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1 What do John and Jeremy ask for from the divorcées in the beginning of the movie?
Answer: Frequent Flyer Miles

At the very beginning of the movie they are trying to get the married couple to settle on who gets the frequent flyer miles for their divorce. Then they say if you want to throw some of them our way that would be fine.
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Who plays the infamous Chaz?

2 "I know it doesn't feel like it, but we're making progress."
Answer: John

This is during the introduction where Rebecca DeMornay's and Dwight Yoakum's characters are arguing. John and Jeremy are mediating the divorce settlement. John's character says this line during the argument going on between Mr. and Mrs. Krueger.
3 Where is "Wedding Crashers" set?
Answer: Washington D.C.

All throughout the movie, you see little clips of D.C. One part that is very clear is when John is woken up on the steps of a building by a police officer, after spending the previous day crashing a wedding. In the background you see the Washington Monument.
4 John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey are divorce mediators. At the beginning of the movie, they are trying to smooth over divorce proceedings between the Kroegers. What actors play the Kroegers?
Answer: Dwight Yoakam and Rebecca De Mornay

The Kroegers are at each other's throats over what they each get in the divorce. John (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) both do a great deal of fast-talking in order to get the Kroegers to make compromises. Mrs. Kroeger says my favorite line in the whole movie: "You shut your mouth when you're talking to me!"
5 Who does John fall in love with?
Answer: Claire

He falls in love with Claire who is the second oldest daughter of the Cleary family. He spots her at the big wedding and then again at the reception. At first she is just a target but then he falls in love with her.
6 "Okay, that's not creepy."
Answer: Janice

When Janice brings the sleeping bag into Jeremy's office, he explains the annual sleepover at John's place. Jeremy made a promise when they were kids, that John would never be alone on his birthday. Janice feels the idea of two adult men sleeping together is "creepy".
7 Jeremy says that the Cleary wedding will be the "_________ __________" of all weddings.
Answer: Kentucky Derby

When Jeremy comes into John's office holding the paper with the announcement of Christina and Craig's wedding, he is excited. John is not as happy and tells Jeremy that he was looking forward to having a break from crashing weddings. John then tells Jeremy that the Cleary wedding will be the "Kentucky Derby" of all weddings and that John needs to stop sulking.
8 What is John's nickname for Jeremy?
Answer: Baba ganoush

John calls him this a number of times throughout the movie. There does not seem to be any reason for this particular name. Tasmanian devil is Jeremy's nickname for John. The reasoning for this also not apparent.
9 When Jeremy and John are sitting in the church and Jeremy stares at the girl with the hat John says "Don't waste your time on girls with ____" - what?
Answer: Hats

They are sitting in the chapel trying to find their targets and Jeremy stares at a girl with a huge hat. John turns to him and says that he shouldn't waste his time on girls with hats because they tend to be too proper. So they go back to watching the wedding.
10 "I made you a painting. I call it 'Celebration'"
Answer: Todd Cleary

Jeremy is in bed and Secretary Cleary's son Todd makes his way into the room late at night. He likes Jeremy and wants to show him the painting he has made for him.
11 Which names are NOT used by John and Jeremy as aliases at the various weddings they attend?
Answer: Peter Vitelli and Paul Giorgio

We see John and Jeremy use these names at Hebrew, Irish, and Indian weddings. They also use the names Benny, Christopher, and Leonard. They always have elaborate backstories ready in case anybody questions whether or not they're actually invited.
12 What song is playing while all the girls are falling into the beds?
Answer: Shout

As they attend all the weddings of the season, there is one common song being played which is "Shout". As they are dancing with the girls it shows them falling on the bed half dressed.
13 "Watch the jib boom."
Answer: Claire

While sailing, Secretary Cleary asks John to "ease the sheets and swing the jib starboard." John has no clue about sailing but is eager to impress Claire whom he falls in love with. Claire comes to help him and shows him how to drop the mainsail.
14 What did Claire say John could help the police find?
Answer: Belgian Waffle Maker

