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66 Sense and Sensibility Trivia Questions & Answers

Sense and Sensibility
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1 Which character is played by Emma Thompson?
Answer: Elinor Dashwood

Emma Thompson actually plays the role of Elinor Dashwood who is the sister of Marianne Dashwood and Margaret Dashwood. Elinor Dashwood is the sort of person who always uses her brain.
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Near the end of the film, what did Brandon buy for Marianne?

2 Where did the Dashwoods first meet Colonel Brandon?
Answer: In Sir John Middleton's house

Soon after the Dashwoods moved into the cottage on Sir John Middleton's estate, they were invited to a meal by Middleton and his mother-in-law, Mrs Jennings. While they were there, Marianne was persuaded to play a song on the piano. While she was singing and playing, Colonel Brandon appeared at the doorway. He was then introduced to the Dashwoods.
Question Reference: Quiz: Colonel Brandon.
3 "Sleep is a reconciling."
Answer: "A rest that peace begets."

Marianne Dashwood is very good at playing the piano and singing. This is a portion of the song that she sings (while playing the piano) at Sir John's mansion, shortly after dinner. Colonel Brandon arrives in the middle of the song, and at that point, starts to like Marianne because of her passion for music.
4 In the opening of the movie who do we see talking?
Answer: Henry and John

5 "They'll have no carriages, no horses, hardly any servants, and they'll keep no company. Only conceive how comfortable they'll be."
Answer: Fanny Dashwood

At the very beginning of the movie, John Dashwood had promised his father that he would take care of his stepmother and three half sisters, after his father died. His wife, Fanny, talked him into giving the women only five hundred pounds a year. She was selfish and wanted more of the money for herself. Consequently the Dashwood daughters became very poor. They could not even afford beef or sugar, let alone dowries for Elinor and Marianne. Later on in the movie, Willoughby did not marry Marianne because she was so poor.
6 Who wrote the book?
Answer: Jane Austen

She was born in Hampshire (England) in 1775. Many of her books take place there (for example 'Pride And Prejudice' - few episodes).
7 Why does Willoughby choose Miss Grey instead of Marianne?
Answer: He married her for her 50, 000 pounds.

Marianne finds this out when she, Elinor Dashwood, Mrs Jennings and other company, visit London for a few days. Marianne finds Mr Willoughby and Miss Grey with other company at the ball.
8 After attending at party hosted by Mrs Jennings, Marianne told her sisters and mother that Colonel Brandon was 'infirm'. What proof did she use for this?
Answer: He complained of a rheumatism in his shoulder.

Mrs Jennings hosted a party and invited Colonel Brandon, Marianne, Elinor, Margaret and Mrs Dashwood. At the party, she made some very unsubtle suggestions that Marianne and Colonel Brandon would make a nice couple. When Marianne got home she complained of Brandon's 'age and infirmity' and insisted that he complained of a 'rheumatism in his shoulder'.
Question Reference: Quiz: Colonel Brandon.
9 "Marianne, can you play something else? Mama has been weeping since breakfast."
Answer: "I meant something less mournful, dearest."

The first time Marianne Dashwood is seen, she is playing melancholy tunes on the piano. Elinor says this to Marianne to help her mother's grief lessen. Not heeding Elinor's request, Marianne plays another dark and dreary piece, to which Elinor says the second line.
10 "It's not my atlas anymore, it's their atlas!"
Answer: Margaret Dashwood

At Norland, the Dashwood house, Fanny and John Dashwood were coming to take the house away from the Dashwood sisters and their mother. Margaret, the youngest Dashwood girl, was very upset and hid in her tree house. Elinor told her she could play with her atlas if she came down. Margaret made this statement to Elinor about the atlas, but later came down. She met Edward Ferrars, Fanny's brother, and took an immediate liking to him. Later, after the women moved away to a small cottage, Edward mailed the atlas to Margaret.
11 Who is called in to see the father, Mr. Dashwood, when he is ill?
Answer: His son, John

The son is called in and rushes to his side right before his father's death. He is the one and only child from his first marriage.
12 Who plays the part of Marianne Dashwood?
Answer: Kate Winslet

