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60 Basketball Rules Trivia Questions, Answers, and Fun Facts

How much do you know about Basketball Rules? This category is for trivia questions and answers related to Basketball Rules (Sports). Each one is filled with fun facts and interesting information.
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1 What is it called when you use both hands at the same time to dribble?
Answer: double dribble

You can only dribble the ball with one hand at the same time. Double dribbling is an infraction in basketball (except it's just one dribble).
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2 What are the two lines at each end of the basketball court?
Answer: Base Lines

Also called endlines.
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3 How high is the regulation goal in the game of basketball?
Answer: 10 feet

It's pretty high, but sometimes not high enough!
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
4 What is it called when a person touches the ball on its way down into the cylinder?
Answer: goaltending

Goaltending usually occurs in professional or college basketball.
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5 What is it called when a person dribbles the ball with both hands at the same time?
Answer: Double dribble

A double-dribble is also when a basketball player dribbles the ball, stops, then dribbles again.
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6 How many total players are on the basketball court at one time during a game?
Answer: 10 players

Five players per team, including two forwards, two guards, and one center.
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
7 At what point during a two-shot free throw may a substitute enter the game?
Answer: Between the first and second shots
  From Quiz: Basketball Rules
8 What is it called when a person takes too many steps with the ball without bouncing it?
Answer: traveling

Traveling is also an infraction in basketball. It results in a turnover.
  From Quiz: Basketball Rules
9 How many points is a free throw worth?
Answer: 1 point

A free throw is awarded when a player is fouled while shooting.
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
10 What was the largest jersey number that a player had in 2005?
Answer: 91

Ron Artest of the Indiana Pacers had the dubious honor. He wore the number 23 prior.
  From Quiz: Basketball Rules
11 What is it called when you make a shot behind the arc in the NBA?
Answer: three-pointer

A three-point shot is the hardest shot to make in basketball.
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12 In a middle school basketball game, an error is noticed in the home team's scorebook: one player is not included in the lineup for the home team. What is the correct ruling?
Answer: The team receives a technical

Though officials don't always follow through with this rule, this is the correct ruling.
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13 How many points are awarded when a shot inside the paint is made?
Answer: 2 points

The paint is the colored area right under the basket extending to the free throw line.
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
14 How many quarters are played in a professional basketball game?
Answer: 4

Professional basketball plays 4 quarters, with a halftime after the 2nd quarter.
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15 When a defender attempts to block a 10 foot shot and touches it, while the ball is on its downward flight, what should the referee call?
Answer: Goaltending

When a team is shooting the ball, the ball is not allowed to be touched on its downward path providing the ball is (in the opinion of the referee) on its way to the hoop. A ball also cannot be touched by either team if the ball is on the rim.
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16 When basketball was first made, which were used as the goals?
Answer: peach baskets

The peach baskets were sufficient until later they ripped out the bottoms so after every score they did not have to retreive the ball.
    Your options: [ square boxes ] [ hoops ] [ peach baskets ] [ metal containers ]
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
17 A flagrant foul is a __________ ?
Answer: foul made purposely for harm

A flagrant foul ends up in ejection from the game.

In the NBA a flagrant foul 2 will end up with ejection; ditto a second flagrant foul 1 (one flagrant foul 1 does not result in ejection).
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
18 What kind of shot are you said to win games with?
Answer: Free throws

Lay-ups, the highest percentage shot in a game as they're scored closest to the basket, but it is not always possible to get through the defense all the time to do so. Three-pointers may get you more points, but they're a low percentage shot because they're far from the basket. Free throws however are earned if you are fouled by the opposing team. You have more time to shoot them, and most of the time the clock is stopped while you do so. Hitting these shots will earn you valuable points of the other team's mistakes.
  From Quiz: Wheelchair Basketball
19 In the NBA, how long may a defensive player stand in the paint without guarding anyone?
Answer: 3 seconds

With this rule, introduced by the NBA in 2003, the defensive players have to get out of the paint every three seconds!
This three second rule is not use in European basketball.
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
20 How do you commit a traveling violation in wheelchair basketball?
Answer: Pushng more than twice before bouncing the ball

Unlike the running game, you are allowed to resume dribbling after stopping. However, you cannot have more than 2 pushes before bouncing the ball. A turn or a touch of the wheel counts as a push.
  From Quiz: Wheelchair Basketball
21 The player that brings the ball down court and runs the offense is called the ________ .
Answer: point guard

The point guard calls all of the plays and controls the ball.
Most basketball offenses use two guards with the main ball handler identified as the "point guard". The other guard is typically identified as the "shooting guard".
    Your options: [ right wing ] [ post defence ] [ point guard ] [ center forward ]
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
22 In a regulation game of basketball, what is the least difference of points needed to win a game?
Answer: 1 point

Only one point more than the other team is needed to win the game!
  From Quiz: Rules and History Of Basketball
23 In both basketball games, what is the number of points awarded for a shooting basket inside the arc?
Answer: 2

A single free throw is worth 1 point. A basket behind the arc is worth 3 points. A basket from anywhere else is worth 2 points.
  From Quiz: Wheelchair Basketball
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