in Washington, D.C., played Dr. Arthur Neuman in a minor role. Dr. Neuman was first seen on the television while Stanley was channel surfing in his apartment right after finding the mask. Dr. Neuman was on a talk show discussing his new book where he claimed that we all wore masks. Stanley paid Dr. Neuman a visit to ask about masks and he ended up annoying him. When Stanley asked him if he should meet Tina at the park that night as Stanley or The Mask, Dr. Neuman advised him to go as both himself and The Mask. Stein guest starred on the TV shows "Melrose Place", "MacGyver" and "The Hughleys".

13. What kind of dog is Milo?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Jack Russell Terrier

The first time you see him is when Stanley gets home after finding the mask. He jumps up on Stanley after he walks in the front door.

14. Why does Stanley go to jail?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: He is thrown out of a car at Lieutenant Kellaway with a fake mask planted in his jacket.

Tyrell ties Stanley up and throws him out of his car at Lieutenant Kellaway with a fake mask planted in his jacket. Tyrell keeps the real mask so he can finally defeat Niko without interference from Stanley.

15. Why is Tyrell escorted to Niko's office?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: To tell him he is mad at Tyrell

Niko is mad at Tyrell because the cops tried to shut the club down after Tyrell used small time scams by allowing only certain people into the club. The delivery boys force Tyrell to the ground and put a tee in his mouth, and Tyrell spits it out. Then one of the delivery guys puts a gun to his head, and Tyrell groans and another tee is placed in his mouth and a golf ball is put on it. Niko then tells Tyrell he is fed up with him, and tells him that he'll kill him unless Tyrell leaves town, and gives him a week to leave.

16. How does Stanley get out of jail?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Milo sneaks the keys from the guard.

Milo is waiting outside the jail and Stanley gets him to jump up to the window and get the keys from the guard.

17. Stanley gave me a gun to use at the Coco Bongo. Who played me?

From Quiz Who Played Me in "The Mask"?

Answer: Richard Jeni

Jeni, born on April 14th, 1957 in Brooklyn, New York, played Charlie Schumaker. Charlie worked with Stanley at the bank and told him on one occasion how proud he was for standing up to Mr. Dickey. When he asked Stanley on what side of whose bed he woke up on that morning, Stanley said he had no idea what was up with him. Stanley was at the fundraiser that Dorian and his men crashed near the end of the movie and he noticed Stanley was there. Stanley gave him a gun to use for protection in case one of Dorian's men threatened him. In Charlie's final scene, he swam out into the river to retrieve Stanley's mask but Milo the dog got it instead. Jeni had roles in the films "Bird", "An Alan Smithee Film: Burn Hollywood Burn" and "Chasing Robert".

18. What is the name of the club Niko owned?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: Coco Bongo Club

You'll see the sign just before Stanley arrives at the club in the loaned Studebaker. The Coco Bongo Club is a club which only allows certain people in, which angers Niko.

19. Why does Tyrell try to blow up Tina?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: He thinks she is in a relationship with Stanley.

Tina visits Stanley at jail and plans on running away from Tyrell. He catches her before she runs away and assumes she is in a relationship with Stanley and is running away from him.

20. What happens to the mask at the end?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: It gets thrown back into the harbor where it was found.

Tina throws it back into the harbor after Stanley asks her if she'll miss the mask. As Stanley and Tina kiss, Charlie gets out of the car, and jumps into the harbor to get the mask, but he ends up seeing Milo swimming away with it in his mouth.

21. How does Stanley stop the bomb?

From Quiz The Mask

Answer: He eats it.

In this scene, Stanley is wearing the mask and rushes over to Tina to stop the bomb. With only five seconds left until detonation, he eats it. This, of course, is only possible because he has the mask on.

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