Frequently Asked Questions

Account Problems

I try to validate my email address but it is not working requires email validation to use many parts of the website. We need to do this to ensure that we can better keep abusive users off the website.

    When you enter in your email address to be validated, we send an automated email to the email address you specify. Please note that this could take up to an hour to arrive, if internet traffic is busy.

    Sometimes automated spam filters catch our emails. Please check your bulk and spam directories in your email account for our message if it does not arrive. Hotmail users report this problem often.

I log in but it does not remember who I am!

    This is a common problem that can usually be traced to the use of cookies in your web browser. The general symptom is that you log in successfully but the system continues to keep requesting that you log in.

    Try the following steps:

    [ 1 ] Make sure that cookies are enabled in your web browser. If you're not sure how to do this, click here for help.
    [ 2 ] Still not working? Try clearing your browser's cookies. Instructions here
    [ 3 ] Still not working? Click here as a last resort and follow the instructions. This will attempt to force log you out of FunTrivia and start you off from scratch.

    If it's still not working, go fix yourself a stiff drink.

How do I change my password?

    To change your password, select "Edit My Profile & Settings" from the homepage.

I've forgotten my password.

    If you forget your password, you can retrieve it by clicking here. Enter either your FunTrivia ID or your email address, and we will mail you your password to the email address that you gave us when you first signed up (and you did give us a correct email address... didn't you?).

    You may have to wait a few hours for the email to arrive, so please be patient.

    Please note that some ISPs or mail providers may tag our email as "spam" or move it to a "bulk" folder. Please check these areas for our email if it does not arrive.

I've asked for my password but the email never arrives.

    It may take a few hours for the email to arrive, although it should be faster than that.

    Please check in your spam or bulk mail directory! Hotmail and some other "free" ISPs have been known to interpret our password reminders as "spam".

    You should also check your registered email address. Click on Edit My Profile under your profile. If there's a typo in your email address, the email could be going elsewhere!

How do I change my email address?

    You may change your email address from the "My Stats and Quizzes" link from the homepage. Then select "Modify profile info". That takes you to:

    The email change form is at the BOTTOM of the screen.

I can't create an account, ip address banned.

    We do not accept registrations from each and every ISP and ip address. From time to time we close registrations from a number of ip addresses, e.g. abusive members, spamming, failure to abide by site rules, whatever.

    Some ISPs issue unique ip addresses (a static ip address) to their subscribers, and some ISPs do not; they rotate their subscribers through any ip address that is available on their servers. If you logon to the internet through rotating ip addresses, you may find the ip address you are using has been banned (i.e. new registrations are not accepted).

    If you have a static ip address you will not encounter this problem.

How do I change my user name to something new?

    Sorry, there is no way for us to change your user ID.

How do I change my avatar / picture ?
    Gold Members have the ability to change their user photo / avatar.

    These can be changed under the "Me" menu > Profile > Edit Profile.

Multiple people, one computer, login problems

    FunTrivia stores login information in cookies in your browser. If more than one person is using a single machine to use FunTrivia, login problems may occasionally occur. There is a logout button on the member's page. Click that every time you want to switch accounts.

    If that does not work, try clicking one of these links to logout: link 1 - link 2

    If you still find that you are having problems with multiple accounts, try clearing your cookies from your browser. For example, in internet explorer use tools>options>delete cookies.

    If you are STILL having problems, please let us know precisely what is happening.

Can I delete my FunTrivia account?

    You can delete your FunTrivia account at anytime by clicking here.

    Be advised that by deleting your account will mean that your results and stats will be deleted too.

How can I leave a Friends group / team ?
    You can leave, join, or otherwise change your team/group settings from this page.

How do I set a custom avatar in my profile?
    Custom avatars are available for FunTrivia Gold Members. You must first upload an avatar to a service that hosts images. is one such example; there are many. Then go to "my profile" / "edit profile", and enter the URL for your image in the box provided.

I receive a 'Cannot Connect' Error when playing
    If you are using Avast Antivirus, you may be affected by a bug in that product that causes a protection feature to be incompatible with the firewall system used by FunTrivia's server provider.

    The issue is described at

    The suggestion is to try turning off port scan until they fix their bug:

    Avast UI -> Protection -> Firewall -> Settings -> Advanced -> Uncheck "Enable automatic port scan detection"

I am getting an objectionable or malfunctioning ad

    FunTrivia, like most sites, uses an external ad provider. We have some control over the content of ads being shown to ensure content is family friendly, but do not select individual ads which are regionalized and may also be personalized based on the ad provider's own tracking.

    All ads served by FunTrivia are images (banners) embedded in the page. If you do get a popup ad, it is probably not actually by FunTrivia but caused by a different source. Some browser extensions or utility software (often labeled "toolbars" or "search bars") in fact exist just to serve ads. As these look at the content of pages you access for keywords to serve you "relevant" ads, they are more likely to trigger on the wealth of content in our quizzes than on many other pages, making it appear that you are getting ads from FunTrivia although this is not actually the case.

    If you have eliminated that possibility and are still getting popup ads or ads that break your system, please contact us, supplying as much info as you can - at least the name of the company/product advertised and your general geographic region (state or nearest city) so we can pass that information to our ad provider for checking - a few, rare, unscrupulous advertisers are unfortunately trying to make their ads "more impactful" by violating rules.

Other accounts questions ...
    Please provide any details you can including your user ID and what the precise problem is. Thanks.

    Important: Please note that the main site (the quiz and games homepage), each private tournament (daily 10 question games with a "shoutbox" chat) and the forums are separate logins. If you need help with account retrieval, be sure to state what you are trying to access. If it is a private tournament, we also need the tournament number - it is the (usually 5 or 6 digit) number at the end of the page address - as there might be different people using the same name across different tournaments.

    Note: Please do not inquire about daily email trivia here. We cannot affect or fix your email subscription on our end. However, you can fix it yourself - please follow our Email Trivia Troubleshooting Guide to reinstate your daily trivia emails.