John impresses Claire with his psychic tricks. He names off the gifts that are on the table for Christina and Craig. Claire then goes on to tease him and says "Well, if the police are ever missing a Belgian Waffle Maker, I'm sure you could help them out."
15 The last wedding of John and Jeremy's "wedding season" is the Cleary wedding. The father of the bride is John's idol, Secretary William Cleary. Cleary is the Secretary of what section of the President's Cabinet?
Answer: Secretary of the Treasury

Cleary (Christopher Walken) is the patriarch of a very prominent political family. The Cleary family is a lot like the Kennedys. The only reason that John agrees to go to the wedding is in the hope that he can meet the Secretary himself.
16 What does Gloria come over and ask Jeremy for?
Answer: sports car

He sees Gloria at the wedding and she becomes his target. To gain her interest he blows up and shapes balloon animals for the kids. After a kid makes a huge scene for a balloon bicycle she comes over. When he asks what she wants she says a sports car. He says "Well how about a dance?" and she says "That's what I really wanted."
17 "Why do I have to be in camouflage? Is the big bad quail gonna see me?"
Answer: Jeremy

While out on the quail hunt, Jeremy and John are questioning the logic behind the purpose of hunting quail and having to wear camouflage to do it.
18 Who is Claire's boyfriend?
Answer: Sack

Zachary 'Sack' Lodge, seems okay at the wedding reception, but as time goes on his real personality is revealed. He is a very mean and rude person. When Claire tries to help him when he's sick, all he does is mock her and call her kid. At Jeremy and Gloria's wedding, Claire decides to be with John and not with Sack. Sack then explodes and yells at her in front of the entire church.
19 Who is not one of the Cleary sisters?
Answer: Rachel

Claire (Rachel McAdams), Gloria (Isla Fisher), and Christina (Jenny Alden) are the three Cleary sisters. Gloria is the obsessive redhead who clings to Jeremy, Christina is the one getting married (and we do not see her again until Gloria and Jeremy's wedding), and Claire is the desire of John. The other major members of the Cleary family are the sexually frustrated mother Kathleen (Jane Seymour), anti-social son Todd (Keir O'Donnell), and bigoted grandmother Mary (Ellen Albertini Dow).
20 What are Gloria and Claire's brother's name?
Answer: Todd

Todd is the only son of the Cleary family and he is gay. He is first seen walking his mother down the aisle, then is later introduced by his father Christoper Walken's character.
21 "Carry me to my room."
Answer: Grandma Cleary

After dinner, Grandma Cleary accidentally goes to sleep in Jeremy's bed because she has had too much to drink. Instead of getting up, she wants Jeremy to pick her up and take her to her room, which he does reluctantly. On the walk down the hall, the butler Randolph stops him to ask if he's involved with the grandmother and the daughter.
22 What did Jeremy say when John asked him why he had a bad night's sleep?
Answer: All of these

John had a bad night's sleep because all three things happened to him. He wasn't too happy when he woke up. He told John they were going to leave in that morning, until John talked him out of it, saying he needed him.
23 At the reception for the Cleary wedding, John and Jeremy decide to do routines to impress the women they hope to meet. John plans to dance with the flower girl and Jeremy chooses to make balloon animals for the kids. What does an obnoxious kid demand that he make for him?
Answer: A bicycle

Jeremy manages to make a full-size bicycle out of balloons. This catches the attention of Gloria, who requests a sports car. He jokingly tells her that he once made an exact replica of Wrigley Field (not to scale, however!).
24 What color is the bicycle that Vince Vaughn's character makes for the little boy at the reception?
Answer: Black, red, and white

The handle bars are white the wheels are black and the body is red. The boy just keeps screaming "Give me a bicycle."
25 "Erroneous! Erroneous on both counts."
Answer: Jeremy

When the crashers are sitting at the office discussing Chaz, the original crasher, John insults Jeremy's mentor by calling him a kook and saying that his mother tried to poison his oatmeal. Jeremy responds to the allegation.