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Gold Member Games
Photo Mania
Our daily photo quiz
The World Quiz
The daily geo challenge
Obscurity - 38 mins
Insanely difficult trivia!
Gold Madness
From new quizzes
The 195 Day Bus Ride
Today: Panama
Word Wizard Minigame
Win letters, make words!
Scavenger Hunts
Find, play, conquer!
Pot of Gold
Today's theme is Weekend Mix.
The Great Quiz Race: 1, 2 & 3
Our epic multi-day journey. Days of fun!
The Ascension Quest
An epic challenge, level 100+ - FAQ
Knockout Fantasy Minigame
Place bets on who you think will win.
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There are currently 120 FunTrivia Challenges exclusive to Gold Members.
FT Challenge
24 Carat

Awarded to a player who scores at least 925 points in 24 different 10 question quizzes played using our Quiz Game mode within a 20 day period. Note that the quizzes played must contain exactly 10 questions. QuizBot quizzes (mixed auto-generated quizzes) do count, but only for a few hours, since they rotate in and out of existence ... diff
FT Challenge

Awarded to a player who finds and plays a quiz containing the word "dog" in the TITLES of 30 different FunTrivia sub-categories. Sub-categories of the Animals category do NOT count! diff
FT Challenge
Advocate of the Masses

Awarded to a player who makes a certain choice in the second Great Quiz Race. You may begin the second race after finishing the first. diff
FT Challenge

A recently resurrected dragon. He looks a little stunned. diff
FT Challenge
Love, Trivially

Awarded to a player who completes 18 of the following quizzes, all dealing with love. diff
FT Challenge
Word Marathon

Awarded to a player who scores 5000 points in the Word Wizard mini-game. diff
FT Challenge
Box Office Hits

Awarded to a player who completes 20 of the quizzes listed as box office hits. diff
FT Challenge
Claim a Quiz List

Awarded to a player who claims a Quiz List trophy. To do this, find a quiz list with at least 5 quizzes, play all its quizzes, and score 50% on each! A link to claim a quiz list trophy is on each eligible quiz list page. diff
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