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5 Liar Liar quizzes and 50 Liar Liar trivia questions.
  Liar, Liar   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is my second quiz I have made since I have signed up. I love the movie "Liar Liar" so here it is.
Easier, 10 Qns, bubbles1306, Jul 22 12
11153 plays
  Test yourself! Liar Liar Quiz   great trivia quiz  
Multiple Choice
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This is a Jim Carrey classic. Hopefully you saw this movie many times!
Average, 10 Qns, mikev7777, Sep 23 11
10316 plays
  What do you know about Liar Liar?    
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This is a hilarious movie with Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney, Jennifer Tilly, Justin Cooper, and Cary Elwes. Enjoy.
Easier, 10 Qns, Da_Moose, Jan 10 13
9318 plays
  10 Questions about Liar Liar    
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This is a quiz on the brilliant and funny film "Liar Liar".
Average, 10 Qns, MauraT2002, Nov 18 09
13094 plays
  Liar Liar Quiz for Experts    
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The 1997 movie, starring Jim Carrey, Maura Tierney & Jennifer Tilly.
Average, 10 Qns, tybird78, Jul 18 14
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trivia question Quick Question
What is Mrs. Cole's son's name?

From Quiz "Liar Liar"

Liar Liar Trivia Questions

1. At the beginning, Max tells his teacher that his mom is a teacher. Then his teacher asks him what his dad's profession is. What does Max say his dad is?

From Quiz
Liar Liar

Answer: A liar

Max's teacher thinks that Max doesn't really mean a liar. Max then says his dad wears a suit, goes to court and talks to the judge. The teacher realizes that Max's dad is a lawyer.

2. When Max makes his 'unwish' so that Fletcher can lie, Fletcher tries to see if he can lie again to a woman. What does she do to him?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Slaps him

Fletcher learns about his son's wish and wants him to reverse the effect so Fletcher can lie in court. He walks right up to a woman with a child on the playground and wham! We can't hear what Fletcher does say here but it obvoiusly is not good. Only after this strike to the face does Fletcher learn that Max didn't mean his 'unwish'.

3. Why does Max make the wish?

From Quiz Liar, Liar

Answer: So his dad won't tell a lie for a whole day

Max makes the wish that for just a whole day that his dad won't tell a lie. His dad lies to everyone, including him and breaks many of the promises he makes to him. Max is already disappointed that his dad hasn't show up for his birthday as it is - hence the reason why he makes this wish.

4. What is Jim Carrey's character's first name?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Fletcher

Fletcher Reede is a lawyer who is also a liar. He has a son named Max, who makes a birthday wish. Max wishes that his father won't be able to tell a lie for 24 hours. This leads to some very funny and dramatic scenes.

5. What time exactly does Max Reede make his wish?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: 8:15

He makes the wish at his birthday party, when Fletcher doesn't turn up. Fletcher is with Miranda, a work colleague, so he can make partners at his firm.

6. When Audrey and Fletcher are talking after they repossess Fletcher's car, what character trait does Fletcher associate with Jerry - Audrey's boyfriend?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Magoo

This happens at the place where Fletcher's car needs to be repossessed. Fletcher is upset about the possibility of Audrey looking for houses in Boston and moving there with Max and Jerry. The topic of Jerry comes up because Fletcher questions whether Jerry is right for Audrey. Audrey: "Look, you're wrong! Sometimes, maybe, yes, he is a little bit..." Fletcher: "Magoo!"

7. What is the thing that Fletcher does that makes Max laugh every time they see each other?

From Quiz Liar, Liar

Answer: The claw

When Fletcher comes to see him he says to Max "Boy my arm is hurting" Max laughs and then he attacks him and says "Nothing can stop the claw."

8. At what time does Fletcher's son Max make his wish?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: 8:15 pm

Fletcher can't lie again until exactly 8:15 pm the very next day. He is with a law partner when Max makes his wish. Fletcher then makes an embarrassing but truthful statement. This causes his law partner to throw him out of her office. Max is played by Justin Cooper.

9. What is Max's wish?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: that his dad will stop lying for 24 hours

The wish comes true and Fletcher can't lie for a whole day, unfortunatly he lands himself an important case for which he has to lie.

10. What is the name of Fletcher's secretary?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Greta

Greta is first seen after Fletcher and Max stop by the office for a minute. She asks Max what's new, and Max tells her he is having a birthday party the next day. She says "Wow, I'll bet your dad got you something wonderful." Max then asks his dad, and he confirms it, then Fletcher tells Max to go play in his office for a minute. After Fletcher closes the door, he says "Darn it," meaning that he didn't get Max a present. Greta shows Fletcher a present for Max.

11. Who is Fletcher with at the moment his son Max makes his wish?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Miranda

After the candles are blown out, the smoke rises and we see the clock read 8:15. The clock changes to the one in Miranda's office and and it shows Fletcher and her together. Miranda looks at Fletcher and says, "That was incredible! Was it good for you?" To which Fletcher replies, "I've had better!" The reason you can tell that he is telling the truth is that he makes a face which basically indicates that he can't believe what he has just said. He is so used to lying that he can't believe he just told the truth. For this, Miranda throws him out of her office - obviously angry.

12. On what channel does Fletcher tell Max that wrestling is "fake"?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: 23

Fletcher says wrestling is real in the Olympics but fake on channel 23. Max isn't upset by this but he knows it must be true because his father can't lie.

13. When Max asks Fletcher if wrestling is real, according to Fletcher on which channel is the sport fake?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: 23 & twenty three

According to Fletcher wrestling is real at the Olympics, and on channel 23 it's fake.

