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210 Resident Evil Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Resident Evil? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Resident Evil (Movies). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 When the film first begins, where do we first see who we believe to be Project Alice?
Answer: in the shower

This film begins the exact same way that the original film began and you are reintroduced to the evil Dr. Isaacs. You soon realize that he is trying to recreate the original Project Alice for his research and putting her clones through the similar tests that Alice was put through in the first film.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
2 What did Frederic Downing say to himself (overheard by Claire and Rani) when he saw Senator Davis on TV making make a rude comment about infected people in India?
Answer: "I don't understand American humor."

Downing, who is not American, said he didn't understand American humor. Claire nevertheless agreed with Downing's assessment of Davis' rude humor. Davis was asked his thoughts about pictures of the latest WilPharma human test subjects in India. Davis replied, "That Halloween is celebrated a littler earlier in India than in the U.S., maybe?"
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
3 In the beginning of the movie "Resident Evil: Extinction" Alice can be seen moving through three familiar areas, which were present in the first "Resident Evil" movie. Why is that?
Answer: They are used to test the Alice clones.

The clones are tested to see if they are able to survive the same trials as the original Alice did. If they are able to survive it would mean they are successful clones.
    Your options: [ They are used to test the Alice clones. ] [ They are the original locations. ] [ They are flashbacks, telling what happened. ] [ It is from an alternative timeline. ]
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
4 What is Alice's last name in the movie?
Answer: It is never mentioned.

Although in the novelization of the movie, Alice's last name is said to be Abernathy, her last name is never mentioned in either of the two movies.
Alice is one of the commandos who is seized by Umbrella, after narrowly escaping out of the Hive, along with Matt Addison. She is then infected with the t-virus, but not to the extent to where she mutates (unlike poor Matt). For some, unknown reason, the t-virus makes her stronger, rather than mutating her completely. She then takes advantage of this infection, and uses her powers against her creator, Umbrella.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
5 "I'm not sure I want to remember what went on down here."
Answer: One

Alice said the quote to One, after she looks inside the crate, which held the Licker.
Quote was from "Resident Evil".
    Your options: [ Carlos ] [ Jill ] [ One ] [ Rain ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
6 How did the T-Virus get in the Hive?
Answer: it escaped in the air conditioning system

The Red Queen told the remaining commandos that it had escaped in the air conditioning system. Spence breaks the vial with the T-virus inside.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
7 When you see the original Project Alice traveling through the desert, she is on the search for survivors and is led to a distress call coming from a radio station. What are the station's call letters?
Answer: KLKB

The call letters are seen as she approaches the building and are also heard several times over the original distress call. Unfortunately for Alice, the inhabitants of the radio station are not in distress, but are instead luring survivors to their death as a form of amusement.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
8 Who was the first person we saw killed in the airport zombie attack?
Answer: The airport security chief

After arresting the TerraSave protester, the airport security chief went to arrest what appeared to be another protester. But it was a real zombie, which killed the chief. Senator Davis' aide ran away. The reporter was killed by one of the newly infected zombies. We were not shown the fate of the TerraSave protester.
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
9 What is Rain's last name in the first movie?
Answer: Ocampo

In the novelization, her last name is 'Melendez', but in the movie it is not.

Rain Ocampo is the tough, somewhat masculine girl, who is one of the commandos in the special military unit that is sent down to investigate the Hive. As mentioned in the commentary, Michelle Rodriguez's favorite part of playing this role is the way she rolls her eyes slightly towards the back of her head. This gives her character a really rough, uncomfortable glare that suits her personality quite well.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
10 "Yeah, but that doesn't alter the fact that there is something down there."
Answer: Peyton

When Alice, Jill, Peyton, and Terri are on their way to the school, Alice senses that there is something down an ally. She tells them stop and Peyton tells her, "I don't see anything." Alice then says the quote.
Quote was from "Resident Evil: Apocalypse".
    Your options: [ Spence ] [ Kaplan ] [ Peyton ] [ Terri ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
11 Who played as Matt Addison?
Answer: Eric Mabius

Matt Addison was Lisa Addison's brother. Matt pretends to be a cop to get into the Hive. He wants to find out who betrayed his sister. He later finds out that Alice betrayed Lisa.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
12 When Alice is trapped in the radio station, the people there place her in the basement to watch her die at the hands of infected pets they are keeping. What kind of infected animals must Alice fight to survive?
Answer: dogs

Alice kills one of the men and they knock her unconscious before she awakes handcuffed in the basement. They throw her the keys to unlock herself so that "it isn't over too fast" and she is able to kill many of the dogs while rigging the others so that the upstairs floor collapses and she is able to escape. When she jumps upstairs she grabs the ceiling panels and supports herself while the remaining dogs attack and kill the radio station's evil inhabitants.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
13 Leon took only two members of the Special Response Team on the rescue mission inside the airport. Why?
Answer: Leon wanted to limit the spread of the infection