She's best known for her role in 'Titanic' (1997) co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio. {;)}
13 Which one of the Ferrars brothers does Lucy marry?
Answer: Robert Ferrars

The audience finds this when out Edward Ferrars tells the Dashwood family Lucy married his brother, Mr Robert Ferrars. Elinor Dashwood believes that he is married to Lucy due to their secret engagement.
14 What was the name of Brandon's first love?
Answer: Eliza

Eliza was a ward of his father. They fell in love Brandon's father opposed the marriage and she married Brandon's brother instead. She did not love Brandon's brother and had affairs with other men, eventually falling pregnant. Eliza's story is given more fully in the Jane Austen novel, with some of the details changed or missing from the movie, such as her marriage to Brandon's older brother.
Question Reference: Quiz: Colonel Brandon.
15 "And I believe I know what key you will sing in."
Answer: "F major."

Shortly after Colonel Brandon arrives at Sir John's manor, Sir John requests that Elinor entertain them. Sir John's joke is referring to Margaret's statement at dinner, about a mystery man whom Elinor loves. Margaret also announces that his name begins with an F. Sir John and Mrs. Jennings find this quite hilarious.
16 What are Marianne's talents?
Answer: playing the piano and singing

She is known to be very fond of playing the piano and singing for her friends and family. She is sensible and clever in all she does. Unlike Elinor she does not approve of hiding her feelings about anything.
17 "How did you find the silver? Was it all genuine?"
Answer: Marianne Dashwood

When Fanny and John Dashwood arrived at Norland, Fanny immediately asked for the key to the silver cabinet. Marianne was mad at Fanny and complained to Elinor. Elinor just replied that Marianne had not even talked to Fanny all week. The next morning Marianne decided to ask about the silver. Later Fanny complained to Edward how spoiled and rude the sisters were. Edward defended them, which showed how much he cared for the women.
18 What does the son, John, promise his father he will do?
Answer: Help his father's family with money

On his father's deathbed, John promises to take care of his stepmother and half sisters.
19 Who plays the part of Elinor Dashwood?
Answer: Emma Thompson

She got the Academy Award (Oscar) and Golden Globe for screenplay and was nominated for the Academy Award for the best actress!
20 I am shy, I own an atlas and I am the youngest Dashwood daughter. Who am I?
Answer: Margaret

The audience meets her when Edward Ferrars finally manages to get her out from underneath the table. What happens to her is that she sees all her sisters get married at the end of the movie.
21 On the day of Brandon's picnic he received an urgent message and left at once, despite the pleading of his guests. What was the message about?
Answer: Eliza's daughter

Later in the film Brandon explained his urgent errand to Elinor. He had been searching for Eliza's daughter and she had finally been found. He had to attend to her immediately because she was pregnant with Willoughby's child.
Question Reference: Quiz: Colonel Brandon.
22 "Margaret, that is not the point. We do not speak of such things before strangers."
Answer: "But everyone else was."

On their way home from Sir John's house, Marianne is scolding Margaret for publicizing Elinor's love life, which Marianne calls "ignorant assumptions". Margaret then tries to defend herself. Marianne sharply replies that "Mrs. Jennings is not everyone."
23 How old is Margaret, the youngest Dashwood sister?
Answer: 11

We don't see much of her throughout the film, but she is very much like Marianne in personality. Margaret is very fond of Geography, and becomes quite attached to the men in her sisters' lives.
24 "Marianne Dashwood would no more think of me than she would of you, John."
Answer: Colonel Brandon

After Colonel Brandon first met Marianne, he fell in love with her instantly. The Colonel was talking to Sir John Middleton when he made this statement. Colonel Brandon loved Marianne so much, and was such a gentleman, he did not say anything when Marianne was in love with Willoughby. Later, after Willoughby gave up Marianne, the Colonel spent more time with her, and they were married at the end of the movie.
25 Who are the three sisters, the main characters in the movie?
Answer: Margaret, Marianne, Elinor

The two oldest of the three are very close and help take care of the youngest throughout the movie.