14. Audrey has a boyfriend who actually keeps his promises to Max. What is his name?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Jerry

Jerry proves that he can keep his promises, as shown at the start when he says so, and then asks Max if he has time to play catch. Max then says "sure". He even has plans to take Max hiking and go to Fenway Park if Max and Audrey decide to go to Boston. Jerry mentions the plans to Audrey at Max's birthday party.

15. What profession does Max say that his dad Fletcher is in the opening scene of the movie?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: a liar

This is the opening scene and is basically foreshadowing the whole movie. Max's teacher is asking the kids in his class what their parents do for W-O-R-K! Two students go before Max, one of whom says his dad is a truck driver and another who says her mom is a doctor. When Max says his dad is a liar his teacher looks shocked. Max then explains that he wears a suit and goes to court to talk to the judge. Max's teacher then understands that Fletcher is a 'lawyer'.

16. "That's just something ugly people say." Who says this in the movie?

From Quiz Liar, Liar

Answer: Fletcher

Fletcher takes Max out of his class with a little cake to get him to take his wish back because it has come true. Max is saying to Fletcher that his friend's mom says "that beauty is only skin deep". That's when Fletcher says "that's just something ugly people say".

17. What color is the pen Fletcher is trying to lie about?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: blue

Fletcher knows he can't lie. He tries to break the curse by saying a pen he has in his hands is red. This doesn't work because the pen is blue. Every time he tries to say it is red, he can't. It results in one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

18. What is Audrey Reede's profession?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Teacher

Audrey is a teacher, and was going to give her job up to move to Boston.

19. Why doesn't Fletcher want to talk to his mother?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: She talks about his father's bowel movements

When Fletcher is on the phone with the judge, his mother calls. When talking to her he says: "I didn't want to talk to you. Because all you talk about is Dad's bowel movements, color, size, frequency. I'll call you later."

20. When the strange woman at Fletcher's work asks him if he likes her dress what does he say?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Whatever takes the focus off your head.

Fletcher isn't able to lie, so he unfortunelty has to tell her the truth.

21. Fletcher goes to his office after his court session gets delayed, yet again. He sees a pen and tries to lie about its color. What is the pens true color

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Blue

Fletcher tries to lie about the color being red. He is unable to do so, and he even tries to write it down on a notepad, without success. The pen turns on Fletcher and writes "blue" all over his face. Greta comes in to check on Fletcher. Fletcher tells Greta that the pen is blue.

22. What is Jerry's profession?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Hospital Administrator

Audrey, Fletcher and Max are in front of Audrey's house when Jerry pulls in and we see him for the first time. Audrey tells Fletcher that Jerry (Audrey's boyfriend) will be moving soon to Boston for an open position as a hospital administrator. Jerry ends up asking Audrey to marry him. He also wants Audrey and Max to move with him to Boston. Fletcher: "The job, the thing, the...What do you do again?" Jerry: "Hospital Administrator."

23. What is the color of the pen Fletcher is trying to lie about?

From Quiz Liar, Liar

Answer: blue

He is in his office trying to prove that he can still lie and is trying to lie about his pen being red when it is actually blue. This scene is very funny. He does an awesome job.

24. What does Fletcher use with Max to make him laugh?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: The Claw

Fletcher pretends his hand has a mind of its own. He pretends to attack Max with The Claw. Max always laughs at this because Fletcher is basically tickling him.

25. When Fletcher gets to Max's classroom, the teacher is reading the class a book by Dr. Seuss. What book is she reading to the class?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Green Eggs And Ham

Fletcher opens the door and asks the teacher if he can borrow Max. Fletcher explains about Audrey telling him about the birthday wish. Fletcher then asks Max if he can take back the wish. Max then says that he can do it. After Max blows out the candle, Fletcher sees a teacher and goes to talk to her to test if the wish had been taken back. You can't hear what Fletcher says to the teacher, but you can tell it wasn't good because Fletcher gets slapped. Fletcher then realizes that Max didn't mean it. Fletcher then asks why Max didn't mean his wish, Max then explains that when he made the wish the night before, he really meant it, then said that when he unwished it, he only did it because Fletcher told him to. Fletcher tries to get Max to do it again, and to actually mean it this time. Max then says he can't, because he doesn't want Fletcher to lie. After a brief explanation by Fletcher, Max says that Fletcher is the only one who makes Max feel bad.

26. What does Fletcher hi-jack at the airport to stop the plane that Max is on?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: A flight of stairs

Fletcher rides inside a duffle bag to get to where most of the planes are. Then as a mechanic has just finished fixing the flight of stairs, Fletcher drives off with it. He uses it to extend up high enough to see inside the plane's windows.

27. What does Fletcher do in the bathroom?

From Quiz Liar, Liar

Answer: Beats himself up

Fletcher is very frustrated so he kicks his own behind to try and get out of telling the truth about his client Mrs. Coles' infidelity. I love the bloopers at the end of the movie, now that's funny stuff.

28. What is Maura Tierney's character's first name?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Audrey

Audrey Reede is Fletcher's ex-wife and Max's mother. She is currently dating a guy named Jerry, whom Fletcher thinks is a Magoo type person.

29. What does Fletcher throw at the plane window to attract the pilot's attention?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: shoe

The pilots stop the plane, because Fletcher had thrown the shoe.

30. When Fletcher is shown in court, he is waiting for his female client. What is her name?

From Quiz Liar Liar

Answer: Samantha

Samantha Cole is her name. She is first shown in Miranda's office hours before Max's party. Fletcher somehow convinces her that she is the victim when it comes to love. She tells Fletcher that he is right, and she is tired of being kicked around, with Fletcher saying "good for you". Mrs. Cole even tells Fletcher that she happy that she can have an attorney she can trust.

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