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1. The top 165 scores in each league (A, B, C, D) earn TvT points each day.

2. Any given team can only have a limited number of players in the top 165 each day, where the limit is 8 for League A, 6 for League B, 5 for League C, and 4 for League D. We take the 8/6/5/4 highest scores per team and rank them against one another. This allows for smaller teams to have a fighting chance against larger ones.

The Proud Peacocks
Currently in League D: Up to 4 player scores from the team were considered.

Click here for top scores yesterday across League D.
Ties are broken by total number of points earned in the 24 hr period in this game.

League RankPlayerTeamScoreTvT Contribution
28 / 165 dadnjaneThe Proud Peacocks1300 + 73
59 / 165 leelee67The Proud Peacocks1210 + 42
69 / 165 midaeu3The Proud Peacocks1198 + 32
106 / 165 bmgmThe Proud Peacocks1092 + 1
 + 148
Other Team Members Outside Top Scorers:

League RankPlayerTeamScore
116 ednyThe Proud Peacocks1079
140 LtdanielThe Proud Peacocks976
145 pumpkinpeteThe Proud Peacocks945
154 DeilginisThe Proud Peacocks853
160 slayerdaveThe Proud Peacocks767
161 UBG_PerdyThe Proud Peacocks755