Leon only took Angela and Greg, much to their dismay, to limit the spread of the infection. He also wanted to avoid putting SRT members in a situation where they'd have to kill one of their own that became infected. That would become more likely if a whole SRT squad was sent in.
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
14 Who wrote the original script for the first "Resident Evil" movie, in 1999?
Answer: George A. Romero

The original, 1999 script for 'Resident Evil' focused mainly on the games and was completely different than Paul Anderson's script. George Romero left the project due to reasons revolving around his other movies. These reasons have not been further detailed, but this was most-likely due to the fact that Romero was busy working on scripts for movies that he later released. Romero did not put an end to his passion of making zombie movies and he has made many successful zombie movies, such as "Land of the Dead."
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
15 "This is where they kept the T-virus."
Answer: Matt

After learning that there is a cure, Alice and Matt went into the virus room. Matt was surprised that Alice knew what she knew.
Quote was from "Resident Evil".
    Your options: [ Carlos ] [ Jill ] [ Matt ] [ Spencer ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
16 Who said the quote, "She's right. We are going to die down here."
Answer: Chad Kaplan

Kaplan said this to Alice when they were in the utility tunnels on top of the pipes. He said this because they were all trapped in the Hive, and they had just got attacked by the zombies.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
17 Who is the leader of the truck convoy that encounters Alice in the desert?
Answer: Claire

Claire is played by Ali Larter. She tells Alice that she started the convoy and says that "these people trust me with their lives."
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
18 What incident that occurred before the movie began, continued to haunt Angela Miller?
Answer: Causing the injury of three officers

When she was a rookie cop, Angela impetuously dove into a lake to rescue a child, but had to be rescued herself by fellow officers, three of whom were injured.
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
19 When Alice is awake again she finds herself handcuffed. She is on a lower floor than the people who trapped her there and they throw her the key. Not long after however, they release creatures to kill Alice. What kind of creatures?
Answer: Zombie Dogs

Several zombie dogs are released to attack and kill Alice, but she manages to evade the dogs and kill some. When the dogs suddenly turn on their masters Alice escapes.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
20 "They did something to me. I barely feel human anymore."
Answer: Jill

"I'm good, but I'm not that good." Alice says, "You should be thankful for that," and Jill says "What do you mean?" Then Alice said this quote.
Quote was from "Resident Evil: Apocalypse".
    Your options: [ Peyton ] [ One ] [ Jill ] [ Matt ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
21 To whom did Alice tell, "Don't touch me! Get away from me!"
Answer: Matt Addison

Alice said this to Matt because he pulled her back inside the mansion when the commandos came.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
22 When Alice tries to find gasoline at a desert gas station she encounters the dead owner hanging in the closet and retrieves his notebook. What state does the notebook suggest going to in search of isolated safety?
Answer: Alaska

Getting to Alaska becomes the overwhelming goal for Alice and the members of Claire's convoy. The notebook has transmissions from six months earlier stating that Alaska has an area where they believe the infection may not have reached. The Peace Corps is there helping any and all survivors who can make the long journey north.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
23 Only one character was infected with the G-virus. Who was it?
Answer: Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller injected himself with the virus. He wanted to create a sensational shock that would expose the truth about Raccoon City.
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
24 What two weapons does Nemesis possess in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse"?
Answer: Rocket launcher and machine gun

In the game, "Resident Evil 3: Nemesis", he only carries a rocket launcher. However, in the movie, he carries both a rocket launcher and a machine gun (which was originally used as a prop for a helicopter machine gun). It was Paul Anderson's idea to give the beast a machine gun, in addition to the rocket launcher, so it would give it a more threatening appeal. He also didn't want to just copy all of the ideas from the third game without making any significant differences.

When Nemesis gets his first full-body shot (literally) on the big screen, he is seen using both weapons, as he eliminates many of the S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Resque Squad) members that he was originally programed to kill. He was programmed to do this because the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members knew many of Umbrella secrets. This is briefly reviewed in the movie (only shown in a newspaper clipping, I believe), so I will not go into further detail on this matter. However, if you've played the first "Resident Evil" game, you should know what I'm talking about.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
25 "I don't remember the truth!"
Answer: Matt

After Alice and Matt enter the virus room, Alice tells him that she was his sister's contact and that she was also trying to steal the virus. Matt asked her, "You betrayed her?" and Alice replies with the quote.
Quote was from "Resident Evil".
    Your options: [ Dr. Ashford ] [ Jill ] [ Matt ] [ Rain ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
26 Which member of the convoy is bitten by an infected person at the Desert Trail Motel?
Answer: LJ

When LJ and Carlos are examining the inside of the hotel, LJ is attacked by an infected man and then sits on the hotel bed to breathe a sigh of relief. When he has his guard down, an infected woman appears behind him but he only sees her reflection in the mirror and shoots at the mirror instead of turning around to shoot her. Thus she is able to sink her teeth into his chest.
    Your options: [ Carlos ] [ Betty ] [ Mikey ] [ LJ ]
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
27 What was the name of the group that continually protested WilPharma Corporation?
Answer: TerraSave

