Frequently Asked Questions

Badges and Points

What are points for?
    FunTrivia points are awarded for playing various games and quizzes on the website. You can view your points any time under your profile.

    Points are for "fun", and comparison purposes only. They cannot be turned in for prizes. Several leaderboards and player ranking charts can be found throughout the site for different games.

What are badges?
    Players can earn badges for accomplishing a wide range of things on the website. They are personal trophies, and are generally difficult to earn.

    The list of badges and their requirements can be found here.

    It is generally impossible for the average person to earn all of these badges. Some, such as the endurance badge, require a lot of effort and dedication. Some others are a little easier to earn.

    Fortunately, there is a badge out there for everyone. If you like using FunTrivia to play quizzes, there is a badge for you to work towards. If you like tournaments, there are a set there. If you are a quiz author, we have another complete set of badges to be earned.

    Badges are all in fun and help give you global recognition for your effort!

How do these upgradeable badges work? What are these 'tiers' it speaks of?
    Many badges on FunTrivia can be won more than once, at different difficulty levels. This is what we call an upgradeable badge. Upgrades are measured in tiers:
    • Tier 1 is the base award. It has no symbol; you should think of it like a yellow belt in martial arts.
    • Tier 2 shows a 4-pointed bronze star. This is an intermediate level, maybe a green belt.
    • Tier 3 has a 5-pointed silver star. It's already a substantial award, roughly like a brown belt.
    • Tier 4 is the golden 6-pointed star. This is a junior master level award, equivalent to a black belt. We still believe that pretty much every member can get at least some of these.
    • Tier 5 is the platinum 8-pointed star. This is an elite level award and we expect most members to only get a handful if any of these.
    • Tier 6 shows the diamond. At this level, the requirements can get very nasty and bordering on unfair for high level awards. Getting a diamond on one of the more prestigious awards on offer is a lifetime achievement.
    • Tier 7, also called the "Imperial" tier, shows the crown. It is the ultimate achievement in any given field and requirements range from merely difficult to almost impossible. Some tier 7 awards require upwards of 20 years of active membership with daily play to even be possible!
    If you want to add a high tier, maybe even one of those crowns, to your profile, have a look at the "For the Crown!" tag in the challenge list - this one is attached to some of the least difficult high tiers. It still won't be easy, but at least it won't be impossible!

Can I still earn points as a free player once I hit 100 quizzes played?
    FunTrivia saves up to 100 quiz scores for free members. We simply cannot store such huge amounts of quiz playing data for all free users! And, since we do not track quiz-taking after 100 plays, we cannot count these scores, otherwise players could keep playing the same quiz many times to earn points.

    FunTrivia Gold Members may have unlimited quiz scores and statistics saved. We encourage you to consider this option.

    Free players may still earn bonus points, as described here, regardless of number of quizzes played.

    A complete list of the differences between free and gold membership can be found on the Gold Membership subscription page.

My points are not being counted!
    Players who experience this are not getting credit because they were not logged in when they were playing.

    Please make sure you are logged in to the correct account.

It is not awarding the badge I qualify for!
    Make sure that you really do qualify for the badge. For example, many of the tournament games require that a certain number of people have played.

    Also, please note that many badges are awarded only once or twice a day. Therefore there may be a period of 12 hours or so before a badge that you have earned gets awarded.

    You will receive a FunTrivia mailbox message when your badge is awarded.

    Please also carefully read the requirements of each badge, because it is quite possible that you misread the badge.

A badge says it would be awarded immediately, but I did not get it
    Quite a few badges have this text although this is no longer true (sorry). Pretty much all badges that require a player to do something (play a quiz, complete a crossword, etc.) a certain number of times are not actually immediate but rather get checked on a regular basis. These checks run four times per day, at 3:34 and 9:34 (both am and pm) and check all recently active accounts. There are however a few activities that don't actually set the "active" marker, so if you believe you earned a badge and one of the award times has passed without the badge actually given, you can also force a check: Play any one of the hourly games - score does not matter as long as it's not 0. That will ensure your account gets checked the next time and your badge should then materialize.

Can you please add more badges or tiers to [game]?
    Patience! We will regularly add more awards to games we believe can use more motivation to play, but we are also trying to keep level inflation under control. We do not want to add fifty new badges every year because levels would skyrocket and new players would have little chance to ever catch up to more seasoned ones.

    Occasionally, we may, however, decide to "mothball" a game and not add to it any more - we effectively consider that game finished. This will most likely happen when we find a game does not perform the way we intended it to perform or declines in popularity but also has enough of a following to be worth keeping alive - so it remains playable but won't receive more updates.