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1. The top 165 scores (from unique players) in each league (A, B, C, D) earn TvT points each day.

Since this is an hourly game, each player's considered score for the day is his/her highest score over the 24 hour period.

2. Any given team can only have a limited number of players in the top 165 each day, where the limit is 8 for League A, 6 for League B, 5 for League C, and 4 for League D. We take the 8/6/5/4 highest scores per team and rank them against one another. This allows for smaller teams to have a fighting chance against larger ones.

Retired And Loving It
Currently in League A: Top 8 player scores from the team were considered.

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Ties are broken by total number of points earned in the 24 hr period in this game.

League RankPlayerTeamHours PlayedHighest ScoreTvT Contribution
23 / 165 carjockey55Retired And Loving It41109+ 78
45 / 165 mrsniceguyRetired And Loving It11072+ 56
49 / 165 JdeanflpaRetired And Loving It11061+ 52
70 / 165 amiga2Retired And Loving It31016+ 31
104 / 165 Mookie325Retired And Loving It1930+ 1
113 / 165 PHLguyRetired And Loving It1856+ 1
120 / 165 gummanRetired And Loving It1790+ 1
126 / 165 jaycee7Retired And Loving It1710+ 1
 + 221
Other Team Members Outside Top Scorers:

League RankPlayerTeamHours PlayedHigh Score
161 yoslRetired And Loving It1693
173 clio714Retired And Loving It1574
174 melycotonRetired And Loving It1572
179 1reddog2Retired And Loving It1444
182 masfonRetired And Loving It1360