TerraSave was a fictionalized version of Earth First and the Sierra Club. Terra Firma was made up.
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
28 Alice is constantly on the run as she needs to evade the Umbrella satellites trying to track her down. On her way she stops at a petrol station and finds something of grave importance. What exactly does she find?
Answer: A diary

The diary forces Claire to reconsider the possibilities the convoy has in front of them, and sets them down another path. The diary describes the infection rates in Alaska.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
29 "They're bio-weapons from Umbrella labs beneath the city."
Answer: Terri

When Jill, Alice, Terri, and Peyton are walking in the graveyard Alice explains to them what the zombies are.
Quote was from "Resident Evil: Apocalypse".
    Your options: [ Kaplan ] [ Rain ] [ Terri ] [ Jill ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
30 How many times do we actually see the Licker?
Answer: 6

1) In the Dining Hall B when Alice looks in the crate. 2) When the Licker busts out of it's crate. 3)When it is climbing on the walls in the utility tunnels. 4)When the Licker kills Spencer by the train.
5)In the virus room it pops through the glass. 6)On the train when it attacks Alice, Rain, Kaplan and Matt.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
31 Claire's primary driving companion is a young girl who took on the name of the store where Claire's convoy had originally found her. What is the name of this character?
Answer: K-Mart

K Mart appears in "Resident Evil: Afterlife" and says that she took the name K Mart because she never really liked her original name and everyone she knew was dead, so it seemed like a good time for a change.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
32 After the escape from the airport, Senator Davis said he didn't like kids because they were "a pain". Claire overheard this and did what to Senator Davis?
Answer: Slapped him hard on the cheek

Senator Davis had knocked the young girl Rani off the crashed plane into a group of zombies while trying to save his own skin. Claire rescued Rani. After they escaped from the airport and Rani was reunited with her aunt, Claire overheard Davis say how much he disliked kids and that "they're a pain". Claire stormed over to Davis and slapped him hard on the cheek. She said harshly, "That girl will probably have nightmares for the rest of her life because of you!"
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
33 The convoy secures an isolated area and decide to stay there for the night. In the morning however they notice that a threat has appeared. What threat has appeared?
Answer: Hundreds of zombie crows have gathered around the convoy

The crows apparently passed the desert city Las Vegas first, before discovering the presence of the convoy. Since the crows ate infected flesh they have been dangerous.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
34 What is so ironic about there being a heatwave in Raccoon City in "Resident Evil: Apocalypse?"
Answer: Throughout the process of making the movie, the air was actually freezing cold.

When they shot this movie in Toronto, it was freezing cold and, behind the scenes, mostly everyone wore heavy jackets. Hence, the irony revolves around the scenes being shot outside, in freezing cold weather, while the movie hints at there being a heatwave in the city.

You can even see the characters' breath throughout the process of the film!
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
35 "She's infected. She's infected on a massive level."
Answer: Jill

After the explosion in the school's kitchen, Alice looks at Angela. "You two know each other?" asked Jill. Jill also finds out that Alice is also infected on a massive level as well.
Quote was from "Resident Evil: Apocalypse".
    Your options: [ Red Queen ] [ Angela ] [ Jill ] [ Matt ]
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
36 What was one of the Hive's earlier experiments?
Answer: the Licker

In the virus room the Red Queen tells that to Alice, Matt and Rain when they see the Licker eating Spence on a TV screen on a wall.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
37 When the convoy awakens at the Desert Trail Motel they are terrified to discover that a massive group of animals is stalking them. What kind of animals attack the convoy in incredible numbers?
Answer: crows

It is K-Mart who originally notices the crows and Claire points out that their eyes signify that they have been feeding on infected flesh. The smallest sound from the bus sets them off and the murder of crows begins attacking all of the vehicles and any passengers unfortunate enough to get separated from the group.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil: Extinction
38 What did Leon say twice to Greg and Angela concerning the zombies?
Answer: "Shoot them in the head."

Leon twice told them to shoot the infected in the head. The first instance occurred on the helicopter just before the airport rescue, and the second midway through the rescue when Greg couldn't believe a zombie got up after being shot in the body point-blank.
  From Quiz: Bite into "Resident Evil: Degeneration"
39 Who dies at the end, to protect Angela?
Answer: Alice

As the city is being obliterated, the shock wave from the explosion causes the helicopter to rumble and shake as the gang flies to safety. A piece of metal hurtles towards Angela, but Alice jumps in front of it just in time to save her. She is impaled by the piece of metal and is found dead as the crash site.
  From Quiz: Resident Evil
40 "If you refuse at any time, we flip the switch. Understand?"
Answer: Red Queen

Alice tells this to the Red Queen after she tells her, Matt, Spencer, Rain, and Kaplan what the zombies are and how to kill them.
Quote was from "Resident Evil".
  From Quiz: 'Resident Evil' Alice Quotes
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