Frequently Asked Questions

Global Challenge

It scored me unfairly! I want my points back!
    Occasionally either our server or your connection will glitch and cause you to take extremely long answer times, serve up no questions, or do something else that's irritating.

    Unfortunately, our policy is not to alter scores in any way after such problems. It simply opens up a can of worms.

    We hope that you can understand this. In the end, our games are for fun, and over time this glitch should not amount to anything for your scores.

What exactly is the Global Challenge?
    You can get a great overview of the challenge on this page.

Are questions the same for every player each day?

    Questions in a single day are NOT necessarily the same for each player in your Division.

    The reason is that if we were to do this, 95% of the time someone will create a second account and cheat by reading the answers first, and then inputing them with the second account.

    However, questions over a period of time ARE the same. So, while Mary may not get the same questions as Robert today, by the end of the week or month they will have played the same questons.


What is Hardcore mode, and how do I switch to it?
    Hardcore mode is an optional mode of play for players who really want to challenge themselves and learn new things in unfamiliar categories. When a player decides to enter hardcore mode, his score will be reset to zero, rating reset to 1500, and he will gain a special "hardcore" icon by his name on scoreboards. Special scoreboards will display the top players playing in hardcore mode.

    In short, it's something to choose if you want a greater challenge in the Global challenge, and get compared to other such people in scoring charts.

    Hardcore mode is explained here: